‘Nice View’ Ending, Explained: Does Jing Hao Finally Get His Life On Track?


Directed and written by Wen Muye, “Nice View” (or Qi ji · Ben xiao hai) offers a rhetorical approach to working hard to achieve the nice view a person wants. Jing Hao, the protagonist of the movie, works hard to take care of his sister and himself. An eye-opening movie about the work culture of society and the obstacles faced by people. The movie was first released on February 1, 2022, in China and was later released on Netflix on June 1, 2022.

‘Nice View’ Plot Summary

Jing Hao, a 20-year-old man, takes over the responsibility of looking after his little sister, Tong Tong, after the sudden death of their mother. Looking after Tong Tong, Jing Hao realizes that his sister needs surgery immediately before she turns 8. He looks for odd jobs to pay his bills and also save up for the surgery. He comes across a way to turn his life around and immediately grabs the opportunity. His friends help him as his partners in his time of need. Jing Hao appreciates this golden chance and sets off to change his and his sister’s lives. The only goal in his mind was to have enough to provide surgery for his sister.

A loving relationship between a big brother who takes care of his little sister and strives to make sure she does not share the brunt of his difficulties. He works hard at his duty and strives to give his sister a chance at life. He refuses to rest until he can assure himself that his sister is well. He dares not think of himself until he can assure himself of his sister’s health.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Jing Hao’s Determination To Take On His Troubles

Jing Hao started a business to repair mobile phones, and along with it, he worked a few odd jobs. He woke up each morning, got his sister dressed, sent her off to school, and began his day of endless gigs. Trouble knocks on his door as he grabs a new venture when the opportunity is presented to him. He procures countless rejected phones and at first does not plan to fix them. But, while fixing one of these phones, he realizes he can make them work and decides to earn money for the surgery with them.

The day he procured these phones and made a deal with the seller, the government seized and deemed it illegal to sell the counterfeit phones. The rejected phones were not to be circulated in the market. Jing Hao felt the weight of the world crashing on his shoulders when he heard of it. He started looking for ways to turn his future around. This led him to the parent company of the rejected phones.

He went to the company in hopes of securing an investment and funding for his scheme. After pleading and meeting countless accidents on his way to meet the boss of the company, he finally secured a 10-minute discussion. He was offered a 2-month frame with no workers or workshop assigned to pass the quality test with 85%.

Jing Hao convinces Liang Yongcheng to work as a supervisor and asks him for a workspace. Both of them manage to rent out an old workspace and ask people to come work for them. With a team of oddballs ready, both Jing Hao and Liang Yongcheng start working on their project. In the last month, however, tragedy strikes Jing Hao when his dues catch up to him. He is unable to pay rent for his apartment and is cast out. With nowhere to go, he seeks help from Liang and stays at his place with his sister. He moves into his workspace and starts temporarily living there. Unfortunately, he is homeless yet again when chaos ensues while illegal traders start stealing his phones. The police get involved, and the manager of the workspace gives him two days to move out. He even injures his hand while trying to stop those traders and is cast out of the cleaning job he had taken.

‘Nice View’ Ending Explained: Does Jing Hao Finally Get His Life On Track?

Jing Hao sat in front of his workspace while his partners came in to help. They admonish Jing Hao for taking on the entire business on his shoulders and making them feel like outsiders who wouldn’t help. They start by taking care of their work at home, and Liang offers a home to Jing Hao and his sister.

During the chaos in his life, Liang asks Jing Hao about his own dreams. Jing Hao had spent his waking time striving to have enough for his sister’s surgery and had received no reply. He hesitated to answer. He told Liang he would love to go back to college.

In 2 weeks, with a renewed team effort and a determination to succeed, the group successfully finished fixing all the phones and packed them up for the quality test. With bated breath, they waited for the results. Jing Hao and his group were called in and were informed that they had, in fact, passed with 87%. The group rejoiced, and Jing Hao was offered work with the company and an advance payment.

In the end, Tong Tong had a successful surgery, and Jing Hao went back to college while simultaneously working on his company. Liang became the HR Manager of his company. The other members, who worked with him and helped him to achieve the colossal victory, also went on to be well-established. Jing Hao and his friends’ lives really turned around by the small business venture idea that Jing Hao had. The epilogue set in five years’ time really gives an idea of the tenacity and determination that Jing Hao and his friends had. This helped them establish a high name and stand for themselves and garner respect from all around.

The movie imparts a lesson about hard work and never giving up. Life will throw a lot of lemons, but it depends on the person to use those lemons to make lemonade. Jing Hao faced a lot of difficulties. He almost lost hope one too many times. Every single time he was about to give up, he didn’t. Instead, he fought on, and in five years’ time, he established himself as the CEO of Nice View company. He worked hard to achieve his goals. Jing Hao made his sister’s surgery possible and also made a good name for himself. It all boils down to never giving up. No matter how hard it is, no matter how frustrating it seems at times, the best way to deal with it is to fight on and not give up. One day the struggle will be fruitful, and it’ll be all worth it. Life is hard. It is difficult to grow up and lead a life with no struggles. But, it’s okay. It’s alright to fall down and hit rock bottom, but what matters is getting up and fighting again until we reach our goal.

“Nice View” also titled as “Qi ji · Ben xiao hai” is a 2022 Drama film written and directed by Wen Muye.

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