‘Nahir’ Ending Explained & True Story: Did Nahir Galarza’s Father Kill Her Boyfriend?


Directed by Hernan Guerschuny, Nahir is the story of a girl who finds herself stuck in a grave situation that turns her life upside down and shocks the entire nation. One of the best decisions taken by the makers is using “silence” to their advantage. A lot of times, we see that directors make the narrative so dense with dialogue that the film loses its essence and isn’t able to have a deep impact on the viewers. The creative decision taken by the makers to give the protagonist minimal lines works in favor of the film. A lot of times, we do not get to know what is happening in Nahir’s mind, and it is left up to the viewers to form their own opinions and perceptions. So let’s find out what happened with Nahir Galarza, why the case garnered so much publicity, what all happened in real life, and where the creators have taken certain artistic liberties.

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Is Nahir based on a true story? 

Yes, Nahir is based on a true incident that took place on December 29, 2017, in Gualeguaychú. Most of the things shown in the film actually happened in real life, and the makers have tried their best to keep the narrative factually correct. Nahir and her boyfriend, Fernando, whose name has been changed to Federico in the film, were having some issues, and on December 29th, it was said that the former murdered him in cold blood. Nahir told the court that it was her boyfriend who took her father’s gun, and then accidentally, while she was sitting behind him on his bike, the trigger got pulled, and they both fell to the ground. Nahir went on to say that she shot him a second time, though she was still in such a state of mind that she didn’t know what she was doing. It is true that Nahir used her father’s service revolver to kill her boyfriend. Nahir’s lawyer just wanted to prove that she didn’t intend to kill Fernando, but obviously, shooting twice at the victim without intending to do so was something that was not logically explainable in court. Nahir’s father, in real life, hired a PR agent because he wanted to pose her as a victim, and he wanted the media to support his narrative. 

The film stated that Nahir got a restraining order against her father, Marcelo Galarza, in real life, and it also showed that she hired a new lawyer and told her that it was her father who killed her boyfriend. Till now, it hasn’t been proven that Marcelo was behind the crime, though an appeal was made to the apex authority, and only after its judgment can the matter be resolved. 

What happened between Nahir and Federico? 

Nahir and Federico fell in love with each other, but soon, they started encountering a lot of obstacles along the way. Nahir was 19, and Federico was also around the same age. The latter started questioning Nahir’s character when he learned that she was talking to other guys. The way Nahir behaved a lot of the time, it felt like she was suffering from certain mental health disorders. She had a stoic demeanor most of the time, and it felt like she never got affected by whatever happened in her life. The film told us that she was molested by her own uncle multiple times. Maybe that incident had an adverse impact on her overall mental health, and it could be possible that she never talked about it to anybody, which aggravated the matter. There was a time when Nahir and Federico wanted to end up together in life, and then there came a time when they were so irritated with each other that in every meeting, they fought like cats and dogs. But nobody knew that their relationship issues would take such a grave turn and ruin both of their lives. 

What was the outcome of the trial? 

Enrique, who was defending Nahir, claimed that his client had been abused and harassed by Federico, but he wasn’t able to provide any solid evidence that could prove his claims to be true. The forensic report played a huge role in the scheme of things, as the prosecution used it to refute the theory that was put forward by Nahir. She said that it was Federico who had taken the gun with him, and she didn’t know how the trigger got pulled the first time and he got shot. The prosecution put forth a simple argument: he said that even if he accepted that the first time the trigger got pulled by accident, then how could anybody believe that the second time too, Nahir had no clue what she was doing? The testimony of the people also played a key role, as two of Federico’s friends came and told the court that the latter was assaulted by Nahir and one of her friends. They showed a picture where Federico had bruises, though Nahir and her friend said that they acted in self-defense as he was threatening the defendant. At the end of the film, the court found Nahir guilty for the murder of Federico, and she became the youngest person in Argentinian history to get life imprisonment. 

Did Nahir’s father kill her boyfriend? 

At the end of the film, a twist came, and Nahir told Irene Velo, the feminist lawyer, that it was her father who had killed her boyfriend, and she took the blame on herself to save him. It is shown in the film that Nahir’s father told her that he would get her out of prison as soon as possible and that she would be at home even before she knew it. But nothing of that sort happened, and instead, she ended up getting life imprisonment. Nahir grew impatient, and finally, she decided that she would give a call to Irene Velo and ask her to help her out. Now, I don’t know whether Nahir’s father actually killed her boyfriend or not, but the film surely wants us to believe that.

At the beginning of the film, Jorge Zonzini questioned Marcelo along similar lines, as he suspected that the truth was being concealed. Marcelo got agitated during that meeting, and he was also very rigid about not hiring Velo as the lawyer in the case. Marcelo’s wife told him that there was no issue with at least talking to the lawyer, as everybody believed that she was the best in the business, but Marcelo just didn’t agree to it. Nahir’s mother also reacted in a manner that made me feel like she knew something about the case and desperately wanted to share it with the world. It could also be a possibility that Nahir was doing so only because she was irritated with her father, and she wanted to make him pay for not being able to help her. The truth is yet to be revealed, though often, in such cases, it is very hard to ascertain who is honest and who is not. As of now, Nahir’s appeal has yet to be heard by the apex authority, and it is possible that the decision given by the lower courts could be overturned. 

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