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One Day, directed by Lone Scherfig, is a story about a boy, Dexter, and a girl, Emma, who meet every year on July 15th, either intentionally or accidentally, over the course of 20 years. One Day is based on the bestselling novel by David Nicholls and stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in the lead role.

Dexter, a casanova, is a charming young boy while Emma is a witty, hard-working girl. They met during their college graduation on July 15th, 1988 at Edinburgh University, only to part their ways the next day. They spend the night together, talking, not knowing if they will ever meet again. But they do meet on the same day. Dexter goes on to become a television producer while Emma works as a waitress in a Tex-Mex restaurant in London. They meet other people, fall in love, suffer rejection, failure, sadness, but never leave each other. 

Dexter becomes famous quickly but gradually fades into oblivion, while Emma gradually reaches to her success of becoming a writer. They may be miles apart from each other, but life always brings them together on that one day. The most beautiful thing about that one day is they may change as individuals, with all the failures, success, heart-breaks, but the bond they had with each other only became stronger. Staying apart for the rest of the year made them realize they have more in common with each other than with people around them. 

Still unaware of the fact that what they are looking for is each other, Dexter goes on to marry another girl Sylie with whom he has a daughter while Emma goes on to have relationships with other men. Will they ever be together, more than being friends? Find out today by watching One Day, on Netflix.

One Day (2011 Film) Review - Everything Starts From Today - anne hathaway jim sturgess

Apart from the beautiful, witty, and soulful story, One Day has exotic and serene locations, London, Edinburgh, Paris. Emma and Dexter have many adorable moments which makes this a perfect rom-com movie for any evening. The journey from a pure, lifelong friendship to unconditional love is excellently portrayed. 

Anne Hathaway, as Emma, has done a great job in bringing Emma to life, with her Yorkshire accent and nerdy glasses. Jim Sturgess, as Dexter, has given a versatile performance and looks charming, perfectly portraying Dexter’s emotions through twenty long years. The other supporting actors are Patricia Clarkson, Ken Stott, and Romola Garai. The chemistry between Anne and Jim looks adorable and refreshing.

One Day (film) is streaming on Netflix.

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