‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap And Ending Explained – Does Tae-Hun like Gi-Jeong?


In the previous episodes of “My Liberation Notes,” Gi-Jeong finds out about Mi-Jeong and Mr. Gu’s relationship and tells her that dating an alcoholic would not be suitable for her. The Liberation Club members started journaling their Liberation Notes to make their club legitimate. Mr. Gu’s identity is revealed to be Gu Ja-Gyeong, a former national-level athlete, and a mysterious caller is trying to contact him. Chang-Hee loses his opportunity to buy a profit-making convenience store to A-Reum, whose father does so. To make matters worse, he is stuck sitting next to her at work. Gi-Jeong sees Tae-Hun again, and her feelings grow stronger. Let’s find out what happens next.

What is Mi-Jeong’s take on Liberation?

When Do-Hwan talks about his crush on Ms. Kwak with Chang-Hee, he says how his heart rate rapidly increases every time he sees her. This raises some questions in Mi-Jeong’s mind. She says that her heartbeats never become fast when she likes someone. Instead, she associates that feeling with something terrible, like getting embarrassed or scared. However, when she falls for someone, her mind and body strangely calm down, as if there’s no need to worry. She feels liberated from all the anxiety and negative emotions that she wants to stop feeling. Mi-Jeong realizes that she feels liberated every time Mr. Gu is around, indicating how much she likes him. Mi-Jeong’s take on romance is deeper and more meaningful than most popularized beliefs, which speak of chemistry and immature mind-games that make one desirable. Love shouldn’t make one feel like a prisoner to the other person, but should free them of any such bondages.

Despite her uniquely noble views, Mi-Jeong is stuck being a prisoner to the debts she endured to help Chan-Hyeok. One day, Mi-Jeong’s father finds out that she has changed her home address to somewhere else. To this, Mi-Jeong says that she has been helping a friend who went bankrupt by signing her lease. While she manages to keep the secret from her parents, she knows that she will soon become a delinquent borrower and will have to quit her job. Mi-Jeong calls Chan-Hyeok to discover that he and Se-Young (his girlfriend) are not in the country to escape their lenders. Chan-Hyeok tells Mi-Jeong to simply ask her family to pay her debts as he doesn’t have any money, which she finds unfair. However, she feels helpless when she listens to Chan-Hyeok’s lenders take violent actions over the call. 

When Mr. Gu learns about her situation, he offers to get the money back using force. He tells Mi-Jeong that Chan-Hyeok sensed she was afraid of letting her parents know and is using her weakness to his advantage. To this, Mi-Jeong gets deeply offended and tells Gu to not offer such advice unless she asks him. She tells him that though she might be a fool, she doesn’t want to be judged by him. To help her feel whole by winter, he should worship her unconditionally, as that’s the only way he can help. Mr. Gu tells Mi-Jeong that he is a dangerous man himself, but he is still intimidated by her. Hence, she shouldn’t underestimate how strong she can be.

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Does Chang-Hee’s career take an upswing?

Chang-Hee cannot stop thinking about Mi-Jeong’s take on romance! He figures how one’s heart rates don’t increase to accept what’s rightfully theirs. However, they get butterflies in their stomach when they desire something that is not theirs. He boils down that happiness brings peace and insecurity brings agitation, which is perhaps the reason why he didn’t achieve success. 

A-reum persuades Chang-Hee to give her the account of her father’s convenience store, which he naturally refuses. He is aware that A-reum wants to use her father’s convenience store to her advantage, and he cannot let her do that. When Chang-Hee applies to the product development team of his company, A-reum tries to discourage him subtly. Even so, Chang-Hee persists in his hard work and ambition. At the end of “My Liberation Notes” Episode 8, he receives a message from Alpha Retail informing him that he has not been selected for the product development team. Considering Mi-Jeong’s theory, Chang-Hee feels that letting his heart rate increase will mean he has accepted failure to get a job that was never his! Despite seeing a rejection, Chang-Hee says with glee that he accepts his new position in the product development team! His uncanny optimism and confidence hint that he will take major steps to climb the career ladder in the upcoming episodes. Nonetheless, “My Liberation Notes” Episodes 7 and 8 do not give many insights into Chang-Hee’s dating life, as he is avoiding love till he becomes more financially stable.

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Who are the people Mr. Gu is avoiding?

In “My Liberation Notes” Episode 6, we saw that a mysterious caller refers to Mr. Gu as “Gu Ja-Gyeong.” When the caller contacts Mr. Gu again, he calls himself his brother without being clear about its meaning. The caller tells him that a man named Sam-Sik is looking for Mr. Gu. Apparently, Sam-Sik reached out to Chairman Shin by trespassing at a funeral to ask about Gu’s whereabouts. While the caller seems to be alarmed by the incident, Mr. Gu surprisingly seems indifferent, as if he wouldn’t care even if death was nearing him. His stance stays true to what he said to Mi-Jeong, that he wouldn’t be scared if a person held a gun at him. Mr. Gu’s bizarrely badass approach subtly unravels his wild past!

Despite not being concerned about himself, Mr. Gu asks the caller about a man named Ssaebi, who appears to be a goon of some sort. He likely wants to use Ssaebi’s help to get Mi-Jeong’s money back from her ex. One day, Mr. Gu is spotted by a man (likely Sam-Sik) at a gas station. Sam-Sik alarms Mr. Baek about it too, but he dismisses it as a misunderstanding as he thinks Gu Ja-Gyeong would never drive a tempo. Meanwhile, Mr. Gu realizes that he has been spotted and surreptitiously makes his way out. However, Gu’s mysterious caller finds out that he has been hiding in Sanpo and warns him to stay put. Mr. Gu’s uncanny followers do not seem to fit with his flashbacks of getting down at Dangmi Station, where a strange woman kept screaming. This fails to connect the dots and raises more curiosity about Mr. Gu’s past, which will only be revealed in the upcoming episodes. Regardless, what we do know is that Mr. Gu’s feelings for Mi-Jeong are genuine and that he would go to any extent to protect her.

‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 8 Ending Explained: Does Gi-Jeong confess her feelings for Tae-Hun? 

Gi-Jeong interrupts the meeting of the Liberation Club as she needs Mi-Jeong’s help to move heavy goods back to Sanpo. To her surprise, she finds out that Tae-Hun is a part of the club too! When Gi-Jeong is asked to wait before the Liberation Club meeting gets over, she sneaks ahead and overhears Tae-Hun’s confessions. Tae-Hun opens up about how the loss of his parents at a young age traumatized him, and how it was followed by bullying at school. He worries that his divorce may have a similar impact on his daughter too, which melts Gi-Jeong’s heart. She texts Tae-Hun that she would gladly get back at his school bullies to avenge him, to which he gives a polite response. Tae-Hun’s life story makes Gi-Jeong fall in love with him even more. One day, Tae Hun asks for her help to get him a music CD from Sanpo while he’s on vacation. She jumps at this opportunity, and the two decide to meet up for lunch.

Gi-Jeong makes up her mind that she will ask Tae-Hun out. She overhears Do-Hwan’s conversation where he asks Chang-Hee to knock him out with a bike when Ms. Kwak rejects him. He believes that getting knocked out by a bike will help him forget the memory of the rejection and relieve him of the pain. Gi-Jeong finds the idea interesting and volunteers to do it. When she finally tells Tae-Hun about how she feels, he doesn’t believe his ears. At first, he thinks that Gi-Jeong must be mocking him. However, when he realizes that she is being genuine, he doesn’t know how to reciprocate. Tae-Hun politely rejects her, which hurts her anyway. When Gi-Jeong walks away, Chang-Hee and Do-Hwan try to knock her out with their bike, which only injures her arm and makes matters worse. The next day, Gi-Jeong wakes up after having cried all night. She decides that though her heart is broken, she’ll giddy up and move on. When Gi-Jeong had a crush on Tae-Hun, she would share her life with him by sending snaps to him over text. After facing rejection, she resists the urge to do so. However, when Tae-Hun comes across a rainbow, he immediately captures the moment, as if wanting to share it with Gi-Jeong.

While Tae-Hun rejects Gi-Jeong, it is unclear what he thinks of her as a person and whether there is any hope for their relationship. Will Gi-Jeong’s love life change for the better? Will Chang-Hee’s new attitude help him in his career? Will Mr. Gu’s followers get closer to him? Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes!

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