‘Obliterated’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Did Ava Winters Stop Anastasia Koslov?


Obliterated, the Netflix action-drama made sure that it compensated for its weak storyline with a constant dose of entertainment through its quirky characters, funny situations, and high-octane action sequences. In the series, we were made privy to a special unit force that was given the task of catching hold of the perpetrators who wanted to completely destroy the United States of America. The squad members found themselves stuck in strange and hilarious situations, but somehow, every time, they managed to come out of it. So, let’s find out if the special unit force is able to accomplish their mission and save the country or not.

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What was Ava Winter’s mission?

At the beginning of Obliterated, we saw that Ava Winters, Chad McKnight, Trunk, Maya Lerner, Angela Gomez, Paul Yung, and the prodigal bomb defuser Hagerty were on a mission where they had to procure a portable nuclear device from a terrorist named Ivan Koslov. All these men and women were exceptional soldiers, which is why they were a part of this special unit that was given the responsibility to carry out such a critical task. They had been in such situations before, so they had an idea about how to handle one’s nerves. They caught Ivan Koslov, and they took the nuclear bomb in their possession. Not even once during the entire operation did they look out of control, but what they perceived to be their victory was, in reality, a trap laid by Ivan himself. Ava and her entire team threw a party at their base, and they all indulged in all sorts of vices, but that’s when Ava’s superior, the director of the CIA, James Langdon, called her and gave her the bad news. The nuclear weapon that they had procured was a copy, and the real one was still out there. Somehow, Ivan Koslov managed to trick them, and Langdon asked them to take matters into their own hands once again and find where the bomb was. What the CIA director didn’t know was that all of them were either under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and they were not in a state to carry out their duties. Ava realized that she would have to come back into her senses, focus on her mission, as the time was ticking, and the nuclear bomb was going to go off in a few hours.

What was Ivan Koslov’s real plan?

Ivan Koslov’s father was killed by an American airstrike and that is why wanted to take revenge on the entire country. Ivan Koslov wanted to sell the fake bomb to some amateurs and then make the real deal with a proper gang leader. Ivan saw it as an opportunity to earn double of what he was supposed to get, and it was all working according to his plan until he got caught. Vladislav Litvin, Ivan’s second in command, informed Maddox, the mercenary who was supposed to buy that nuclear weapon, that the schedule had changed, though he didn’t reveal at that moment that Ivan was caught by the CIA. Meanwhile, Ava and her men were trying to take out information from Ivan, but the former KGB was used to being in such stressful situations, and he didn’t utter a word. Apart from Ivan, even a member of the amateur group was caught by them, and Ava came to the realization that if she could trigger him, then maybe she could take out some information from him. She recorded Ivan as he was speaking about how he had duped the amateur gang members into believing that he was selling the real nuclear bomb. As soon as the guy named Chen heard this, he revealed to Ava that he had put a tracker in Vladislav Litvin’s car, and they could now get information about his location through it. Before he could use his mobile and show them, Ivan, due to the carelessness of the officers, was able to reach inside Chen’s cell and kill him. Ava was lucky that she had someone like Maya Lerner by her side who helped them crack Chen’s phone, and that’s how they came to know where Vladislav Litvin was heading.

How did Maddox get the nuclear weapon?

It had been more than a decade since the authorities had last heard about Wade Maddox. He ran his own private military company, and he was very active in the 1990s, but then suddenly, he went missing, and no one ever heard from him after that. Now, he had come back and once again taken charge of things, and the rumor was that detonating a nuclear bomb in Las Vegas was just the beginning, as Maddox wanted to wreak havoc on the entire world. Maddox went to Vladislav Litvin and asked him to deliver the nuclear bomb as it had been decided. Now Vladislav Litvin wanted to take Ivan out of the prison, but he realized that Maddox was not going to stop, and he would have his way by hook or by crook. Ava and her team had found a girl named Lana in Ivan’s room and decided to keep her with the team as there was a possibility that she remembered some details that could help them crack the case.

Ava’s team located the tracker, and they started following Vladislav Litvin. The man knew how to hide his tracks, but Ava and others still made sure that they didn’t let him go out of sight. But then, all of a sudden, Maddox’s men came out of nowhere and kidnapped Vladislav Litvin because they didn’t care if Ivan was in custody or not, and they just wanted to get the nuclear weapons. Ava’s bet paid off when Lana was able to recall that there was a warehouse where Ivan had taken her once, and it was possible that Maddox and Vladislav Litvin were there themselves. The mercenaries were able to flee from there, and they took Trunk and Lana with them. The rest of the special unit team tried to follow them, but they met with an accident, and their helicopter crashed. Paul, who was flying it, was under the influence of drugs, and suddenly, midway in the air, it started to kick in. The man had never taken any psychedelics in his life, and that is why his situation worsened and the entire fiasco became a nightmare for him. Paul just kept getting insecure about his daughter, and he felt that the guy she was dating was not reliable and that he would do something bad with her. Maddox’s men tortured Trunk to the point where the latter felt he wouldn’t be able to take the pain.

Meanwhile, in Obliterated, Litvin’s own men turned against him as they wanted to make a deal with Maddox since he was ready to pay a huge sum for it. Litvin was very clear about the fact that he didn’t want to give nuclear weapons to Maddox, but the power of money changed allegiances. Ava wanted to take advantage of this conflict, so she came out of hiding after she reached that basecamp situation in the middle of the desert and told Livin’s men that she had an even better offer than Maddox. Ava told the Russian men that she was willing to give them immunity and money if they gave her the nuclear weapon. But before anything could happen, Litvin shot his own man, and after that, a bloodbath ensued. Shots were fired between both parties, and Litvin was killed. Maddox was able to escape with the nuclear weapon, and nobody knew where he went.

Who killed Maddox and his men?

Maddox was operating from a pawn shop named Good Luck, and he believed that he would accomplish his mission and there wouldn’t be any sort of mishap that would take place henceforth. But he was wrong. When Ava and her team, after putting in a huge amount of effort to find out where he went, actually reached the destination, they realized that everybody had been killed. She didn’t know who had orchestrated the deed as Ivan was in prison. It was then that the biggest reveal of Obliterated was made. It was Lana, the girl who played dumb and deceived each and every member of Ava’s team, who killed Maddox and his men. Lana’s real name was Anatasia Koslov, and she was Ivan’s younger sister. From the very beginning, she decided to stay close to Ava so that she could not only kill Maddox but also get leverage over the authorities. Now, Anastasia had the nuclear weapon with her, and she made it clear to Ava that unless and until Ivan was taken out of custody, she wouldn’t give it back to them.

Were Ava and her team able to stop Anastasia?

The case was taken away from Ava and her team as the establishment didn’t think that they had done their job efficiently. Special Agent Ferguson from the FBI was handed over the charge, and he started making strategies to get the better of Anastasia. But he understood what Anastasia was capable of doing and so he decided to release Ivan and get the nuclear weapon back. On the day the barter was going to be made, Anastasia arranged for a chopper to drop a box full of cash on the road. She knew that there would be chaos after that, and she would get an opportunity to escape with the nuclear bomb and her brother. Ferguson believed that Anastasia would use the tunnel system to escape, but he was wrong, and when he realized it, it was too late. At the end of Obliterated, we saw that, though Anastasia was able to bring the element of surprise, things didn’t go entirely as per her plans. Ivan Koslov and Ferguson both died in the crossfire, and Anastasia somehow managed to escape with the nuclear weapon. They went to a hotel named Citadel, and Ava, McKnight, and the entire team got ready for the final showdown.

Everybody knew that it could be the last mission of their lives, and so that is why they realized that they needed to embrace their feelings and stop being in denial. Ava Winters made it quite clear that McKnight was not just a meaningless hookup for her and that she actually liked him as a person. Paul made sure that he told his daughter how much he regretted the fact that he wasn’t able to be there for her.

During Obliterated‘s ending, Ava and others were able to breach Anastasia’s fortress, and they killed each and every member of the Russian gang. Anastasia knew that at the last moment she could have a heart which is why she had fitted the nuclear bomb in a slot machine and got it installed in a casino. The team didn’t lose their nerves and they finally found the nuclear weapon in their possession. Nobody knew where Hagerty was and so it was decided that Paul would take the weapon in his chopper as far as he could and sacrifice his own life to save the millions of innocent people. But just when he was about to take it, someone very emphatically made an entry on a camel. It was Hagerty who woke up from his slumber and realized that after he passed out at the party, a lot of things had transpired, and the city was on the verge of destruction. Up until then, he believed that everything was fine as he had caught the perpetrator, and he had no clue what all his colleagues had to go through. Hagerty, in his own patented manner, went about his business, and he was able to diffuse the bomb just seconds before it was going to explode. Life gave Ava Winters and all her team members a second chance, and they knew that they were fortunate enough to get an opportunity to mend what was broken and do things right this time. They surely would be called upon to serve the nation if and when a conflict would arise in the future, but until then, they deserved to celebrate their victory and be proud of what they had been able to accomplish together.

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