‘Now And Then’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained – Do Marcos & Sophia Escape? Does Pedro Win The Elections?


At the end of Episode 6, Pedro finds out from the babysitter, Lisa, about the night Ana returned home late. Sergeant Flora is told that Hugo is out of his coma. Meanwhile, Sophia intends to escape to Colombia with Marcos. “Now And Then,” Episode 7, shows Pedro’s Election Day. It also reveals Hugo’s version of the night Daniela was killed. Sophia and Marcos put their escape plan into effect. Ana and Daniela’s conversation throws light on what happened that night. A shocking 20-year-old secret comes to life.

The Present

The Polls: It is Election Day. The polls are open. Pedro and Ana were the first ones to cast their votes. As soon as they come out, the press asks Pedro about Ernesto Diaz. Pedro’s answer remains the same, as he says that he has no reason to think that anyone on his team has done anything wrong. As Ana walks toward their car, she sees Pedro doing something inside. He was going through the GPS history but instead tells her that the GPS isn’t responding. Ana reassures Pedro that they will be “celebrating tonight.” After returning to the office, Marwen is worried about the polls and tells Ana that they are trailing. But Ana is still positive and tells him to wait. She observes Pedro in his cabin talking to someone. We see him asking someone to recover “some images from one of the cameras.” But when Ana enters and asks him who he was talking to, he brushes it off. As the whole office stares at the poll on the television, Ernesto walks in. To prevent him from saying anything, Pedro takes him outside, away from the people. Ernesto is hurt by the way Pedro has been ignoring him. He didn’t even know when the police released Ernesto. Pedro tries to convince him that once he wins the election, he will do everything in his power to get him out of the case. But Ernesto is not willing to listen to him anymore. He tells Pedro that if he loses the elections, he will have to give up the whole story, or Ernesto will do it himself. Inside the party office, Marwen tells Ana that if it had been her running for the mayor, they would have been “popping the champagne right now.” Finally, the polls are closed. The result is out. John Brady has won the election with 54% of the votes. Pedro and Ana come out to the press, and Pedro promises to keep working hard for the Miamians.

The Money: Marcos finally regains consciousness. Sophia makes him agree to the plan of their escape to Colombia. Marcos leaves to meet his father. When Sophia comes out of the shower, she finds Isabel, who has come to collect some work files. Before leaving, she tells Sophia that whatever she and Marcos had ended 20 years ago. Sophia barges into Marcos’s clinic while he is with a patient. Whatever needs to be done has to be done right now. Marcos arrives at his family home and woos his father “to spend some time together” on their boat and play some golf. His father is glad and agrees. While he goes to get changed, Marcos sends the servants to get his golf bag and wine. With no one around, he accesses their security system and disarms it. While out on the boat with his father, he texts Sophia that her path is clear.

The Truth: Detective Belinda, Flora’s former partner, visits Hugo, who reveals that Daniela gave him the bag of money and told him to go. He did the same, unwillingly, and on the way out, he noticed a black SUV with a sticker of a bear. Miller asks him if he knew how Daniela was able to pay the ransom money despite being in deep debt. Hugo doesn’t know. On being asked if he knows whether someone else helped her mother with the blackmail, he remains quiet. On the other hand, Flora is told by his doctor that the only way to stop cancer from spreading is through a mastectomy as soon as possible. After being unable to find anything about the suspects on the police database, Belinda heads to the archival section, where she finds more documents on the Alejandro-Jessica case. While Belinda is busy researching, Flora pays a visit to Hugo and tells him that Jessica Thompson, whom he knows is his biological mother, did not die in the accident but was murdered. Belinda finds new information about the case. Flora is admitted and is about to undergo surgery.

The Secret: Sophia, who is at Marcos’s apartment, receives a call from Hugo, who tells him that he knows the truth about the death of her biological mother. Sophia tries to make Hugo understand that whatever Daniela and she did was for his best. But all that Hugo wants to know is if she is the one who killed Daniela. She struggles to fight back her tears as she says no. But she requests Hugo to not tell the police about her. Hugo hasn’t. She promises him that she will fix everything in one more day. She disconnects and calms herself down when a text arrives. It’s from Marcos. Her path is clear. Sophia sneaks into Marcos’s father’s house, goes to the safe, and takes all the money she needs. But she also finds something else; tape no. 35; the same tape on which Daniela had recorded the events of the night of Alejandro’s murder 20 years ago. Back at home, Pedro receives a message on his phone. It contains a piece of CCTV footage of their front entrance. This is what he was talking about in his cabin before Ana walked in. In the footage, he sees Ana arriving late and unlocking their door. She has some red marks on her hand. Pedro zooms in and realizes that it is blood. Shocked and terrified, he asks Ana, who has just come in, if she was the one who killed Daniela. An equally shocked Ana says no.

The Past

It is Election Day, and Ana and Alejandro are at his place watching the polls on television. Ana is not at all happy with the winning candidate and yells at him on the television. For Alejandro, Ana should run for mayor as she knows what all needs to be done for the betterment of Miami Dade. 

After the accident, Pedro tries to snatch Jessica Thompson’s phone and kills her in the process. A few minutes later, Marcos puts his fingers on her neck to check her pulse and confirms that she is dead. Days have gone by, and Pedro has been quiet about it all along, but it is killing him. And one day, unable to cope with it, he tries to kill himself by drowning in the pool. He isn’t able to do it and comes out of the pool, catching his breath. This is when Ana notices him and asks him what’s the matter. He gives in to her, telling her that he was the one who killed Jessica Thompson. Pedro wants to go to the police and confess. Ana remains quiet.

Flora visits Sully at the hospital. His wife Lisa has some kind of “generalized infection” that has led to a high fever, or so he tells her. He wants her to give Lisa some company while he gets her favorite bathrobe and slippers from home. He walks out of the hospital and breaks down immediately. Clearly, Lisa doesn’t have much time. His phone rings, and he picks up the call, wiping his tears. The extra set of fingerprints recovered from the accident has been identified.

Sullivan arrives at Marcos’s house and tells his father that Marcos’s fingerprints have been recovered from Jessica Thompson’s car. Marcos hears this; he packs his bag and rushes to Sophia’s, telling her that they have to leave immediately; otherwise, the police will get to them. But when they are at the airport, Marcos realizes that he cannot run away from his family, especially his father, who has been trying hard to save him from going behind bars. As Marcos leaves the airport, an angry Sophia yells curses and is lost in herself.

On the night Daniela was killed, there was a knock on her door. It is Ana. Daniela lets her in. Ana confronts her and tells her that she can try to fool others, but Ana knows that it is her who is blackmailing them. Daniela tells Ana the same thing Sophia told Daniela, i.e., they have the “perfect life.” The debate gets heated up, and Ana ends up slapping Daniela. Blood oozes out of her nose, and Ana gets some of it on her hand while trying to help Daniela clean it. But Daniela is in no mood for all that and tells Ana to leave. Ana leaves in her car, and as she does, we see Hugo returning home, empty-handed, the car with the sticker of a bear parked still by the road.

‘Now And Then’ Episode 7: Ending Explained- Whose Car Was It In Front of Daniela’s House?

That night, Belinda arrives at Flora’s house to tell her about the new lead she has found. She knocks, but it seems Flora isn’t at home. Sullivan has also come to see her, but Flora is probably at the hospital. So he decides to give Belinda a lift. Upon being asked about the case, she shows Sullivan a new file that has one of its pages missing along with the fact that the tape [no. 35] is also missing. This cannot be a coincidence. They enter his car, and Belinda notices the sticker of the bear on the rear windshield. The very next moment, Sullivan hits her on the forehead with a hard object and knocks her out.

So, it seems that Sullivan is involved in the case in a whole different way. If he isn’t Daniela’s killer, then someone must have paid him a lot to hide the evidence. And this person is probably one of our primary suspects. There is also the question of where Daniela got her one million from. Are the answers to these two questions connected in any way? “Now And Then” Episode 8 would probably reveal these secrets and give some more clarity.

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