‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Nell Want Kids?


In all honesty, Not Dead Yet is starting to become one of my favorite shows. I suppose it’s the hormones talking, but every episode perfectly deals with tender subject matter, and Nina Rodriguez aces it in acting it out each time. The actress is subtle yet engaging, comedic and emotional at the same time, and the perfect person to play the role of Nell. Even with the episode simply being 20 minutes long, I laughed, cried, and fell apart all at once. Can I just say that Edward is slowly creeping into the favorite TV characters of all time category, along with Nell? Of course, she’s ever shining, ever beautiful, and most importantly, ever relatable. We are drifting a little bit away from the obits now and more into human territory as the show progresses. I suppose you can’t just keep a show going with ghosts after ghosts, no?

Spoiler Alert

What Gets Nell Thinking About Kids? 

Not Dead Yet Episode 3 begins with Lexi’s father showing up to the office about winning a lifetime achievement award. It’s not just him, though, because a bunch of people at Lexi’s newspaper have all been nominated for awards. Dennis and Sam share the same babysitter, and Dennis happens to nab them first. On the other hand, Nell isn’t even nominated for anything. Nell’s last obit was that of an old woman who is survived by 16 children and 49 grandchildren (yikes). Ironically, she tells Nell it’s better to be a fun aunt than a mother and warns Nell against it. Since Nell will be free that night, Sam hesitantly requests that she look after her daughter. The thing is, Nell actually loves hanging out with Tilly, so she’s over the moon for this job. Much better than winning some award. Are you catching my drift? Back at home, Edward has been sneaking around with a new lady friend (we know who she is), and he won’t tell Nell who it is (for obvious reasons). But this means he’s free to play his little space video game on this particular night since his lady friend is off at the award show. 

What’s Happening With Tilly? 

When Tilly arrives, Nell’s dressed like a princess, and she’s ready to turn up the party mood. However, Tilly claims she’s over the princess stuff and just wants to read books (nah, the get “lit” joke made me laugh much more than I should’ve). While Nell goes from princess to pauper, Tilly finds Edward playing his space video game and joins him. Nell thinks he’s boring her with his silly games, but she says she enjoys them and knows all the shortcuts because her father likes to play them too. I suppose Edward is taking up the favorite uncle position, seeing as Tilly even teaches him the secret handshake she and Nell shared (ah, rude). In the meantime, Lexi’s father can’t stop talking about himself at the awards, and Sam finds it a little bit odd that she can’t recognize many people at the event, despite having been a media person for a while now.

After their game time, Tilly tells Edward and Nell that she wants to run a restaurant instead of doing Tiktok dances with Aunt Nell, because that’s “kind of cringe” (ouch, but also loving that BTS reference, have fun in the military boys). Edward is happy to be seated at Tilly’s restaurant, and they pretend to be eating there. While Tilly’s off preparing her menu, Nell’s jealousy takes the front seat. She asks Edward how Tilly’s more interested in hanging out with him out of the blue, and Edward simply replies that kids can be weird, and maybe one day her kids will like her more. This leads them to talk about Nell’s prospects of having kids, and Edward, being Edward, completely butchers Nell’s fantasy life where she dreams of having kids of her own. Hey, but he was stating hard facts; he never meant to be rude (don’t get me wrong, Nell, I love this man). It’s true that, at Nell’s age, it would be hard to have children, but he also comments on her living conditions and makes things awful for Nell. 

What’s this award event? 

In reality, Lexi’s faked the whole thing and paid people to pretend to be excited and give away awards. While her father is basking in glory, she’s trying everything in her power to keep him happy, but for what? Sam isn’t even shocked anymore by Lexi’s bizarre ideas. When Lexi’s father wins the award, he doesn’t bother thanking his daughter, who is a big part of why he’s won it (technically, she’s the only reason for it, but you know what I mean). On the other hand, back home, Edward is being brutally honest with Tilly, and she’s having fun dealing with him as a customer while all Nell does is praise the imaginary food. Seeing Edward’s attitude towards Tilly, Nell begins an argument with Edward and switches the topic to herself and having a child. Watching them fight makes Tilly angry, and she sulks off into her room. This is when Nell swoops in and wonders what’s wrong. Tilly tells Nell that her parents have been fighting, and her mom pretends everything is alright, even though nothing’s okay. Nell comforts Tilly and explains to her that none of it is her fault and she should not take the blame for it (you go girl). She tells her how she loves Tilly exactly how she is, comparing Tilly to her favorite flavor of ice cream (can I be Tilly, please?). They hug it out, and Tilly even admits that Aunty Nell’s TikToks are not cringe-worthy at all! 

Is Sam okay? 

When Sam returns home to pick up Tilly, she tells Nell about how everything was fake at the ceremony. Nell comments on how that’s very on-brand for Lexi (this is very sad, in all honesty, but I did laugh). She then asks Sam about her marriage, and Sam says her husband and she have been having problems lately, and it’s been difficult handling everything herself. Nell tells her that she’s not alone, though, and that she’s there for her. They hug it out, and I’m certain Sam feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. On the other hand, Edward apologizes to Nell for being “rude” (pfft) and tells her that he actually thinks she’ll be a great mom while they clean the dishes as part of the Tilly Restaurant Act. At the end of the episode, Lexi has a conversation with her father’s life-size cut-out, telling him how she’s done everything in her power to make him proud, but he doesn’t see her at all (is it the height difference you think?). Yes, Nell would make a great parent if she chose to be one someday. 

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