‘Nothing To See Here’ Ending Explained & Series Spoilers: Does Alexis Become A Stand-Up Comedian?


If there is one show that addresses how disabled people are so capable of wanting and living the full human experience, it is Nothing to See Here. It has a way of addressing and dismantling prejudices without being too preachy, and overall, it is simply a delight of a story. The narrative doesn’t do justice to how funny it is, but either way, let us look at the recap and ending of Nothing to See Here.

Spoiler Alert

How do Charly and Alexis end up in Mexico?

Alexis was born blind, and Charly has cerebral palsy. Both of them met at school, and due to a shared sense of inappropriate humor, they became best friends. Alexis has always liked the sound of laughter because that is the one thing that tells him what people are thinking or feeling since he cannot judge them otherwise by their expressions. One day, Alexis catches his girlfriend, Johanna, cheating on him. She says that he hadn’t replied to her in over a week, and even Alexis says that he had been dating her because no one else wanted to go out with him. The friends go to a club where a comedian, Paquito, decides to put them on the spot since they are talking amongst themselves and not listening to him. But that turns out to be Paquito’s mistake since Alexis ends up owning the stage with his jokes. He tells Charly that he wants to be a stand-up comedian, and after Johanna’s debacle, the two friends decide to take their chances since they agree that there is nothing in that town for them.

Both of Charly’s parents had long abandoned him, and he grew up with his grandma until she was too old to take care of him and had to go to a nursing home. As for Alexis, in his own words, his father never let him forget the ‘disability,’ and his mother preferred to ‘pretend it did not exist.’ This mix meant that his father was against Alexis going to Mexico, whereas his mother wanted him to try and find his own way in life. His mother wins this round, and Alexis sets off for Mexico with Charly, where they run into a lot of hilarious adventures.

How do Charly and Alexis adjust to Mexico?

As soon as the two friends arrive in Mexico, they need to find a job until they can understand the comedy scene in the city. Therefore, they try everywhere, but people mostly don’t want to hire them. Finally, Johanna gets a gig for Alexis as an inspirational speaker at a university, and Alexis ends up turning it into his own comedy special. Luckily, it pays and introduces Alexis to Azul, who goes on to become his girlfriend.

Charly and Alexis also make some friends when the person who mugged them comes to give them back their money and apologize to his friends. Overall, Charly and Alexis have found a good start to their new life in the city. But they run into some problems and incidents from time to time that end up highlighting their issues or forcing them to confront their own prejudices from time to time. There is a bit about Alexis not wanting to date a girl who cannot speak, and it highlights the intersection of dating with people’s disabilities. We also witness how Charly struggles to find a date for himself, and people end up taking the high road with him while it is evident that they are being prejudiced.

With time, Alexis decides that he wants to perform stand-up comedy at Chocho’s bar because that is the place where they were first driven out. Moreover, Alexis simply believes that it is a way of symbolically proving something. Chocho has stolen the boys’ idea of hosting a stand-up comedy competition, and Charly asks if he can let Alexis participate without the registration fee. Chocho seemingly agrees, but it is just a farce to get their silence. In reality, he makes them do the grunt work through inconsequential jobs by saying that they can participate later. But one day, things get too far when Paquito comes to Mexico and gets on the stage for the competition. He cannot help himself from making some terrible jokes about Alexis, and the latter finally retorts. But what actually works is that Johanna has recorded the whole thing on camera, and the clip is going viral, with Chocho’s club coming under fire for violations of many things.

Why does Alexis’ stand-up special fail?

The controversy gives the gang a chance, and they negotiate with the city committee official, who also wants to save Chocho’s club because of the money it brings through fines, that if she can get Alexis on stage, they will put out a positive message for the club and all will be saved. This is the exact deal they cut with Chocho as well, and on the last day of the competition, Alexis gets his chance on stage. But right before that, there are a few things that happen that throw him off balance. His mother tells him that she trusts him to be able to do things for himself, but Alexis is wracked with self-doubt. He is worried that Azul may think of him as a burden, and that causes him to push her away. He is also a little mean to Charly, and his best friend finally opens up about his own troubles, which often get overshadowed by Alexis’ life. When Alexis gets on stage, he is barely able to get a decent joke out, and just at that time, Johanna comes with a group of protestors who call the club exploitative and ask for it to shut down. Alexis is unable to cope with it all, and he falls down the stage. His debut is a disaster, and he wants to go back home. All of his friends encourage him to not give up so soon, but Alexis is feeling a little defeated, and he feels done with everything.

Does Alexis become a stand-up comedian?

The next time Alexis meets with his friends is at Charly’s grandmother’s funeral, and they are all hurt when Alexis stays silent about his parents’ objections to his friends. That night, Alexis’ parents talk about how they need to let Alexis go to let him understand that his life doesn’t have to be limited by anything. Therefore, Alexis’ dad arranges some money for Charly by pretending that it is from his dead grandmother. As for Alexis, he meets a few other blind people who talk about how he is an inspiration for them for the adventures he has had, which they have come to know about from Charly’s YouTube channel. Alexis realizes that everything he had been feeling down about was something he could bounce back from. He may not be able to see, but he has still been able to do a lot without anybody’s help, and he has to thank his friends for that. These were all things that most people never get to have, so Alexis may have a disadvantage, but it could be overcome.

Alexis apologizes to his friends, and they all decide to give stand-up comedy another chance. Back in Mexico, they negotiated with the city official to get the bar to open, and now Alexis is ready for his stand-up special. On his big day, all his friends and family are there, and he delivers a wonderful set that details his journey so far and how he plans to keep moving ahead in life.

Finally, at the end of Nothing to See Here, Alexis also apologizes to Azul for his behavior. The group is back together, and we see in the end credits that life goes on for them. They are all looking for Chocho; Alexis is still getting quarters in his cups, and Charly is a good manager, hopefully without having his crutches stolen. These people have successfully created their place in the world.

Final Thoughts

It wouldn’t be right to call Nothing to See Here sentimental because it is so much more than that. It is funny, sweet, romantic, and, above all, surprisingly relatable. Our favorite quality of it is that it is also easily binge-able, and for that alone, this is a great recommendation.

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