Octoboss & Rock Riders In ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’ Explained: Did They Leave Dementus?


Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga made us privy to the oddball named Dementus, who had dreams of world dominance but probably misjudged his capabilities and believed himself to be superior to others. I believe that Dementus was able to create a settlement of sorts and survive in the wastelands for many other reasons, but he thought that it was his strategic mind that was behind it. Dementus had no doubts about the fact that he was the uncrowned emperor and could take over any regime or army because he had the manpower, weaponry, and, most importantly, the grit and courage that one needed to accomplish such tasks. But Dementus was wrong, obviously, and it didn’t take long for that realization to seep in.

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The biker horde drove together, but on the inside, there were many sub-units that corresponded to the Tehri leader and swore their allegiance to them. One such unit was led by Octoboss, a lethal rider whose boys only took orders from him. In one of the scenes in the beginning, we saw that Dementus commanded one of the boys to do something, and he told him on his face that he took orders only from his master, i.e., Octoboss. Now, the behavior tells us a lot about Octoboss’ boys. Firstly, they were much more organized and skilled as compared to others, and they meant business. Dementus probably also knew that they were the best of them, and that is why, when he had to take over the Gas Town, he used them for the job. Octoboss’ men never broke the chain of command, and the way they operated made it clear that they were a loyal bunch of people (which was a rarity in the Wastelands); Dementus, on the other hand, was nothing like that. He had no principles or morals, and he never followed any code of conduct. The process, or maybe how he did things, was not as important for Dementus, and he just wanted what he wanted at any cost. It didn’t matter to him that he was betraying his own people or throwing them in the fire, as long as his personal agendas were accomplished.

Octoboss didn’t need to be with Dementus, and he knew that even if he took the battalion and made his den somewhere else, he would be able to survive. If we talk about what made the riders (who later came to be known as the Rock Riders) go rogue, I could say that there was one instance that made Octoboss realize that Dementus was not worth supporting and that he could throw him under the bus at any given moment. Now Dementus had captured Immortan Joe’s oil rig that was taking gasoline from the Gas Town back to the Citadel. Dementus had no plan of stealing the fuel, but he wanted the entire Gas Town to himself. So, he decided that he would paint a few of his riders silver, just like the War Boys, and create a scenario where the leader of the Gas Town would feel that the oil rig was under attack, and henceforth, he would be compelled to open his gates. Once that happened, the plan was to take over the base and make a deal with Immortan Joe. Dementus selected Octoboss’ men for the job and coated them in silver paint. The riders waited for their boss to tell them to do so, and that’s when they agreed to play their part.

Along the way, Dementus realized that the head of the Gas Town was not convinced by their act, and that’s when, very impulsively, he shot at one of the riders. Octoboss saw that, and he probably realized that he had had enough. That was the last time his gang rode with Dementus, and then later, in one of the scenes where Jack was riding with Furiosa to the Bullet Farm, we saw that Octoboss’ Rock Riders had gone rogue. The Mortiflyers wreaked havoc from the air, and though many people from the crew died, Jack and Furiosa were able to guard their fortress and reach the Bullet Farm safely. These Rock Riders were the people with whom Furisoa made a pact in Mad Max: Fury Road and who told her to give her a safe passage in exchange for the oil rig. 

Dementus was quite shortsighted, I would say here, as he didn’t understand that killing one of the Octoboss’ Rock Riders could have far-reaching consequences. Dementus was not an able administrator because, if he had been, he would not have lost the support of a powerful ally like Octoboss, and he would have been able to manage his annexed territories in a better manner. If these bikers understood the terrain quite well and were a part of Dementus’ crew, then I believe that the reality would have been different. Dementus made some erratic decisions that made him lose everything at the end of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. Though we were not given much insight when it came to Octoboss, I believe that more than manpower, Octoboss had a better understanding of the power dynamics, and had he been around, chaos and disorder would have been curtailed, and Dementus would have still been in control of the Gas Town. 

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Sushrut Gopesh
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