‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap And Ending Explained – What Is Mr. Gu Afraid Of?


In the previous episodes of “My Liberation Notes,” we saw that Mr. Gu’s mysterious caller updates him about Sam-Sik and Mr. Baek, who later spot him at the petrol pump. Chang-Hee and A-Reum both fail to get promoted to the product development team and are stuck seated next to each other. Mi-Jeong learns that Chan-Hyeok is genuinely threatened by his lenders and cannot return her money sooner. Gi-Jeong gets rejected by Tae-Hun and gets her arm injured by Do-Hwan and Chang-Hee. Let’s find out what happens next!

How does Gi-Jeong feel after getting rejected by Tae-Hun?

Despite turning her down, Tae-Hun texts Gi-Jeong to inquire whether her hand is alright. He tells her that she always brought a smile to his face and made him feel supported when offering to confront his bullies. He believes that he led her on and apologizes for doing so. Gi-Jeong melts at Tae-Hun’s texts as she had never been turned down by such a dignified gentleman before. His attitude and approach prevent Gi-Jeong from feeling the shame of rejection, leaving her feeling respected. When she tells her story, Jin-U points out that she looks surprisingly happy and relaxed. Gi-Jeong strangely feels like she is the one who abandoned Tae-Hun, while the opposite is true. 

Gyeong-Seon suspects that Tae-Hun is dating someone, while she and her sister have devoted their lives to raising Yu-Rim. As Tae-Hun owes Gi-Jeong a meal, Gyeon-Seon asks him to invite her to their family-run bar instead of a fancy restaurant. While he feels embarrassed to do so, Gi-Jeong happily agrees to come over for dinner. Meanwhile, Yu-Rim tells her aunt about the incident at the barbeque restaurant and why she dislikes Gi-Jeong. Enraged by the story, Gyeong-Seon confronts Gi-Jeong in front of everyone. Tae-Hun defends her by saying she had already apologized numerous times and that the incident shouldn’t be held against her. However, embarrassed by Gyeong-Seon’s harsh statements, Gi-Jeong apologizes and politely makes her way out. To make matters worse, Jin-U’s girlfriend confronts her about being too close to him. The series of embarrassing events finally makes Gi-Jeong feel defeated and sad! Even after all this, Tae-Hun texts Gi-Jeong the next day, offering to take her to lunch as an apology.

Gi-Jeong has received many signs that indicate she must move on from a guy. While she would have reacted in that way with any other guy, things felt a lot different with Tae-Hun! His sincere chivalry bespeaks that he is a genuine man, and she cannot help but feel protective about him. But how Tae-Hun will respond to Gi-Jeong’s aloof behavior in the upcoming episodes is still a mystery.

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What does Chang-Hee contemplate about his ambitions?

When Chang-Hee talks about his dislike for A-Reum, his friend points out that he hates her a bit much. He suggests that Chang-Hee secretly shares the greed and ambition that A-Reum has and wouldn’t hate her so much if he were rich too. His friend’s remarks offend Chang-Hee but also leave him thinking. When he leaves the restaurant, he notices a giant statue of Genghis Khan being built on the street and gazes at it with awe. Later that night, he has nightmares of Genghis Khan attacking him with his sword. Chang-Hee’s mind perceives Genghis Khan as someone rich, powerful, and influential against whom he stands no chance. He believes that if he doesn’t become wealthy and successful, the world of capitalists will mercilessly pounce on him!

Unlike how Mi-Jeong views life, Chang-Hee believes that money and social status will solve all his life’s problems, including his love life. When the team leaders at Alpha Retail decide to put Chang-Hee and A-Reum on separate teams, they realize that may not be necessary. Chang-Hee strangely gets comfortable with A-Reum, perhaps because he introspected that they might not be so different after all! He discovers that the best way to protect himself from Genghis Khan is to blend in with the rich and powerful. Like every couple of episodes, Chang-Hee again creates a new theory of living life with the hope that it will change his kismet! 

One day, Chang-Hee rushes to use Mr. Gu’s bathroom during a temporary short circuit. To his surprise, he discovers that Mr. Gu keeps a high-tech Bidet in his bathroom and hides the key to his Rolex car! He realizes that Mr. Gu is no ordinary man but chooses to live a simple life in Sanpo, which makes Chang-Hee see him in a better light! Chang-Hee reveals to Mr. Gu what he found in his bathroom and requests to drive his car once. Mr. Gu takes Chang-Hee to Seoul and lets him ride his Rolex, giving him an ecstatic experience like never before! 

‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 10 Ending Explained: Why is Gu Ja-Gyeong scared of Mi-Jeong?

In one of the Liberation Club’s meetings, Mi-Jeong tells the support center staff how she had never truly felt lovable before meeting Mr. Gu. But now she feels like starting a conversation, even when no one’s talking, and sharing intimate details of her life. The Liberation Club comes to fruition when the members begin to feel liberated from their bondage. Observing Mi-Jeong’s sharp instincts, Mr. Gu tells her that he is scared of her. He is scared that she sees right through him, which may become a problem later. One day, Baek spots Gu Ja-Gyeong in his tempo with Mr. Yeom. They meet up after a long time, and Baek tries to guilt him for not mourning his sister’s death. The unexpected meet-up brings back many bitter memories from Mr. Gu’s past that he had been hiding.

Mr. Gu tells Mi-Jeong that his girlfriend was depressed and had jumped off the cliff from a famous suicide point in the US. He had always encouraged her to go to therapy, but after her death, he felt relieved that she was freed from her misery! He tries to convince Mi-Jeong that he was responsible for his lover’s demise and that he will stop worshiping her if she wishes. While hurt by Gu’s harsh statements, Mi-Jeong does not give up on him. Mi-Jeong saves Gu from a few dangerous wild dogs near the Gondal reservoir. She addresses him on how he is okay with getting bitten by wild dogs but finds a loving relationship terrifying. Gu had once called her a foolish girl who got dumped and used by a guy. Mi-Jeong points out that he is no better and equally miserable! 

One day, Gu spots Baek spying on him in Sanpo. Afraid that he might hurt the Yeom family, Gu Ja-Gyeong goes to Seoul and tells him to stay put. Baek appears to be the brother of his late girlfriend, who only cares about taking over Gu Ja-Gyeong’s business through unruly means. Gu tells Baek that he might decide to stay in Sanpo forever and make sinks, or return to Seoul and take back what’s his! If he chooses the latter, then there is nothing that can save Baek from him! 

He has flashbacks of the night he mistakenly got off at Dangmi Station. He was woken up by a girl who was helping out her wasted brother. When he realized he got off at the wrong station, he received a text from his secretary, Sam-Sik, who asked him to reach Oido station. However, the person who texted him using Sam-Sik’s phone was Baek, and he had arranged for his goons to get Gu killed. Luckily, Gu Ja-Gyeong escaped and kept getting updates on the whereabouts of his business from his associate Hyeon-Jin (who happens to be his mystery caller). He later realized that the girl at Dangmi station was none other than Yeom Mi-Jeong, who was helping Chang-Hee. Gu Ja-Gyeong realizes that he is scared of Mi-Jeong’s sharp instincts as she resembles his ex-lover! She, too, shows signs of depression and melancholy, for which Gu couldn’t help feeling protective. He is afraid that his dreadful past might haunt Mi-Jeong and her family too! He is afraid that he will add to Mi-Jeong’s long list of lovers who turned out to be extremely mean!

Will Mi-Jeong learn about Gu’s dangerous past? Will Chang-Hee be able to find contentment with life? Will Gi-Jeong and Tae-Hun’s relationship ever take a delightful turn? Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes of “My Liberation Notes.”

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