Nestor In ‘Iron Reign’ Explained: Did Rocio’s Husband Steal The Drugs?


It was told at the beginning of Netflix’s latest Spanish series, Iron Reign, that the 10,000 kg of cocaine seized in 2023 amounted to merely 10 percent of the entire consignment that the Barcelona port received that year. It was evident that drug trafficking was a lucrative business, and Nestor wanted to become the uncrowned emperor of it. Nestor knew that he would have to take some hard calls and put his life at risk if he wanted to topple the big players and take their position. Nestor, from his demeanor and general behavior, looked like a very sensible family man, and that’s why nobody, for the longest time, could accept what he was up to. Nestor’s story was a classic example of rags to riches, and he wanted to expand his horizons even more. Being ambitious is not a bad thing, but Nestor’s desires and greed got the better of him. He went against those people who gave him the life that he led. Instead of showing his gratitude, he backstabbed his own people, and in the end, he had to pay a huge cost for it. So, let’s find out what happened in Nestor’s life, how he climbed the ladder of success, and how his real face got exposed. 

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How was Nestor’s childhood? 

Nestor didn’t come from a privileged background, and he had really struggled to be successful in life. Nestor could have chosen the right path, and his life could have had a completely different trajectory, but he was a restless man, and he knew that he didn’t have the patience to wait that long. He used to sell illegal items on the road when, one day, Joaquin caught him and told his mother to keep him in check. What worked in Nestor’s and Victor’s favor was that Rocio was quite close to them. There came a time when both the boys asked Rocio to choose between them, and she told them that she would go with the person who won the bike race. Victor won that race, but fate had other plans for him. Rocio went on to marry Nestor, and from that day on, his life completely changed. Since he became a part of the Manchado family, he joined the family business, too. We saw in Iron Reign how Joaquin trusted him more than Riccardo, his own son. Riccardo’s life was a mess, and as compared to him, Nestor looked much more organized, and he seemed like a sensible man. Nestor never gave Joaquin any reason to doubt his abilities, and in fact, he carried out his responsibility with a lot of dedication and sincerity. From a third man’s perspective, Nestor had everything, but he wanted more, and his greed spoiled not only his life but also that of the people closest to him. 

Who stole Czar’s mail? 

At the beginning of Iron Reign, Joaquin met with an accident, and it was very obvious that somebody tried to kill him. Later in the series, we got to know that it was none other than his son-in-law who was behind it, and he not only had plans to earn huge amounts of profit from the ongoing deal with the Italians and the Mexicans but also to take over the entire business. Nestor wanted a monopoly over the drug trade in the region, which was why, when he got to know that in El Prat, some other gang was receiving consignments from South America, he got very agitated. He made sure that he went there with Roman and taught them a lesson. After Riccardo and Roman killed each other, Nestor realized that he could play the situation in his favor. He misled Rocio into believing that either Riccardo or Roman had stolen Czar’s mail. In fact, even Roman, until he took his last breath, believed that it was Riccardo who had stolen the drug stash. Nestor turned the uncle and nephew against each other, and he didn’t have any qualms about what he did. Nestor was a selfish man, and he only cared about himself. Nestor conspired with Wiki, a police officer, and according to him, he had made the perfect plan. A twist came in the scheme of things when Sandra, Nestor’s daughter, was kidnapped by Ariel and Lucia, and that’s when Nestor realized that he was stuck in a difficult situation. Nestor had planned out each and every detail, and he had not foreseen that something like that would happen to his daughter. 

How was Nestor exposed? 

Nestor had the perfect plan in place, and in the end, when he realized that his daughter wouldn’t be released until he gave Ariel and Lucia Czar’s mail, he decided to ask Wiki to procure the stash from their hiding place. What Nestor didn’t know was that Rocio had somehow found her bag, and she had gotten her hands on the memory card of her father’s phone that Nuria had given her earlier. Call it fate or Nestor’s bad luck, but Vicky and Rocio reached Navil Cotrans just when Wiki was taking out all the stashes. Nestor called Wiki after the latter was shot by Alex, and that’s when it all became clear for Rocio. As a mother and as a wife, it was extremely difficult for her to understand what Nestor had done. Nestor’s life fell apart as, more than anything, the person with whom he wanted to spend his life betrayed him. Nestor very unabashedly had an extramarital affair with Alex, and the latter used the closeness he shared with him as leverage. Alex got to know where the stash was hidden, and he went and stole it, giving Nestor the shock of his life. If there is a second season, Nestor would definitely take revenge on Alex, but first he would want to save his daughter. At the end of Iron Reign, we saw that Joaquin finally came back to his senses, and I am very sure that once he got to know what his family had gone through, he would go after Nestor with all his might and attempt to kill him. Nestor has a tough road in front of him, and time will tell if he is able to stay afloat or if he goes down with the sinking ship. 

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