‘Night Teeth’ Ending Explained – Did Benny and Jay Survive?


The myriad uses of predator archetypes, like vampires, in supernatural fables have robbed them of their ability to impress. One can consistently predict what’s going to happen in the end. Obviously, because not many writers are brave enough to take risks. Following the pattern, Netflix’s Night Teeth fails to impress due to a lack of story and substance.

Written by Brent Dillon and directed by Adam Randall, Night Teeth is a beautifully visualized film. It fills the screen with illuminating neon lights and well-designed shots to make up for the missing plot. Though the package is exceptionally captivating, it’s upsetting to find out that there is nothing inside.

‘Night Teeth’ Plot Summary

In a fictional Los Angeles, the vampires strike a truce with the people of Boyle Heights. The vamps agree to live in shadows and to end the eternal battle between their kind. To maintain peace and order, Boyle Heights sets three rules for the vamps to follow. These creatures of the night will live in shadows, will not feed on the unwilling, and will never enter Boyle Heights without permission.

The story begins with Victor (Alfie Allen), a vampire, who illegally enters Boyle Heights. Victor attacks, kill a few humans, and abducts Jay Perez’s girlfriend, Maria. Jay is an integral member of the community, and to find Maria, he declares war on Victor.

The following day, Jay returns home to check on his half-brother, Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), and grandmother, Rosa. Benny is an economic student who aspires to be a composer, while Jay works as a chauffeur for a private company that handles A-listed clients. To find Maria, Jay cancels his bookings, but Benny insists on covering up for him to earn a few extra bucks. Hesitantly, Jay agrees.

At night, Benny drives to Beverly Hills to pick up the clients. Two beautiful ladies, Zoe Moreau (Lucy Fry) and her friend, Blaire (Debby Ryan), meet their chauffeur Benny (pretending to be Jay). Zoe sends a list of all the famous nightclubs, and Benny drives them to their desired locations. However, while Zoe and Blaire are away, Benny finds Zoe’s cellphone in the vehicle. Victor sends a series of texts inquiring about Jay. Benny checks Zoe’s bag and finds blood-stained hard cash. In fear, Benny runs into the hotel and discovers that his clients are blood-sucking vampires. Benny tries to run, but the vamps take him hostage and threaten to finish his contract.

What did Victor want?

Victor was tired of living in the shadows. The truce was made for humans and vamps to coexist in peace, but the rules made Victor feel like a prisoner. Humans dictated who to feed on and where like the vamps were animals. Victor demanded total freedom to prey on humans and govern his kind. He tried to break a deal with Jay’s crew from Boyle Heights and requested them kill the vampire bosses. But when Jay declined his treacherous offer, Victor, abducted Maria to blackmail Jay.

He sent his girls, Zoe and Blaire, as clients to travel with Jay and kill the five major bosses that controlled the significant territories of LA. Vamp leaders followed the truce and would have grouped up to kill anyone who broke the rules. Hence, Victor had to kill them all on the same night. In the end, Victor planned to kill Jay when he would have brought Zoe and Blaire to the last stop, Victor’s house. However, his plan suffered a minor setback when Benny, disguised as Jay, received Zoe and Blaire.

While the two vamps ripped off the vampire network, Victor visited the upper management, Eva(Sydney Sweeney) and Grace (Megan Fox). The leaders tried to punish Victor for his treachery and decided to send him into exile. But Victor had everything planned out. Before entering, he killed their muscle-man, Martin, and later, in a bloody brawl, killed Eva and Grace.

Victor The Vampire

Did Benny and Jay Survive?

Zoe and Blaire killed three bosses, and the fourth one, Bio Lou, was killed by vamp hunters, Night Legions. When Zoe, Blaire, and Benny reached downtown, the night legions attacked them, and thus, they had to go underground for a while. In the meantime, Victor called Jay for a meeting at Rosso Puro restaurant and informed him that he had killed Maria and his half-brother, Benny, who would be the next. Jay tried to kill Victor, but the powerful vamp took Jay hostage.

For the final kill, Zoe and Blaire visited Rocko. However, Rocko already knew about the betrayal and thus called in a vamp gang to attack the traitors. The night legions attacked the vamps during the combat, and Zoe and Blaire had to run for their lives. A crossbow hit Zoe, but Benny brought her to Victor’s house and saved her life. Blaire requested Benny to leave the place, but Benny wanted to save his brother, Jay.

Benny infiltrated Victor’s house and found Jay locked in a glass cabin. He tried to save Jay, but suddenly Victor appeared. In the final climax sequence, Blaire turned against Victor and Zoe to save Benny’s life. And to save his love, Benny triggered the trap. He had placed a large stone on the vehicle’s accelerator pedal, and as soon as he ignited the engine with the remote control, the car smashed into Victor’s house. The broken glasses brought sunshine that burnt Zoe. Victor bit Benny’s neck, but suddenly Jay pushed Victor into the sunlight that killed the vamp. To save Benny’s life, Blaire made him drink her blood that converted Benny into a vampire. Both brothers survived Victor’s coup but at a cost.

‘Night Teeth’ Ending Explained

With all the vampire bosses and their leaders dead, the truce also came to an end. Jay could predict an upcoming war between the vamps and humans and thus decided to join Night Legions. A member of the night legion had requested Jay to come to visit them, and Jay would probably take sides.

Jay knew his half-brother would eventually turn into a vampire, and with an upcoming war, even Benny would be required to take a side. Before becoming a vamp, Benny was a human being, and Jay wanted him to remember where he came from.

Benny had not transformed into a vampire overnight, but he experienced heightened hearing. In the library, Benny felt the desire to attack his fellow classmate and drink her blood. However, before Benny could attack any humans, Blaire arrived outside the library to pick up Benny. Before leaving, Benny offered his classmates a ride.

The films ended on a cliffhanger, and Benny’s decision to attack innocent humans would decide his final identity.

Night Teeth is a 2021 Supernatural Drama film directed by Adam Randall. It is streaming on Netflix.

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