‘My Life With The Walter Boys’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next?


My Life With The Walter Boys has given us the most perfect cliffhanger we have seen in so long. It is truly a mish-mash of feelings and complications that bring up too many questions. The thing that the series did right was that it beautifully explained the characters and all of their complications. Even people like Tara, who had such limited screen time, made the audience love and adore them. It was also interesting how no one was shown to be a villain, but their actions weren’t simply excused either. That gives us mixed feelings in a world where stories insist on clean endings and one-dimensional characters. My Life With The Walter Boys Season 2 of the show hasn’t been confirmed, but the writers have no choice but to write one, considering that they have done such a good job with this. Here is everything we hope to see in the next season, and let us start with some of the easier conflicts.

Spoiler Alert

Will Tara break up with Nikhil?

Tara was very sure that Nikhil was the one. She doesn’t explicitly say it, but she mentions how different and easy her relationship with him was, unlike the other people she had dated. The thing about Tara is that she is a die-hard romantic. She is the sunshiny, eternal optimist who puts her heart and soul into all relationships. But someone was right when they said that the heart has a will of its own. When Tara met Nikhil, she was the one who made the first move, which was duly reciprocated and led to a relationship. When Tara met Richard, she could sense the attraction immediately. We won’t say that she made a move, but it was somewhat clear that she expressed an interest. When she tumbled into Richard’s tent, they had a hint of a moment, but Tara told him about her recent bad breakup. You only say that to someone you are interested in but want time to think about. That is why Tara was shocked when she saw Nikhil in her tent. She wasn’t over him, but she had seriously started considering the possibility.

In My Life With The Walter Boys season 2, it would be too much and too soon to say that she moved on with Richard or that she broke up with Nikhil. But perhaps she would reconsider her relationship and her own feelings. Nikhil has let go of the opportunity of a lifetime for her. As for Richard, he felt an attraction, but that doesn’t translate into liking a person, so it would be wise to keep him out of our speculations. The fact is that Tara was ready to go to London with Nikhil, but she wasn’t prepared for him to give up his job for her. Those are very different things, though it may be a while before she can point that out. Regardless, it would be exciting if, in season 2, we got the story of the small-town teacher falling in love with the big-city businessman. That is another classic rom-com trope that will never die out.

Did Haley cheat on Will?

It certainly looks like Haley cheated on Will with some guy named Morgan. Maybe she started seeing him to get over her breakup and realized that it wouldn’t work with anyone the way it did with Will, so she called it off. Another less incriminating scenario would be that she was about to take a job somewhere else, and Morgan was her point of contact. That would mean that she wouldn’t want to stay back in Colorado looking after Will’s new venture, but she is sacrificing that for love. In season 1, communication has been the most important problem between both of them, and that is what they will have to address in My Life With The Walter Boys season 2.

What can we expect from Erin?

Erin has some hard decisions to make. Running track wasn’t just a competitive hobby but a ticket to the future she wanted. If she really gave it up, what are her options? Her mother is supportive of Erin doing theater, but that still doesn’t solve her problems. Erin has a lot of work to do in terms of understanding herself and choosing things that she needs and wants rather than those that fit an image. She may start dating Cole’s brother, but that will be a journey on its own. Perhaps she would join him in Julliard later on. Either way, she is not a villain anymore.

Will Jackie choose between Alex and Cole?

Jackie running away was a very scaredy-cat thing for her to do. She did not want to face the boys after she massively complicated things by kissing Cole. Jackie may have to come back to Colorado since Richard is investing in Will’s venture, and that would lead to some awkwardness between her and the Walters. First of all, Katherine must be very hurt by Jackie’s abrupt choice, and that would need to be addressed. As for Alex, it needs to be made clear whether something happened between him and Kiley. She always liked him, and maybe he gave in to a weak moment when he was drunk. When Jackie comes back, she will have to address whether she ran away because of Cole or because Alex told her that he loved her. He is the second person she owes an explanation to, after Katherine.

Finally, there is Cole himself. He knows and probably understands why Jackie would run away like that. After all, he has been doing the exact same thing (running away from his future) since his setback with football. While he tries to save his grades at school and explore his options in life, he may turn out to be the only sympathetic shoulder Jackie will find in the house, at least initially. She also has a lot to say for the other boys, who must also be feeling upset with her, and that will probably teach her a few more things about bro code. The main question is whether she will be back for good with the Walters or if she will simply resolve things and go back to New York. Staying back may be awkward despite things being sorted out. However, if Alex starts dating Kiley and Jackie finally gets together with Cole, then staying in Colorado would be possible. These are the answers that My Life With The Walter Boys season 2 would have to give us.

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