‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Nell Do to TJ? 


I never thought I’d say the words “I miss Cricket,” but here I am. It is a bit strange and a shame that there aren’t at least 5 minutes of every new episode of Not Dead Yet dedicated to Cricket’s restaurant. But alas, I guess we’ll have to make space for other sports. Sorry, characters. Episode 4 of season 2 is all about finding a midpoint with fellow colleagues who you may have had differences with. It’s all about the workplace environment, and personally, I’m simultaneously grateful and a little bit envious that I do not have to or get to live through that every day. I will admit that this episode didn’t have the pizzazz that I’m used to seeing in this show. It’s usually like the refreshing feeling of a cool smoothie on a hot summer’s day, but, I suppose, every good thing has it’s time. Without further ado, let’s dive into Season 2, Episode 4, of Not Dead Yet.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Lexi merge the tables? 

I love how Sam’s such a girl’s girl. The episode takes off with talk of Mr. Rhodes traveling to the Netherlands for some sort of business retreat to understand the best working conditions for company efficiency. Sam’s first instinct is to comment about how she pictures the Skarsgards everywhere and how she’d like to be there, to which Dennis replies, “That would be Sweden, but, same” (love these two). The obit Nell has to write is of a woman named Mary Sue who was all about etiquette, so much so that she had a show about it for years. Of course, the first thing Mary wants is for Nell to improve her own manners. On the other hand, Lexi’s got another crazy idea to impress her father, which is merging the two floors for more working efficiency. This is after she’s just hung up with her father’s hologram and discussed a Dutch productivity method. It’s a three-pronged method, but of course, Lexi isn’t going to fix up the wages or give her employees solid benefits, so she goes with the one bit that her father isn’t offended by: an intimate office. This means she’s merging two floors of the office into one, which means colleagues will be sharing tiny cubicles. 

With Mary in Nell’s head and a handsome man, TJ, who has nicknames for everybody at work (sounds like a fun guy), she cleans up her desk just a little to make him feel at home. Uncharacteristically, TJ gives Nell the cold shoulder, though. TJ Sylva is like the popular kid in school who for some reason, has a bone to pick with the one kid who seemingly didn’t do anything wrong, ever. On the other hand, besties Dennis and Sam have to share an office, but that doesn’t seem to be the best thing for their friendship because, as much as they love each other, proximity might mess with their brain chemistry. 

Why is TJ mad at Nell? 

Of course, Nell, the people-pleaser, does everything in her power to entertain TJ as her new cubicle mate. She gets him a plant, offers to buy him coffee, and even does the thing she’s best at, making jokes. Seeing as none of this helps, Nell has no choice but to confront the man about the elephant in the room. TJ is impressed that Nell would bring it up, but she actually doesn’t know what the problem is. TJ then tells her to try and remember what happened on November 2nd, 2016. Of course, Nell can’t remember a random day so many years ago (feel ya girl), so she tries to look through all her old phones because she doesn’t believe in the cloud. Edward is appalled by this idea, but Nell doesn’t quite have the time to explain herself to him because she’s made aware that he’s got his lady friend at home. After gliding through her many strange selfies (been there), Nell finds a picture from the day. She discovers that she was partying up with Dennis and Sam at a pub. After too many drinks, Nell decides to ask for someone’s number, and this guy happens to be TJ. Now, Nell thinks she asked for the number and never called the guy back, which is why he’s mad, but it turns out it was bigger than that. See, Nell changed the channel of the TVs at the pub at a crucial moment of a Cubs game (I told you there were other sports to make room for). Nell and her pals were looking forward to a Beyonce performance, but she ended up going to a channel selling chicken roasters. Unfortunately, the historic moment of the Cubs was missed, and this is why TJ remains mad to this day (“The Grudge” couldn’t come close). 

In the meantime, Dennis and Sam are discovering that, despite their similar personalities, they can’t stand the thought of sharing an office. However, after a small discussion with Nell, Sam is reminded that despite his hiccups, Dennis really loves Sam and would take a bullet for her (in this case, a flying chicken wing for her favorite Chanel shirt). Today’s lesson from Mary, kids: Don’t change yourself for the satisfaction of others. As much as Mary doesn’t like how haphazardly Nell likes to lead her life, she tells her that she should never leave her quirks behind for someone else (aww, thanks, Mary). Ultimately, Nell apologizes to TJ and tells him that if he can’t forgive her for that day and doesn’t like her still, he can find another cubicle to share. To her surprise, he actually picks up and leaves (ouch). 

What Does TJ Do To Make It Up To Nell? 

At the end of Season 2 Episode 4 of Not Dead Yet, TJ takes Nell to a conference room filled with Cubs decor. She’s a little bit confused, but TJ basically wants to recreate that day for her. He then asks her to remember how she was desperate to see that Beyonce performance, but it was the chicken show that came up instead. Maybe at the time, Nell’s sentiments may have been hurt, but Nell still finds it quite funny. She learns that TJ wasn’t in the best of moods at the time, and so it really had a terrible impact on the guy. He was new in town and had no friends, and after a pretty girl asked for his number, he was left missing out on the historic moment of his favorite team. I suppose he was trying to live vicariously through them; if they won, his life would turn out perfectly fine, but he missed the moment, and then he had the worst year. So, the only thing TJ could do was to blame Nell for all of his own misgivings. I guess what we’re meant to understand from this is that sometimes what you think is lighthearted may end up being too harsh on someone else. Or maybe just don’t change the channel in a public place, especially when there are sports fans around? Anyway, Nell and TJ make up, but Lexi, who overhears Nell tell Edward that the new working conditions are awful, decides to change things back to normal. Remember, family, tell your employers what you hate about work, and you might just get a “That’s refreshing; let’s do it.” Episode 4 of season 2 of Not Dead Yet ends with Nell and Edward trying to put her gazillion selfies onto the cloud. If only I had one in my brain for tasks (and an Edward to remind me, oops). 

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