‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Nell Get A Date For Valentine’s?


Grief is a topic that we, as a society, like to keep coming back to. Not Dead Yet is a comedy about a woman whose entire world was shaken after she had a miscarriage and broke off her engagement, moving back from London to the US to start off with a clean slate. Through the first season, Nell takes her time to settle back into her old life and start from scratch at work. Her character growth is fantastic, and she is a transformed version of herself by the end of the first season. Personally, I thought season 2 would have more to offer, and I was a bit disappointed that the Edward-Nell propaganda didn’t take off immediately, but I’ll just have to wait for their moment. Episode 2 of Not Dead Yet season 2 is set on Valentine’s Day, a difficult time for a person like Nell, so let’s find out how she’ll deal with it and what’s next for her.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Edward come to Nell’s office? 

Edward has learned that he’s into hook-ups after doing the dirty with Lexi at her workplace after one thing led to another. On Valentine’s Day, Edward decides to drop off Nell’s package at work so he can see Lexi and repeat the process (wink wink). On the other hand, Nell knows that she can’t really celebrate the day of love with ghosts hovering around her every move. Edward heads to Lexi’s office, trying to express to her that he’d like to repeat their last encounter, and she tells him that it’s better off as a one-off thing. However, when her father shows up and asks her to tell him the details of her divorce, she feels pressured. Ending up in an elevator with Edward alone because he doesn’t have a key card, she gives in to her feelings. 

Who is Andres? 

While awaiting her next obituary, Nell meets Andres, a handsome man who immediately sparks a connection with her while sharing his Valentine’s special cupcake. He asks her to join him for a bit, and she thinks it’ll be a great idea until Dennis gives her her next assignment. It’s a senator named Diana, who happens to be Andres’ mother. In fact, Andres is at the newspaper office to speak to Nell about his mother. What a great coincidence (or not). Seeing as they get along so well, Andres, who is an artist, asks Nell to join him for his art gallery launch the same evening. While at first Nell thinks it’s a wonderful idea, she quickly realizes that she should write the obit first before diving head-first into this new thing when Andres’ mother is looming over them. Andres misunderstands her caution for distaste and apologizes for coming on too strong. On the other hand, Edward and Lexi are seen together by her father in the storage room (not in a compromising position, phew), and Lexi tells her father that he’s her lawyer. Lexi’s father thinks Edward is helping with the divorce, but she tells him that he’s just an environmental lawyer. 

What’s Happening With Sam? 

Sam’s worried that she and her husband are going through the 7-year curse. He’s meant to return from a work tour but misses the flight, which is why they miss their dinner reservation. Sam thinks this means they’re not in love the same way as they were before. She then goes to Cricket’s, where she waits for him to come home while being snarky to everyone around her. Nell thinks she can spend the night at Cricket’s with Cricket herself, but the oldie is having a fantastic time with all the single old men at her wine bar. Cricket convinces Nell to go see Andres (so she can leave her alone; however, Sam ruins that quite soon). 

What Happens at the Gallery? 

Nell makes it to Andres’ gallery, with Diana following her. Diana tells Nell that this will be the last time she can see her son happy, so she asks Nell not to send the obit. Nell complies, only to realize that the senator is just showing off her political colors. She wanted Nell to do her dirty work, which is to tell Andres that he can’t paint eyes and that everyone bought his paintings only because they wanted to get close to the senator. Andres asks to sketch Nell, and she can’t say no, but after some time, she can’t hide her feelings and tells him that he can’t paint eyes. Andres says he knows and he’s also not passionate about art; however, his mom worked so hard to make him an artist and bring him to the place that he’s at, so he would never want to break her heart. Nell tells Andres that Diana would want him to do what makes him the happiest. Diana asks Nell to tuck in Andres’ curl, and when she does, he says his mother used to do that. He’s reminded of his mother at that moment and talks about how grief comes and goes in waves. It’s a sweet and poignant moment, and Nell has helped yet another person through her obituary process. Andres asks Nell if she’d be interested in meeting him later, when he’s taken his time to heal. She agrees. 

Edward defends Lexi to her father, who doesn’t seem to understand that she needs time for her divorce. He tells her father that Lexi can take her time while his assets are still securely with them, so he can leave her alone and she can actually feel her feelings. At the end of episode 2 of Not Dead Yet, Cricket tells the girls that there is no such thing as a 7-year curse and relationships are all about the ups and downs, but the important bit is to keep going up and to keep trying. I suppose Nell will find someone; it may take some time, and it may take more effort than she’d imagined, but eventually it’ll happen, as long as she keeps trying (psst, I need it to be Edward). 

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