‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 1 & 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Is Mi Jeong Hiding From Her Family?


“My Liberation Notes” is a raw and relatable story of three siblings adjusting to metropolitan life in Seoul. Unlike the dopamine-rushed romance in most K-dramas, the series reveals how good things take time.

The Yeom siblings live on the remote outskirts of Seoul in a less-known place named Sanpo and yearn to find money, love, and happiness. They do their jobs during the week and help their parents by contributing to the farm on the weekends. As Sanpo is an unpopulated region, the Yeom siblings have few friends in their neighborhood: Mr. Gu, Do Hwan, Hye Suk, and Hyeon Ah. The series is a story about dreams, struggles, and hopes, and no matter how cliché it sounds, it tells a unique story that mesmerizes the viewer. Despite the many problems in their lives, “My Liberation Notes” captures sweet moments of warmth and affection.

‘My Liberation Notes’ Character Introduction

Yeom Mi Jeong is the youngest sibling of the three, who works as a rookie graphic designer. She is a quiet, introverted girl with low self-esteem. Mi Jeong’s office organizes several fun clubs for cordial relations between employees. However, she is one of the rare people at the office who is not a part of any of them, as she lives very far away. Hence, despite her friends’ liking her, she is excluded from all the fun activities in the office. Having seen many disappointments in life, the only thing that keeps Mi Jeong going is her imaginary boyfriend, who loves her dearly. Mi Jeong is fascinated by their friend Hyeon Ah. Hyeon Ah is a footloose girl who prefers open relationships and enjoys life unapologetically. While Mi Jeong wishes to be bold and carefree like her, Hyeon Ah tells her that the two of them switch personalities in every situation. They are two sides of the same coin, and Mi Jeong longs to be on the other side soon!

Chang Hee, the second sibling, breaks up with his girlfriend due to their differences of opinion. His girlfriend calls him old-fashioned, seeing how untrusting he is, which breaks his heart. Chang Hee is an ardent man who despises growing up in a secluded small town. He wishes to provide himself and his siblings with a lavish lifestyle, so they do not have to yearn for the simple pleasures of life anymore. Unlike Mi Jeong, he strongly believes that growing up in Seoul and making a lot of money would solve all their problems. While harsh on the surface, Yeom Chang Hee is an affectionate man who is close friends with his co-workers at the convenience store.

Gi Jeong is the eldest sibling who works at a statistical research company. She is an extroverted and transparent woman who dreams of having a fulfilling relationship but only faces disappointment. Gi Jeong feels like she is still single due to having high standards in guys. She feels dejected when her footloose superior, Park Jin U, gives attention to every girl at work but excludes her. However, unlike many others, Gi Jeong does not wish for flings but for true love that adores her. When life gives her lemons, she tries to get her hair styled to feel better, but in vain. One day, while narrating the story of her failed date, Gi Jeong unintentionally offends Mi Jeong’s colleague Tae Hoon for being a single dad. Despite her blabby nature, Gi Jeong is a considerate person who means well.

Why Does Yeom Mi Jeong Ask Mr. Gu To Receive Her Mails?

Yeom Mi Jeong has been very unfortunate in matters of love. She feels that, in spite of being pretty, she has a bland personality with no zest. What worsens her self-esteem is that all of Mi Jeong’s previous relationships have been with selfish jerks. Mi Jeong had lent some money to her ex-boyfriend Chan Hyeok to start his business. However, due to bad credit, he is unable to start his business, let alone repay her. While Mi Jeong herself has come under debt for helping him, Chan Hyeok shamelessly avoids her calls and texts. She further discovers that Chan Hyeok is back with his other ex-girlfriend and has scammed many girls like her. Besides being devastated by the news, Mi Jeong is overburdened with repaying her loan while hiding the matter from her family. Mi Jeong notices that the only person she can trust with her secret is Mr. Gu, who lives alone and barely speaks to anyone. Hence, she requests him to receive her mail from the bank about her credit delinquency and keep it secret from her family.

‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 2: Ending Explained: Why Does Mi Jeong Ask Mr. Gu To Worship Her?

Mr. Gu is a tenant of the Yeom family and an employee at their furniture manufacturing store. He often helps the family at their farm and visits them for meals. Mi Jeong’s parents had hired him as he had nothing to do and nowhere to go. However, they don’t know anything about Mr. Gu’s identity, including his first name, which makes the Yeoms suspicious of him. Mr. Gu has no family, friends, or relatives. He spends the day working at the manufacturing unit and the night getting drunk. Among the Yeoms, Mi Jeong always looks at him with keen curiosity. One day, Mi Jeong’s parents find Mr. Gu beaten up and lying drunk and unconscious. However, no one, including him, knows who did this. These suspicious events raise curiosity about with whom Mr. Gu interacts and how dark his past is.

At work, Mi Jeong faces a terrible day that reminds her of her problems. The HR department persistently insists she join a club, and though she wants to, she refuses, as her life is already exhausting. Mi Jeong is forced to get lunch with the only two people who aren’t in any club, including Tae Hoon. She has to work overtime, which makes her more lonely and resentful. When she returns back home from work, she finds out that Mr. Gu is still drinking. Mi Jeong confronts him about why he keeps drinking his life away; he says that he has nothing else to do. Hence, Mi Jeong tells him that she will give him something to do. Having felt alone and loveless all her life, she demands that Mr. Gu worship her and love her! With this, “My Liberation Notes” Episode 2 ends.

The drama captures how someone languishing with lovesickness takes charge of their lives. While hopelessness in life often looks like a dead-end to people, “My Liberation Notes” takes a unique approach to show what happens beyond that! And that’s what grips the viewers’ screens! What will Mr. Gu’s response be to Mi Jeong’s request? Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes.

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“My Liberation Notes” is a 2022 South Korean Romance Drama series streaming on Netflix.

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