‘Old Dads’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Does Jack Learn To Manage His Anger?


Bill Burr is here with a movie, Old Dads, that unfolds the way one of his comedy specials would. It is rude and problematic but funny at all times if you can manage to have thick skin. Old Dads is that rare movie where each moment is entertaining, and we haven’t seen something like this in a while. Here is a recap and ending of the film.

Spoiler Alert

What is the problem with Conner, Jack, and Mike?

These three best friends are at unexpectedly critical junctures in life, and at least two of them are in denial about it. Jack becomes a father at a much later age, and his wife is pregnant again. He has no regrets about it and says that everything happened in his life when he was ready for it. But Jack simply hates how he has to sweet talk to his son’s principal, whom he cannot stand. She is the one who will write his son’s recommendation letter that will get him admission to a good school, and if Jack is not in her good books, then the recommendation letter won’t be good either.

Mike is the most settled of the entire lot. His kids are grown up; he is divorced and dating someone much younger than him who just wants to keep things casual. But everything changes when his girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant. Mike cannot believe it since he had a vasectomy, and he is simply not prepared for this new chapter of his life, but he has to walk through it. Mike deals with that by making expensive purchases and, in general, being reckless with the only thing he can be, which is money.

Finally, Conner’s simple problem is that his wife is a strict micromanager. She wants to do everything her way, and she doesn’t even believe in disciplining her child, as she wants him to ‘process’ his emotions naturally. That means that the child is unable to learn any manners or lessons that Conner tries to teach him. Even at the workplace, Conner tries to act younger than his age, much to the cringe of his co-workers.

Why Do The Friends Fight?

These three best friends have recently sold the company they had been running for over twenty years, and they now have a boss much younger than them who simply takes them for granted and likes to treat them as antiquated people whose input is of no great importance. He sends them on a task to find a man who has been living off the grid for many years now. That is all part of the campaign to capitalize on an extremely inane idea that is made to sound nice because of marketing. They are accompanied by Travis, and we cannot deny that the way these men talk in the rental car is problematic. They objectify women and have no regard for anything at all.

When Travis tries to interject in between, they manipulate him into believing that he is as problematic as them. Here is our take on that matter: the men and everything they said was uncomfortable, and it is no use defending them, but they are the easy targets. They are, at best, products of the time they grew up in, and while they deserve to be called out as regularly as possible, it is an entirely different thing to weaponize the wokeness the way their boss did. Aspen fires them because there was a hidden camera in the rental car that recorded all their conversations, and since none of it adheres to the morality clause in their contract, they can be fired without compensation. That is what causes the friends to fight since Mike ends up blaming Jack’s ‘big mouth,’ and Jack fires back, saying that if Mike had not been so distracted with his life, he would have been able to prevent this. As for Conner, he cannot talk to Jack because their wives got into a fight when Jack’s wife questioned Conner’s wife’s parenting.

Does Jack Learn To Manage His Anger?

As the friends move on with their lives, Jack is set to host an auction at his son’s school, where he gets a little too enthusiastic and overbids the amount for the time to be spent with the principal. When no one takes that up, Jack offers the money himself to save himself and the principal from embarrassment. But that doesn’t mean that Jack is in a good mood. When the principal comes to talk to him, Jack gets blunt and tells her exactly what she thinks of her, which triggers her ego. That causes Jack and his wife to fight, as she is tired of him not having any control over his anger. She asks him to leave the house, as she is considering separating from him.

Meanwhile, Mike’s girlfriend tells him that she wants to get married so that they can provide the right life for their child. That sends him down another spiral, and all three friends end up at a strip club, where they are talking and drinking away their troubles. They also find Aspen, who has been fired from his job, as the day finally came when he wasn’t awake enough for a particular group of people. As the four men wonder where they could have gone wrong, Jack gets a call that his wife is in labor, and he has to rush to the hospital.

Since all three of them are drunk, they hire a taxi, and this man is older than these three friends, meaning that he is far more problematic. It had to feel weird for the friends to see what it felt like to be on the other side. The woman that Jack met in the motel said discriminatory things against immigrants, and he was instantly uncomfortable. This drive here spoke about how men were becoming soft with their families, and Jack could not digest that. For once, he was the more woke person around, and the feeling had to be teaching him something about perspective. Jack manages to reach the hospital somehow, but he is a little late as his daughter is already born. He promises to clean up his act and become a better husband and dad for his family. As for Mike, he apologizes to his girlfriend for being so spacey and proposes to her. Even Conner stands up to his wife, though we don’t think that went so well.

During Old Dads‘ ending, we see that Jack has gone to therapy, which has helped him with anger management. The three friends got their severance pay from the company, so they are more comfortable. Jack’s anger management works because, this time, when he gets angry, he knows how to react to it in a way that would cause the least amount of damage.

Final Thoughts

Anything fun to watch should always be on your list, and Old Dads is one such offering of the week. Whatever it may look like, it is not that serious and is a must-watch if you enjoy a rude comedy.

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