‘North Hollywood’ Ending, Explained


Michael has a dream. He wants to be a pro skater and make it his profession. But with a conservative father around, the dreams seem far-fetched. North Hollywood portrays his journey from being an inhibited son to a boy who expresses his desires and pursues his dream, unbothered about the outcome. But traveling on the path of one’s own dreams could be challenging and sometimes lonely. If you are reading this article, you have already experienced Michael’s commitment, but there is something that is still open-ended, that we are going to discuss here.

Did Michael’s girlfriend, Rachel leave him?

Rachel gets admission to Stanford University. She offers Michael to come with her, but a possibility of college would kill his dreams of becoming a Pro Skater. Michael, therefore, decides to stay back. His decision creates a distance between the two. Rachel tells him that she likes him and it will always remain the same but Michael knows in his heart that the journey with Rachel has come to an end.

What happened to Michael’s friends Jay and Adolf?

Michael gets assured of himself and his dreams, even more, when pro skaters praised his skills. He stopped hanging out with his old buddies, Jay and Adolf. While Jay ignored the fact, Adolf was extremely vocal about Michael’s changed behavior.

When everyone was leaving for college, Michael decided to stay back and thought of making peace with his long-time friends. While Jay melted without trouble, Adolf still had a sour spot. Michael thought Adolf was jealous of him for hanging out with pro skaters, to which Adolf told him that he wasn’t jealous, but was pissed because Michael ditched his childhood friends to gain attention.

Michael realizes his mistake and makes peace with Adolf. He also invites Adolf for a tour to San Francisco with the pro skaters. But Adolf rejects it, telling Michael that it was never his dream to become a pro skater, it was Michael’s ambition and he just wanted to support his buddy.

Did Michael’s father approve of his dream?

In the last conversation with his father, Michael expresses his dream to become a pro skater and unwillingness to go to college. His father raises his concern about the profession that might waste Michael’s future. Michael ardently speaks that he still wants to try. He understands his father’s perspective, who as a parent wants to protect him and secure his future. But what he is going to do with a safe life if it would be without dreams he wants to live.

In the end, he accepts Michael and his dreams. He says, “I love you no matter what you do.” I guess, Michael might not have convinced his father totally, but he did persuade him to be there for him, in times, when he needed someone. Failure or success, Michael wanted his father to be by his side.

Did Michael become a Pro Skater?

The last visual portrays Michael skating on his board symbolizing that his pursuit is still on. He spells out the same through his words, “In the pursuit of things I want, I lost the things I need. I am alone.

To pursue his dreams of becoming a pro skater, Michale left behind his love Rachel, his friend Adolf, and his father’s expectation. He didn’t go to college, he didn’t choose a safe life, but Michael chose what was best for him, his dreams.

North Hollywood subtly captures the confusion and fear of chasing one’s dream. Through Michael’s journey, the film inspires many others to walk the path they seem fit. Failure could be a possibility but failing to chase one’s dream is a much bigger regret.

North Hollywood is a 2021 coming of age drama film written and directed by Mikey Alfred.

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Shikhar Agrawal
Shikhar Agrawal
I am an Onstage Dramatist and a Screenwriter. I have been working in the Indian Film Industry for the past 12 years, writing dialogues for various films and television shows.

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