‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap And Ending Explained – What Happens To Mrs. Yeom?


In “My Liberation Notes” previous episodes, Mr. Gu broke up with Mi-Jeong to go back to his old life in Seoul. Gi-Jeong and Tae-Hoon start dating. Chang-Hee finds out about Hyeon-Ah’s hospitalized ex-boyfriend, who thinks Chang-Hee should be with her. Let’s find out what happens next!

How Does Gu Ja-Gyeong Hold Up In Seoul?

After Baek’s death, Gu Ja-Gyeong claims his old position back under chairman Shin. Gu’s business appears to be the ownership of several Seoul-based nightclubs wherein Baek had previously attempted to sell drugs. Despite being back at work, Gu finds it difficult to let go of fond memories with the Yeom family at Sanpo, especially Yeom Mi-Jeong. At the same time, his alcoholism becomes a significant hindrance to his work. Back at Sanpo, his relationship of “worship” with Mi-Jeong indeed helped him get over his past trauma and start afresh, which he misses in Seoul. To make up for it, he calls his secretary (formerly named Sam-Sik) Mi-Jeong and grants him a wish. The secretary says that he wants to go home, and he allows him to. One day, Gu Ja-Gyeong makes his way back to Sanpo to check on Mi-Jeong and the Yeom family. Shockingly, he finds out that Yeom Je-Ho (the father) is now married to someone else and has a lame arm. He sits down for a conversation with Mr. Yeom to find out what happened in his absence.

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How Does Life Change In Sanpo In Gu’s Absence?

After she breaks up with Mr. Gu, Mi-Jeong begins to feel abandoned and resentful. Her dull and melancholic life had gained some color when she started dating Mr. Gu, but now it has gone again. On the other hand, Gi-Jeong’s relationship with Tae-Hoon blossoms. Chang-Hee quit his job after working for eight years at Alpha Retail. When his father asks him about his plans for the future, Chang-Hee vents about needing a break. He says how his father never appreciated him for his hard work and efforts over the years. He has always been concerned about Mr. Gu and his health, but never about his son. 

After contemplating his feelings, Chang-Hee feels his life is incomplete as he doesn’t have money, love, or a plan. He feels pressured to upgrade his family’s lifestyle, being a man, and resents not having an older brother to share his burden. Yeom Je-Ho’s personality is similar to that of an old-school middle-class father, who always speaks out to criticize his son, but seldom to appreciate him. He spent all his life blindly overworking himself without pausing to realize where his life was going. Due to his low self-esteem and impractical ideals, Je-Ho had neglected the emotional needs of his wife and children.

One day, Yeom Hye-Suk (the mother) tells Gi-Jeong that it would be difficult for her to accept someone else’s child as her own. She worries about the kind of person Tae-Hoon is and whether her daughter will be happy with him. So, she insists on getting to know Tae-Hoon by spying on them on their date. Fortunately, Tae-Hoon makes a good impression on her. Hye-Suk feels happy for her daughter to have found a good man and leaves the restaurant feeling content. However, at the market, she learns about how Mi-Jeong has been sad because of her break-up with Mr. Gu, which brings back the anxiety of motherly concern. After years of physical exhaustion working at the farm and emotional exhaustion as a mother, Hye-Suk reaches her breaking point. When Chang-Hee reaches home, he alarms his mother about burnt rice on the burner while she’s taking a nap. To his horror, he finds out that his mother has died in her sleep!

What Happens When Chang-Hee And Gi-Jeong Propose?

At their mother’s funeral, the Yeom family expresses their grief. When Chang-Hee stands outside the morgue near his mother’s corpse, he wonders who will stand near him when he passes away. Hyeon-Ah replies that she will. Just then, Chang-Hee asks Hyeon-Ah to marry him, to which she says nothing. He had pondered on the things her ex-boyfriend had said at the hospital about them being together. Eventually, it all made sense to Chang-Hee, and he thought it would be best to spend his life with the girl who truly understands and appreciates him. However, without hearing a reply, he becomes cold towards Hyeon-Ah and focuses all his energy on holding his family together. One day, Hyeon-Ah’s ex gets on a call with Chang-Hee, and she says yes to his proposal. Chang-Hee’s response continues to be cold and indifferent as feeling any emotions would force him to feel the grief of his mother’s loss again.

Yu-Rim asks Gi-Jeong whether grown-ups too feel hurt when their mother goes away. Experiencing grief herself, Gi-Jeong empathizes with Yu-Rim, who has also lost a mother. She asks Yu-Rim whether she can be her mother, which makes Yu-Rim meltdown. Following an emotional impulse, Gi-Jeong asks Tae-Hoon to marry her, and he says yes.

‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 14: Ending Explained – Do Gu Ja-Gyeong And Mi-Jeong Reunite?

Mi-Jeong finds out that her boss, Choi Jun-Ho, has been having an affair with her colleague Su-Jin. To keep their relationship a secret, Su-Jin spreads a rumor at Hye-Suk’s funeral that Mi-Jeong is the one having an affair with him. Mi-Jeong feels dejected and wronged by her friends and complains about them to H.R. The incident strengthens her belief that she should not trust anyone that appears to be a friend. At the same time, her family finds out that she lent her money to Chan-Hyeok. Chang-Hee confesses to his friends that he has always fought with Gi-Jeong but now feels happy when his sisters come back home because it brings the warmth of a family.

When Gu Ja-Gyeong meets with Yeom Je-Ho, he finds out that after their mother’s death, the kids moved to Seoul. He had always believed that he was the one taking care of his family. However, only after his wife’s death did he realize that his family was indeed taking care of him. His wife committed all her life to working at the farm, then at the factory, and again at home, along with raising their children. When her mind and body couldn’t take it anymore, she passed away at last. Je-Ho feels terribly guilty for having not realized the pain of his wife and children when the time was right. He felt happy that his children left his house, as they finally had a chance at a better life. Yeom Je-Ho’s confession did not give us many insights about why Gi-Jeong, Mi-Jeong, and Chang-Hee left, when he got married again, and how he got his arm crippled. These details will likely be revealed in the upcoming episodes. Gu Ja-Gyeong finally met with Mi-Jeong in Seoul. The two rekindled their love, and Gu Ja-Gyeong told her his real name. Let’s find out what happens next in the upcoming episodes.

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