‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’ Summary & Ending Explained


My Hero Academia is a popular Anime Series loved by fans throughout the world. The aspect that makes this series outstanding is the story of its central character, Izuku Midoriya. In My Hero Academia world, being a superhero is commonplace, and most superheroes with power (or quirks, as termed in the series) are treated as God. Humans are in awe of them and Izuku is no different. Though Izuku has no quirk of his own, he still dreams of becoming a superhero someday. An aspiration that makes the character so strong and relatable. We all wish to become superheroes. In the series, the greatest Superhero, All Might is impressed by Izuku’s zeal and dreams and he chooses him as his successor, thus transferring his quirk to Izuku before retiring. But the journey of becoming a superhero isn’t just about powers, it is about finding the right channel to use them and that’s how Izuku enrolls himself in a prestigious high school, Hero Academia created especially to train heroes.

The film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising starts with Izuku already in the process of recognizing the true potential of his quirk.

‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’ Summary

A mad scientist has created an All For One super-villain named Nine, who can steal and possess up to nine Quirks. Though Nine is clearly invincible, he cannot use all these quirks because using them too much damages his cellular tissues. He needs a cell activation quirk, power to automatically heal himself, to reap the greatest power.

In his pursuit of healing quirk, nine and his gang come across a man with a healing quirk but his blood group isn’t compatible with Nine’s system. Nine inquires about the man’s kid and gets to know about two children, Mahoro and Katsuma who can aid him in his mission.

Mahoro and Katsuma live on a remote Nabu Island where Izuku Midoriya, the holder of All in One quirk is deployed along with his Hero Academia Class 1-A. When Nine and his gang attack the island, Izuku, Katsuki Bakugo, and others struggle to compete against the supervillains. Nine had cut off all the communications and thus outside help is close to impossible. It is the budding superheroes against the supervillain. They have the responsibility to safeguard the people on the island and protect Mahoro and Katsuma.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’ Ending Explained

In the end fight with Nine, Izuku and Katsuki are no match against Nine. Even after using 100 percent potential of All-for-One power, Izuku is not able to stand against Nine’s strength.

Izuku is obliged to make the hard decision. He can transfer his quirk to Katsuki and will be able to defeat Nine, but in the process will lose One For All quirk forever. He remembers All-for-one’s message, “A hero has a lot to protect.” Izuku decides to sacrifice his power to protect people. He transfers his quirk to Katsuki and together they finish Nine.

After the massive fight, Izuku’s One For All fades away and he becomes a normal human again. When All Might arrives at the scene, Izuku asks for forgiveness for sacrificing his One For All quirk to save the island. Izuku falls unconscious. When All Might check Izuku, he finds One For All still running in his body. One For All gave them a miracle “For the one who risked his life to protect.” Izuku quirk is still intact.

What makes Izuku Midoriya the most Powerful Superhero?

No, it isn’t his One For All quirk but his humanity that makes Izuku Midoriya so strong. In the animated film, Heroes Rising, Izuku meets a small boy, Katsuma with a cell activation quirk. Katsuma thinks his quirk isn’t good for being a hero. He reminds Izuku of his own childhood when he wanted to become a superhero but he didn’t have a quirk like others. His passion and humility are Izuku Midoriya’s greatest strength and that’s what he tries to convey to Katsuma as well. That it isn’t the quirk that makes a superhero but a hero’s ability to save people. Remember Batman’s dialogue from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight franchise?

“A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat on a little boy’s shoulder to let him know the world hadn’t ended.”

It is the same principle Izuku believes in and he uses it to create a ray of hope in Katsuma as well. It is Izuku’s humility and passion to save people that make him the greatest superhero.

For anyone in love with Anime, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is one of the highly recommended films. If you haven’t seen this one, leave everything and stream it immediately. It will be the best thing you’ll see, I promise.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is a 2020 anime superhero film based on the manga series My Hero Academia. The film is directed by Kenji Nagasaki and is streaming on Hulu.

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