‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 3 & 4 Recap And Ending, Explained: What Do The Yeom Siblings Discover?


In the previous two episodes of “My Liberation Notes,” we saw that a lovesick Mi Jeong asked Mr. Gu to worship her and make her feel whole. While Gi Jeong decides to love just about anyone this winter, she is left to wonder why her boss, Jin U, skipped only her in the entire office. Chang Hee, who has recently broken up with Ye Rin, tries to get over her while also hoping for a promotion at work. Let’s find out what happens next!

How Does Mr. Gu Respond To Mi Jeong’s Proposal?

Mr. Gu rejects Mi Jeong’s proposal to worship her, saying that he doesn’t want anything to do with anyone. He tells her that he has been living alone in an isolated locality without telling anyone his first name for a reason, and that Mi Jeong should not trust him too much. After figuring out Mi Jeong’s situation, he harshly tells her that to Chan Hyeok, she seemed like a girl whom he could please, borrow money from, and run away. She should figure out a solution to her current problem rather than start a new relationship. Nonetheless, when Mi Jeong is threatened by drunk crooks on her way back home, Mr. Gu guards her.

Why Does Mi Jeong Start The “Liberation Club”? 

After having her heart broken by Gu, Mi Jeong avoids him by staying out late with her colleagues. However, it becomes obvious to not only her colleagues but also Hyeon Ah that she has a crush on someone. Gi Jeong straightforwardly points out to her that she seems close to Mr. Gu. However, Mi Jeong does not utter a word while surreptitiously trying to persuade him. Chang Hee tells Gu that while he and Gi Jeong are like open books who fight on the surface, Mi Jeong is unpredictable and her rare bursts of anger know no limits. In many ways, Mi Jeong resembles her father, who is also a quiet, unpredictable man who appears to be carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Mi Jeong shows signs of low self-esteem and (to an extent) depression as she feels her life will be miserable irrespective of her circumstances. She wouldn’t even mind if an apocalypse devoured the world into nothingness! Nonetheless, she clearly cares for Mr. Gu’s life as she runs to rescue him from loose electric wires during a rainstorm.

When Mi Jeong’s office pressures her, Tae Hoon, and Sang Min to join a club, Mi Jeong suggests that they start their own “Liberation Club” so that no one bothers them anymore. However, the three of them are still unsure of what to do at the club. What is clear is that Mi Jeong desperately wants to be liberated from some inner baggage that she constantly carries, and her attempt at making the club seems like a cry for help! For their first club meeting, the three loners gather at a cafe, where they sit adjacent to each other and stare outside the window. Sang Min confesses how he finds face-to-face seating an aggressive way to fill in silences. The Liberation Club shows how introverts also like bonding and communication, just in a quieter, meaningful fashion; something which many extroverts find difficult to understand.

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Why Did Chang Hee Jeopardize His Relationship With Lee Ye Rin?

Amidst finding ways to get over his love, Chang Hee tries to become Mr. Gu’s drinking buddy. When he visits his friend’s wedding, he becomes uncomfortable seeing that Ye Rin is in touch with his friends despite the two breaking up. He scoffs at Ye Rin’s idea of staying friends and breaking up gracefully, which leads to them having a tiff at the wedding. Meanwhile, as Chang Hee aspires to become a team leader, he discovers that his colleague, A Reum, comes in his way. She disparages Chang Hee in front of his acquainted convenience store owners, which gets him worried.

After a surprise encounter with Ye Rin near Dangni Station, Gi Jeong realizes that Chang Hee was the one who distanced himself from her! When she confronts him for jeopardizing their relationship, Chang Hee bursts out about how inadequate he felt with Ye Rin. He could always sense that Ye Rin was dissatisfied with him and believed she deserved better. Hence, to relieve himself from the pain of facing her, Change Hee chose to distance himself. Little does he know that Ye Rin, too, has strong feelings for him and is not over him. Chang Hee’s insecurities are a classic example of how men often feel in a relationship, a matter that is seldom spoken about. Men find it difficult to talk about their feelings as comfortably as women do, which makes them take steps that they later regret. Seeing a man’s side of the story is a refreshing plot piece that this drama offers.

What Does Gi Jeong Discover About Her Taste In Men?

Gi Jeong scares her date away by telling him how she would courageously pick up the severed head of her late lover as a sign of true love! This irritates Chang Hee, and he tells Gi Jeong that her ideals of romance do not belong to this era. Nonetheless, Gi Jeong does not shy away from being her honest and passionate self. She confronts her boss, Jin U, for excluding her while giving out gift coupons to everyone in the office; he responds by saying it was a subconscious mistake. Over dinner, Gi Jeong tells him how most men subconsciously overlook her, like he did. Jin U explains that every person has a unique ideal for romance and that she hasn’t met a man who is her ideal type. He tells Gi Jeong that over mere sense of humor and romantic gestures, she looks at the core of a man and appreciates his noble attitude towards life. Jin U’s insights make Gi Jeong think through her preferences in men. As a token of apology, Jin U gives her ten gift coupons and the two become good friends.

Gi Jeong has always been disappointed with her looks and decides to do something concrete to fix it. She goes to a beauty consultant to treat her skin, who turns out to be her college friend Gyeong Seon who is also Tae Hoon’s elder sister. When the two grab drinks at Gyeong Seon’s family restaurant, she meets with Tae Hoon. Regardless of their previous awkward encounter, Gi Jeong starts seeing Tae Hoon in a different light. She offers him one of his gift coupons as an apology. Gi Jeong is kept up all night by her newfound attraction for Tae Hoon, as she sees him as her ideal man. Though sisters, Gi Jeong and Mi Jeong not only look different but also have opposing personalities. While Mi Jeong is an enigma to everyone, Gi Jeong likes being straightforward and doesn’t shy away from expressing her intense feelings. While she may seem superficial on the surface, she is a deep person who craves a meaningful relationship in her life. Amongst the three siblings, Gi Jeong’s soul is that of the protagonist of a romantic film who is destined for a sensational life. 

‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What Are The Hints At Mr. Gu’s Past? 

Despite breaking Mi Jeong’s heart, Mr. Gu seems like a gentleman who simply lives incognito for some unknown reason. While he seems cold, he selflessly protects the secret of Mi Jeong’s debt and helps the Yeom family. He guards Mi Jeong against hooligans and helps her father (Yeom Je Ho) by getting his rightful payment back from an unruly customer. Mr. Gu is okay with taking extreme steps (perhaps violent) to help someone; this explains the probable reason for him getting beaten up in the previous episode of “My Liberation Notes.” He also offers to get Mi Jeong’s money back using force, but she refuses because she doesn’t want to take extreme measures. Nonetheless, the Yeom family (especially Mi Jeong) trusts him even though some details of his life seem fishy.

Do Hwan tells the Yeom siblings about what he observed in Gu’s drinking patterns. Mr. Gu changes his drinking position (in his house) depending on what time of the day it is. He also keeps multiple glasses and takes turns with each, hinting that he is filling the void of some loved ones (from his past). In certain glimpses of flashback, we see how Mr. Gu had gotten down at a train stop and was speaking on a call with an (unknown) acquaintance while a woman yelled in the background. Even when Chang Hee asks him about his past, he answers that he got off at the wrong stop. One day, while working in the field, Mi Jeong’s hat is blown by the wind across a bridge. Gu immediately offers to help by unimaginably leaping across the bridge and back! Gu’s leaping style indicates that he may have been trained in athletics in the past, raising our curiosity for the next episode.

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