‘Night Drive’ Ending, Explained: Did Georgy And Riya Implicate The Minister Of State?


Malayalam film, “Night Drive,” tells the story of a couple who become entangled in the arrest of a minister of state for gold smuggling. When Georgy and Riya go for a nighttime drive, their primary purpose is to celebrate her birthday on Christmas Eve, but things rapidly turn sour. The plot of “Night Drive” is expertly crafted to offer twists and turns that leave us with a long smile on our faces.

Georgy Jacob is a simple boy who pays his bills by driving a cab around the city. Riya, a well-known news anchor, is his childhood sweetheart and is currently reporting on how a Minister of State is attempting to bring gold into the state illegally. While the NIA is attempting to arrest him, the media is criticizing him for speaking in riddles regarding the truth. He is unable to reveal the truth in public, so he devises a complex scheme to save himself. Sadly for him, things do not go as planned, and justice is served. 

‘Night Drive’ Plot Summary – Did The Police Officer Benny Find The Lost Gold?

Riya Roy is a well-known news anchor for the Paravur-based Manorama News Media channel. Her team is keeping a careful eye on reports that a state minister may be detained soon for smuggling gold into the state. He clearly says outside the NIA office that he is not involved in any criminal matter and has only come to provide witness testimony denying any allegations.

Georgy Jacob is a sweet young man who adores Riya. They’ve known each other since primary school. As a result, they are quite close. Riya’s father is a widower, and she makes every effort to be available to him. Georgy makes sure he does everything he can for her and that she doesn’t have any requests. When Georgy and Riya decide to take a secret midnight drive down their street on Christmas Eve, which also happens to be Riya’s birthday, things quickly take a turn for the worse.

When they go on a quiet drive, they have to stop at a police check-point that has been set up on the DGP’s orders. They come across CI Benny Moopen, who is fed up with Riya’s incessant protests and hesitant cooperation. Georgy tries to persuade her to work with them since he is concerned that certain details would be revealed. Georgy and Riya get back into the car after the adventure is done, irritated by the events that have just occurred.

Riya is in the driver’s seat, and as they are arguing about the events of the day, Georgy looks down at the road and shouts out loud  for Riya to come to a halt. Someone may have collapsed at the front of the vehicle and possibly been hit. Riya is afraid, and Georgy is becoming concerned. He checks on the victim first, who is bleeding profusely and unconscious. Riya exits the car to see the man on the floor and the life from her face drains, making her collapse to her knees.

The narrative of “Night Drive” thickens when Georgy grabs the man’s upper torso along with the bag he was carrying and puts them into the backseat of the automobile. They transport Georgy to the hospital. The doctor, who had earlier spoken with Francis, chats with Georgy to reassure them that they need not be alarmed, but that he had to notify the cops as a matter of routine. When Inspector Benny sees them both, he believes fate is blessing him to be able to execute delectable vengeance. He has no idea, though, that everything is about to change dramatically.

With the local inspector present, he questions the doctor about the severity of the injuries. He discovers that the patient has been stabbed and has lost a significant amount of blood. He has every intention of stalling Georgy and Riya in the hope of humiliating them. Meanwhile, the Minister of State is concerned about the disappearance of his gold. He has received word that his nephew has been admitted to the hospital. He is aware that Georgy and Riya were responsible for his admission. However, the subject of the vanished gold is still unanswered.

Senior Police Officer Chacko is the Minister of State Rajan Kurup’s silent attaché, doing his small biddings on the sly. The Minister realizes his gold is with this couple and orders Chacko to have them arrested and the gold returned as soon as possible while ensuring the media is kept in the dark. The Minister’s main goal is to pin the smuggled gold on Riya and throw the NIA off his trail, as his arrest is set for 11 a.m. the next day.

Georgy and Riya have found themselves in a difficult predicament. They try to persuade Benny that their presence at the hospital is unnecessary, but he refuses to let them go. When Chacko arrives at the hospital and needs to check the automobile, things get heated. Benny must obey Chacko because he is his superior, but Riya and Georgy have discovered the gold minutes before, and the plot thickens even further, transforming the entire narrative in an unforeseen way.

‘Night Drive’ Ending Explained: Did Georgy Save Riya?

Two of Georgy’s buddies, Francis and Ayyapan, uncover the gold and are thrilled in a way that their lives have gotten a little more adventurous. However, the phone in the handbag begins to ring. Georgy learns that this case is closer to his heart than he expected when he sees the picture of the caller on the phone.

Georgy had dropped off a woman and her child at their home at the start of the movie. He completed his share of the job as an Uber driver. However, since it was her birthday, she had requested that he pick up a cake for the little one. The cake was left in the back of the car by the mother. Georgy recognized her voice on the other end of the line, and they immediately rushed over to her. The police suspect that the three of them have gone missing.

When Benny sees the patient’s wife arrive at the hospital, he must figure out how the patient’s phone ended up in Georgy’s hands. Things are strange, and Chacko is still worried about the gold that has gone missing. Benny gets lucky this time as he discovers CCTV footage of Georgy kicking the gold bag below the automobile. He takes them to the police station after arresting them.

Benny is completely unaware that the bag contains gold, and his case completely changes when he receives word that the patient has awoken after a massive blood loss. Balu, the patient, is the accused Minister of State’s nephew, who idolized him for most of his life and served as his most devoted attaché. Balu gradually reveals that he was transferring the Minister’s gold. However, he received word from his uncle’s close aide that he was likely to be betrayed and imprisoned for smuggling gold. Balu took matters into his own hands and chose to keep the gold. However, two men were already on the lookout for him and were planning to kill him. He strayed from the path and parked the car to exit and flee with the gold bag. He was apprehended by the two men, who sliced him with their knives. He took off running from them and landed in front of Riya’s automobile.

Meanwhile, back at the station, Chacko is slapping Georgy, accusing him of stealing the gold. When Benny arrives at the station, Georgy is stumbling after Chacko’s smacking. He inquires as to what is going on, only to discover that Chacko has discovered a bag of clothes containing two gold bricks. Benny notices that something isn’t quite right about this situation. But that wasn’t the end of it. Then Chacko exposes a horrible secret that Georgy has been keeping hidden for a long time.

Georgy had murdered a teacher as a teenager and spent seven years in prison. Benny is baffled as to how he did not notice this before. Suspicions about Georgy’s innocence have reached an all-time high, and the odds of him being arrested are increasing by the minute. Benny, on the other hand, cannot overlook the fact that gold does not emerge anywhere. Benny receives a call from the Commissioner informing him that he would no longer be handling the investigation after describing the events that occurred and must be in a report to be dropped at her residence within half an hour. Benny, completely perplexed as to why this is happening, obeys his commands.

Even though orders have been provided, Benny takes advantage of the limited time he has to rewrite the entire story. He thinks on his feet and strategizes rapidly. When Chacko walks into the room, he discovers Georgy, Riya, and Francis are ready to admit they have the minister’s gold. This would implicate him and ensure his arrest the next morning, causing Chacko and the Minister to panic when they officially named him.

When Chacko loses control and telephones Minister Rajan Kurup, the situation spins completely around. The accused minister agrees to a deal with Georgy, who admits to possessing all of the gold and is willing to return it on his terms. The Minister doesn’t have a choice but to accept. Benny has one more obstacle to overcome about the Commissioner-in-charge. He attempts to persuade her that his case is serious and that the Minister must be arrested, after which she mocks him that he is a cop living on rent trying to be a dignified cop. When she threatens that if he interferes anymore that he may lose his job, Benny defends his dignity that he pays a meager rent for his unwell sister since she is in a coma following a dangerous attack on her life when there was no Policeman around to help. He promises her that he will rescue this couple. 

For the first time, we see Benny take an unexpected stand for justice, something we all knew had been missing for far too long. Benny sets off on a mission to save Riya and Georgy and clear their names. As part of the bargain, Georgy has ensured Balu’s, a.k.a. Balachandran’s safety with the help of Ayyapan. When the Commissioner arrives to take him into arrest, Georgy has already loaded Balachandran and his family into the car to be safely brought to the Minister.

The minister demands to know where the remainder of the gold is after learning just a portion of it has been returned. Georgy had told Balachandran’s wife to turn on her GPS and use Whatsapp to transmit her live whereabouts. Georgy announces that he will be there in a few minutes when the Minister confesses that he is holding Riya captive. Benny and Georgy arrive after Riya has informed the accused minister of why Georgy is her reigning hero for life. Unable to fathom how Georgy could turn up so quickly made for a humorous moment.

Riya was abused by a teacher when she was a teenager, and Georgy defended her honor by killing the teacher. He never revealed his purpose, and the authorities tortured him mercilessly before imprisoning him. Georgy went to great lengths to defend Riya’s reputation.

Georgy stands his ground and cryptically discloses that he has returned all of the accused minister’s gold by cleverly having Ayyapan disguised as a Zomato rider, where the gold bricks are placed back in the house with the help of the Minister’s aide (who informed Balu of his true intentions). The gold bricks returned to the minister’s residence just in time for the NIA to return and confirm his arrest.

Benny, too, had a role to play. When Benny came to see the Commissioner-in-charge and she instructed him to relinquish charge of the case, he planted the two gold bricks from Chacko’s bag in the drawer of her living room coffee table. As a result, she was apprehended and her role was confirmed.

Final words

With twenty kilograms of gold securing the arrest of suspected Minister Rajan Kurup, the story comes to a brilliant conclusion with unexpected twists and turns that leave us applauding slowly. The creators have wrapped up a story in the most inventive of ways, leaving us quite happy. The ordinary story of a delivery man is never shared in real life, which adds an unexpected level to delivery men being more than they appear. It assigns them to a different reality. They must be treated with respect and tolerance because they are just like us.

Some may believe that everyone doesn’t even have a role to play in society, but perhaps we do. “Night Drive” shows how, no matter how ordinary a person appears to be, there is still more to the story than meets the eye. Open it, read it, and comprehend the person in front of you. You may grow to enjoy it. It is a highly recommended watch that is well worth your time.

 ‘Night Drive’ is a 2022 Indian Drama thriller film directed by Vysakh.

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