‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Loretta Kill Ben Glenroy?


In the fourth episode of Only Murders in the Building, we had seen that Charles, Oliver, and Mabel had found a lipstick in Ben’s room, and they had come to know that it belonged to Joy, the make-up artist, who had been working with Charles for many years now. Charles had one of those hallucinatory episodes where he totally lost consciousness, and when he came back to his senses, he found that he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Joy accepted his proposal, and now he didn’t know how to tell her that he wasn’t sure about marrying her. Meanwhile, Oliver, after much deliberation, had asked Loretta out on a date, and he was excited about what the future had in store for them. So let’s find out if Charles is able to tell Joy the truth, and what does Oliver find out about Loretta that makes him consider her a suspect.

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What Happened Between Mabel And Tobert?

In Only Murders in the Building Episode 5, Tobert had asked Mabel to meet him in a restaurant as he had found a person who could be a probable suspect in the murder of Ben Glenroy. Mabel went there hoping that she would make some progress in their investigation through the information that Tobert was going to give her. But we came to know that Tobert didn’t have any such lead, and he had misrepresented the situation, just because he wanted to take Mabel out on a date. Howard’s boyfriend, Jonathan, was performing in the same restaurant at night, and apparently, Tobert was a huge fan of his voice. Mabel, after she came to know about Tobert’s intention, eased out a bit because she knew that she was not going to stumble upon any crucial information related to the case as then.

But she was wrong, as Jonathan met the doctor of Ben Glenroy, and neither Mabel nor Tobert had any clue why they were both meeting or what was in that envelope that Jonathan gave Ben’s doctor. Tobert told Mabel that the doctor, referred to as Dr. C, came to meet Ben a couple of times, though he didn’t know what he talked about. Later that night, Mabel took Tobert to her place and showed him the investigation board. The inevitable happened as Tobert and Mabel indulged in an intimate moment, and together, they put Dr. C’s name on the board, making him a part of the list of probable suspects.

Why Did Joy Call Off Her Engagement?

Joy had no clue that Charles had proposed to her accidentally, and she was enthusiastically making preparations for the wedding. Mabel had told Charles that she could interrogate Joy if he felt awkward doing so, but Charles did not agree to it. He said that he wanted to do it his way and take it slow so that Joy didn’t feel like she was being accused by them of murdering Ben Glenroy. Charles asked Joy if she was the one who had written with her lipstick on Ben’s mirror, and as expected, Joy got angry and stomped out of the house. Joy couldn’t believe that after knowing her for almost 30 years, Charles was demeaning her by treating her like a suspect.

Sazz Pataki, who used to work as Charles’ stunt double, came to Arconia to meet him, and she realized that Charles needed someone to help him get over his insecurities. Sazz told Charles that his problem was that he was too scared to be happy. Charles was one of those people who believed that they didn’t deserve to be happy, and probably because of that, he was overwhelmed by the fact that even after knowing his flaws, Joy was ready to get married to him. Charles always believed that he didn’t have an appealing personality, and now that Joy had told him how much she adored him, he was not able to gulp it down.

After talking to Sazz, Charles felt at peace, and when Joy came back, he apologized for having doubts about her. Joy told Charles that on the opening night of the play, she was called into Ben’s green room as he had been punched by someone, and it had left a huge red mark on his face. She said that her lipstick might have fallen from her bag at that time. To Joy’s surprise, Charles told her that he was the one who had punched Ben on that day, as he was misbehaving with Loretta. Joy couldn’t believe that after punching Ben on the night he died, Charles had the audacity to suspect her of murdering him. To make matters worse, Charles told Joy that he had proposed to her unintentionally, and obviously, Joy didn’t take it very well. Charles’ intention was not to hurt Joy, and he was just happy to share with her how he had overcome his own inhibitions and insecurities and he was ready to start a life with her. Joy stomped out of the house as she was disappointed in Charles, and she told him that she was calling off the engagement.

Had Loretta Killed Ben Glenroy?

Oliver was finally going to meet Loretta for a dinner date, and he was very excited about it. Loretta had thought that she would cook some delicious meals for Oliver and they would spend some quality time at her house, but things didn’t go as per the plans, and at the end of Only Murders in the Building episode 5, Loretta had to improvise, and she ended up making some impromptu plans. The loaf of meat that Loretta cooked was so hard that Oliver lost one of his teeth, and that’s when Loretta decided to take him on a cruise. They spent a romantic evening, and they came to a realization that for years, they had been moving around in the same circle, yet for some reason, they had never met each other. Loretta said that she was the one who used to call Ben names, as he was not good to her at all.

According to Loretta, Ben didn’t want to share the stage with a “nobody”, and things escalated so much that he ended up having a heated argument with her just before they were supposed to go on stage on the opening night. Loretta said that Ben always believed that she was obsessed with him, and she hated the fact that his brother, Dickie, had to go through a lot because of him. Loretta brought Oliver home, and they shared a very sweet and romantic moment together. Loretta went to take a bath when Oliver noticed a journal kept on her bookshelf. Oliver had, till now, believed every word that Loretta said, and in his mind, he was very clear that she had not killed Ben. But the revelation at the end changed his perceptions and forced him to entertain the possibility that Loretta could have killed Ben Glenroy.

Oliver found a journal in which Loretta had kept all the news articles and pictures of Ben Glenroy. Oliver started to believe that probably, Ben was not wrong in thinking that she was obsessed with him, as there was no plausible reason he could think of that could explain that journal being there. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know why Loretta maintained this journal and if she was the one who murdered Ben Glenroy.

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