‘My Life With The Walter Boys’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Who Is Morgan?


We never expected to like My Life With the Walter Boys this much. Not having read the book, we did not know what to expect and thought that this would be just another insufferable romcom with predictable characters. We apologize for the prejudice. The series turned out so well because of how well-written each character was. It wasn’t just the leads; all the supporting cast got their time to shine, and the audience ended up genuinely feeling a connection with them, which is the best part of the series. The following is a recap and ending of My Life With the Walter Boys.

Spoiler Alert

How does Jackie fit in with the Walters?

Frankly, there are no troubles as such with Jackie fitting in with the Walters, except that she doesn’t know how to accept this entirely new life and people as her family. Perhaps the only problem she has is that she is one girl amongst a bunch of guys, and there is a lot for her to learn about bro code. They play a prank on her, where they bleach her hair, and Jackie tells Katherine that. This apparently activated the ‘nuclear snitch code,’ and the boys were mad at her for quite a while. However, these are things that everyone eventually gets over. For the most part, Jackie gets along well with everyone. She encourages one of the boys to audition for Julliard, as he always wanted, and she makes sure that he is financially secure to attend school as he wishes.

Jackie also makes friends with Parker, who is happy to have a girl in the house. She also develops a different relationship with the rest of the boys, but most of her angst comes from Cole and Alex. Both the boys are interested in her, and in many ways, Jackie may be more attracted to Cole, but he is also the one who tests her. Cole was the one who came up with the prank, but he pretended not to know anything and took Jackie out to the stream to avoid the ‘fallout’ in the house. He made Jackie think that he was on her side when, really, he was the one to start it all. For someone like Jackie, who loves being organized and doing things according to plan, Cole is simply difficult to understand or trust. She also sees the way he treats Erin and his own future, which makes her trust him even less. Therefore, though there are some moments of tension between them both, she ultimately decides to choose Alex over Cole. After they start dating, Cole doesn’t take it very seriously, and he is regularly mean to his brother, but Jackie handles that, though it leads to some unintentional flirting.

Do Erin and Jackie become friends?

Let us just say that not every villain gets redemption, no matter how tragic their backstory might be. When Jackie first moved to Colorado, Erin was the mean girl who hated her, and the reason was Cole. Erin had always liked Cole, but they only ever got involved casually because Cole was literally never serious with anyone. Yet he was suddenly giving Jackie so much attention, and Erin was extremely insecure about that. It also did not help that Jackie simply seemed to be better at everything that Erin set out to do, be it managing the challenges of the Student Council or running on track. Jealousy is one thing, but Erin becomes cruel every time she says that Jackie is putting on an ‘Orphan Annie act,’ and she says it quite a few times. Jackie hears it, and though she doesn’t give it much weight, she is hurt, nonetheless. Therefore, she does the only natural thing there is, which is to go her own way and not fan Erin’s insecurities more.

Later, when Erin and Jackie are working together, the topic of Cole comes up, and Jackie tells Erin that she is not wrong in wanting a relationship. Additionally, she also says that if Jackie had been in New York, she wouldn’t have to struggle this way because she would be instantly popular. Jackie had probably never been validated this way before. Her mother only cared about how well Jackie could run track, and Cole literally never cared about Erin. As for Erin’s best friends, they must be validating her, but for the most part, they felt like the people surrounding the queen bee rather than actual friends who could stand up to her. Therefore, Jackie’s words meant something that day, along with the fact that she graciously invited her to celebrate Christmas with the Walters. Despite this whole thing, it would be too much to say that Jackie and Erin became friends, but the latter dropped her hostility towards Jackie.

Do Cole and Alex make up?

The reason Alex hates Cole so much is because Alex’s ex-girlfriend, Paige, cheated on him with Cole. Cole was in the hospital for a while after his injury, and when he came back, he did not know that Alex had started dating Paige. That is why, when he met her at a party and she came to him, he did not refuse. Alex probably knew that Cole was not really at fault, but he was still angry. Alex had always been insecure about Cole and how charming he was. The entire school knew of ‘the Cole effect,’ and when Alex lost his girlfriend to that, he could not help but blame his brother and think that it must have been deliberate. This insecurity flares up in Jackie as well, and though she starts dating Alex, he cannot get rid of his fears. That manifests in a lot of public displays of affection, which eventually tone down when Jackie and Alex have an honest talk about his feelings.

Alex and Cole eventually resolve their issues when Alex tells Cole how he has always been insecure, and Cole also reveals that he has been jealous of how perfect and reliable Alex has always been. Cole is going through a lot because he believes that if he cannot play football, he doesn’t have a future altogether. But when Alex reassures him that it is far from the case and he will always love his brother, Cole decides to gather himself together and do what he can. Meanwhile, Alex has also spoken to Paige, who apologized to him, and Alex assures her that he is past it.

Why does Jackie go back to New York?

This was as messy an ending as it could get. To start with the good news, first, Will and Haley, who had broken up because of the former’s workaholic ways, got back together after deciding to work on their communication. They are getting married, and Jackie plans the entire event, which goes by without a hitch. But this is where feelings get complicated once again. After the wedding, we see that Haley gets a message from someone named Morgan, and she immediately ignores that and proceeds to call Will ‘husband.’ That makes us think that in the brief time they had been apart, Haley probably got involved with Morgan. Technically, Will and Haley were broken up, but there is still a breach of trust that has happened since she wasn’t honest about it.

Next is Tara. She was clearly heartbroken over the entire ceremony, but then she met Richard, and she found hope. Tara probably thought that Nick was the one for her, but when she found herself charmed by Richard, she realized that she could see a life without Nick as well. It is not that she had feelings for Richard, but more like she had started getting over Nikhil, and that is the moment he came back and told her that he had refused the offer in London and wasn’t going there. That puts Tara in a difficult situation.

Coming to Richard himself, he liked Will’s idea of turning the place into a camping spot, and he wanted to invest in it, which solved the Walters’ financial crisis. It would have been an almost happy ending if, once again, Cole, Alex, and Jackie had not let their feelings get the better of them. Alex tells Jackie that he loves her, and she doesn’t say it back. Alex is quite confused because of that, and he gets very drunk. We suspect that he ended up having a moment with Kiley because of that, though it is not clearly shown.

As for Jackie, she finally finds the teapot that Cole had repaired for her. The reason Jackie had decided to be with Alex was because he had done something very meaningful for her. Even Cole had repaired the teapot for her that day, but he hadn’t given it to her when he saw her and Alex together. At this point, Jackie is aware of her feelings for Cole, though she isn’t saying anything. But when Alex confesses that he loves her, Jackie has to think long and hard about whether she can ever get to that position with Alex. If she knew that she could not, she would have to break up anyway. None of this is an excuse for what she did next, but it is just a look into what she may have been thinking.

During My Life With the Walter Boys‘ ending, Jackie and Cole end up kissing, finally revealing all those hidden feelings. The next day, Jackie is nowhere to be found. She is leaving for New York with Richard, who is reassuring Katherine that Jackie’s decision has nothing to do with her. Jackie is clearly running away from her problems. She doesn’t want to face the heartbreak she is leaving behind or acknowledge that, at this point, she is going to be the reason for the Walter brothers fighting. It is not the most gracious thing she has done, and the consequences will become clearer in season 2.

Final Thoughts

My Life With the Walter Boys was a well-written show that surprisingly managed to make all the characters likable. We especially loved how Cole’s character was written. The ‘bad boy’ is usually written to be charming and not to have substance, and it was nice to see that not being the case with Cole. Even Jackie was relatable, with how well she conducted herself and avoided self-righteousness. Maybe Alex need not have been so self-doubting, but we are sure there will be a few more seasons to change that.

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