‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap and Ending, Explained – What is Mr Gu’s Real Identity?


In the previous two episodes of “My Liberation Notes,” Mi-Jeong starts a Liberation Club with Tae-Hoon and Sang-Min but is unsure of what they want to do with it. She keeps her distance from Mr. Gu after his rejection. Chang-Hee confesses why he distanced himself from Ye Rin. He is bothered by his annoying colleague, A-Reum, who disparages him in front of the Alpha Retail store owners. She becomes a close friend of her boss, Jin-U, who helps her navigate her love life and shares his insights. She has an unforeseen get-together with Cho Gyeong-Seon and finds an opportunity to apologize to Cho Tae-Hoon. When Mi Jeong’s hat is blown by the wind, Mr. Gu jumps across a wide trench and fetches it for her, leaving everyone surprised. Let’s find out what happens next.

Does Gi-Jeong Have Feelings For Tae-Hoon?

After she is kept up all night thinking about Tae-Hoon, Gi-Jeong finds it difficult to not talk about him. When Gi-Jeong talks about her meet-up with Cho Gyeong-Seon, she recollects her troublemaking anecdotes. Her friend tells her to not get too close to Gyeong-Seon because if she finds out about her mocking Tae-Hoon at the barbeque restaurant, she’ll be outrageous. However, due to her newfound infatuation for Tae-Hoon, Gi-Jeong is unable to distance herself from the Cho family. Gi-Jeong tells Jin-U that she falls hard every time she finds someone attractive. Unlike most people, she skips all the steps of slow dating and jumps to the intense part! Jin-U relates with her and helps her navigate her issue. As the two spend more time with each other, Gi-Jeong’s other colleagues suspect their closeness.

Gi-Jeong finds out that the lottery coupons she gave Tae-Hoon were all losers. She feels like she missed an opportunity to text him or get in touch, making her upset. One day, Gi-Jeong takes Mi-Jeong and Hyeon-Ah to Tae-Hoon’s restaurant. As he helps her with a drink, she finds the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation. When Tae-Hoon casually tells her how much he values a brave and noble apology over a cowardly act that is being forced upon one, she feels touched! As Jin-U said, Gi-Jeong looks at the core of a man when she is deeply attracted to them. Gi-Jeong and Tae-Hoon’s chemistry elicits curiosity about the upcoming episodes. 

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How Does Chang-Hee Lose His Golden Goose?

Given his sheer bad luck, Chang-Hee is assigned to be seated next to A-Reum at the office. Her previous attempt at badmouthing him with her endless yapping only increased Chang-Hee’s annoyance. Hyeon-Ah visits the convenience store owner Chang-Hee had mentioned and pretends to be his ex-girlfriend. Having gained the woman’s sympathy, she makes sure Chang-Hee’s job does not get threatened and helps him. Meanwhile, Chang-Hee’s colleague, Da-Yeon, starts liking him, which flatters him. However, he believes that just like Ye-Rin, Da-Yeon too would wish to have children and a family, which he will not be able to provide unless he makes a lot of money. Chang-Hee’s inferiority complex about not being wealthy enough keeps him from finding love.

One day, an elderly owner of a profit-making convenience store decides to quit and sell it. He asks if Chang Hee wants to buy it, igniting a desire to earn nine to ten million won every month. However, this finders-keepers offer requires an investment of 300 million won to buy the store. Chang-Hee asks his father if they could sell their land and invest in the profitable store. Not surprisingly, his father refuses to do so and asks him to arrange 300 million won on his own if he could do so. Aware of his financial situation, Chang-Hee wonders why all the people he loves are penniless and whether he is the cause of their ill fate. To make him feel worse, A-Reum’s father finds out about the offer and signs an agreement with the real estate to buy the property. Seeing A-Reum, of all people, make a fortune, Chang-Hee has a fleeting thought that he must love her deeply and make her penniless! Despite his emotional impulses, Chang-Hee is a good man who can not harm anyone for selfish reasons. After an unforeseen encounter at the ATM, he begins to feel more grateful about his financial situation than ever.

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What Does The Liberation Club Do?

While Mi Jeong has started the Liberation Club, neither she nor Tae-Hoon or Sang-Min know what they should do about it. Their company’s HR tells them that they will be reported for starting a fake club if they do not submit any documentation about what they do. Hence, they decide to journal their deepest feelings as Liberation Notes and share them. In her journal, Mi Jeong expresses how she has never truly loved anyone and has always felt empty because of it. To her, life feels like a loveless cattle drive, where she pushes herself every day and feels drained afterward. Reading her note, Sang-Min tells her that it is impossible to have lived a life without ever experiencing love, which gets her thinking. The Liberation Club is perhaps the best thing Mi Jeong needs in her life, as her forever bottled-up emotions seem to have turned into poison. It will be interesting to see how Mi-Jeong’s lackluster personality will change when she experiences true love and learns to be grateful for life. Mi-Jeong receives a text from Mr. Gu asking her out for lunch. After Mr. Gu had jumped across the trench to fetch her hat, she realized that he had already accepted her proposal and began to worship her. Their date is the second step in their off-beat relationship of mutual worship. Overjoyed by Gu’s response, Mi-Jeong feels comforted sharing her views on life with him. She tells him that she never truly loved her parents or siblings but only felt sorry for her father’s neverending struggles. The activities of the Liberation Club have already started to influence Mi-Jeong’s personal life.

‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Mr. Gu And Mi Jeong’s Relationship

When Gi-Jeong finds out about Mr. Gu dating her sister, she confronts Mi-Jeong that no good can come out of dating an alcoholic. Mi-Jeong tells her that the two of them have wasted enough time waiting for the perfect man, and she is practicing her dating game with what she has got. She tells her that while dating Chan Hyeok, she was always worried about him becoming too successful and was relieved when his business failed. Mi-Jeong realized that she had never loved anyone selflessly and wanted to change that now. She wants to worship Gu with all her strength without trying to get even with him. She tells Gu that she doesn’t want to cling to him, try to change him, ask him about his past, or worry about the future. All she wishes to do is worship him wholeheartedly so that she feels whole as the winter ends.

One day, Chang-Hee discovers a room full of empty liquor bottles in Gu’s house. He and Do-Hwan extend their help by cleaning it up for him, but Mr. Gu gets offended and asks them to leave. When Mi-Jeong learns about this, she too riles up and tells them that it was rude behavior. It is offensive when a person offers to clean up your mess. While disappointed with this incident, Chang-Hee cannot stop obsessing over Mr. Gu’s past. After his uncanny trench leap, he kept wondering whether Mr. Gu was a former national athlete. One day, when Chang-Hee attempts to jump the trench and fails miserably, Mr. Gu receives a strange text. The text reveals his name to be Gu Ja-Gyeong and that he doesn’t need to be in hiding anymore! When Chang-Hee was going through the list of national-level athletes, he too came across the name Gu Ja-Gyeong, revealing a significant detail about his identity! But who is this person contacting Mr. Gu, and why is he hiding? Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes to find out!

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