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Assassins are engineered to kill. They are trained as cold-blooded, emotionless beings. A modified human who could pull a trigger without a second thought. These killers are not only a part of criminal gangs but are a core part of the government machinery. Through them, the government carries out its most vile jobs. The 2021 film, Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk is a tale of a similar hitman who is compelled to come out of his retirement because he fails to control his urge to kill.

‘Nobody’ Summary

Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) is living a mundane life with his 2 kids and a beautiful wife. A perfect happy family on the outside but dissatisfaction is clearly visible on Hutch’s dull face. He is ardently looking out for a reason to run away.

The opportunity strikes when 2 masked robbers break into Hutch’s house and try to threaten him. Hutch lets them steal his watch and doesn’t fight back but his son, Blake shows some courage. However, Hutch requests Blake to let his guard down and let the robber take what they want.

Later, the investigating officer along with Hutch’s own family makes him look like a weak coward. But there is something burning beneath his bland face. Through a conversation with a man on the hidden radio inside Hutch’s office, we learn that Hutch is quite an observer and he didn’t attack the burglars because they were using a gun without bullets. Hutch thought they were harmless and hence he let them go.

That night, his daughter, Sammy complains of a missing “kitty bracelet.” Hutch has inflamed with the thought that the burglars took his daughter’s bracelet and he instantly moves out of the house. He borrows the outdated FBI batch from his father, David Mansell, living in an old-age home. Hutch finally finds the burglars who are a couple living in the downtown area. Though Hutch leaves them unharmed when he finds a baby in their flat.

Hutch still not able to control this compulsion to unleash his anger. Riding on the bus, on his way back home, few Russian thugs board the bus and start toying with the girl sitting inside. Hutch finally finds his moment and in an incredibly savage and bang-on action sequence, Hutch breaks them all.

Hutch is feeling rejuvenated and is able to face his family with a new charisma. However, his problems haven’t ended, it’s just getting warmed up. One of the men he thrashed on the bus is the younger brother of a notorious Russian mobster, Yulian Kuznetsov (Aleksei Serebryakov). Yulian is a drug lord and money handler of a Russian criminal umbrella organization called Obtshak. Yulian pledges to destroy Hutch and his family, but he doesn’t know who Hutch is.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Who is a ‘Nobody’?

Before retiring, Hutch used to work for the government. In his own words, he calls himself an auditor who worked for those three-letter agencies. His work? Well, he was the last guy any organization wanted to see at their door. He never made any arrests, it wasn’t his job. His job was to make sure that there is no one left to arrest.

During one of his assignments, Hutch met a feeble man charged with stealing government funds. It was the first time in his life that Hutch let a man go. A year later when he checked on Alan, he found him living a happy satisfying life, something Hutch had been missing. That day, Hutch retired from the killing business and started his own family.

Assassins or hitmen like Hutch, live their life in shadow, and they hold no real identity. That is why Hutch calls himself a “nobody.”

‘Nobody’ Ending Explained

According to Hutch’s former government handler, “The Barber”, the members of the Obtshak had assigned Yulian Kuznetsov with the duty of moving millions of dollars of black money. Hutch, who is already pissed with the fact that Yulian ceased fire on his house and tried to kill his family, burns down Obtshak’s cash reserve.

Hutch prepares for war with Yulian and informs his dad about the same. With the help of gold bars he had saved for an emergency, Hutch buys off his father-in-law’s metal fabrication company and turns that warehouse into a war camp. He then lures Yulian and his men to the warehouse.

With the help of his father, and his half-brother, Harry (the radio guy), Hutch finishes off Yulian and the revenge game. In a voice mail, he promises his wife, Becca to try to get things right this time. However, three months later, when the couple is looking for a new house somewhere, Hutch gets a call for duty again. His services are needed again.

In the mid-credit scene, we see Hutch’s father and his half-brother driving to a strange location inside a trailer van filled with guns.

Nobody is an entertaining and captivating ride. The dull moments are close to none. Bob Odenkirk’s performance is just mind-blowing. With a dead-pan face and normal-looking-family-guy persona, he is incredibly spontaneous. Literally, it is impossible to read his face or predict his next move. His underrepresentation of expressions and sarcasm is on point. We have already seen his magic in ‘Better Call Saul’ but in ‘Nobody,’ he shines like a one-man army.

The film has taken inspiration from “John Wick.” In few sequences, one could swap Keanu Reeves in the picture and hardly spot any difference. The film runs high on entertainment and adrenaline but it is extremely commercialized. Lots of sub-characters were left in the middle without any closure or meaning to their existence. The makers were having fun, I guess.

Nobody is a 2021 Action Thriller Film directed by Ilya Naishuller, starring Bob Odenkirk. The film is available for Video on Demand.

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