‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Jonathan Murder Ben?


In the fifth episode of Only Murders in the Building, Mabel and Tobert had seen Jonathan meet the doctor of Ben Glenroy, and that made them doubt Jonathan’s intentions. They knew that Dr. C (as they referred to him) used to prescribe drugs to Ben Glenroy, and it was possible that he and Jonathan had conspired to kill the famous actor. Meanwhile, after spending a beautiful day with Loretta and expressing the love he had for her, Oliver found a journal kept on her bookshelf. In that journal, Loretta kept each and every news article that was ever published about Ben Glenroy. Oliver realized that Loretta was probably obsessed with Ben, and she was hiding this from everybody. Oliver wished and hoped that Loretta didn’t turn out to be the one who had murdered Ben Glenroy because she was playing an important character in his play and additionally, he had fallen head over heels for the woman, and he didn’t want his love story to end because of Loretta going to prison. Charles was also facing a lot of personal problems, as Joy had decided to call off their engagement and leave the house after she got to know that Charles had not intentionally proposed to her and that it was all one big mix-up. So, let’s find out what happened in the sixth episode and if Mabel, Charles, and Oliver are able to make any breakthroughs.

Spoiler Alert

Did Howard actually see the ghost of Gideon Goosebury?

Howard had seen something in the theater, and while he was cleaning the stage. In a state of shock, he came to meet Oliver, Mabel, and Charles and he told them that he had seen the ghost of Gideon Gooseburry. Gideon was an actor, and back in 1919, a sandbag fell on his head and instantly killed him while he was performing on stage. Ever since a myth had been passed down the generations that if a person didn’t clean the stage floor in a particular manner, then the actors suffered an untimely demise just like Gideon. Howard believed that Ben Glenroy had died because of him, as on the opening night he hadn’t been able to clean the stage. Oliver asked him to calm down and told Mabel and Charles that he would search the entire auditorium by himself.

Now Oliver knew that it was Loretta who had written those words on Ben’s mirror, and he was scared that Mabel and Charles would figure it out for themselves and find some more evidence that proved Loretta’s guilt. But Mabel didn’t let him go, and they all went together to the auditorium. Oliver heard a sound coming from the attic, and he went up there only to find that Jerry Blau, one of his peers, had been living there for quite some time. Donna, the woman producing Oliver’s play, had fired Jerry about a year ago, and since then, he had no work and was in very bad shape. He wasn’t able to pay his mortgage, and Marshall, the owner, had asked him to vacate the house. Just like Oliver, Jerry had big dreams, but life had not turned out as he would have liked, and now he had accepted his defeat and came to a realization that there was no way out for him. 

What Did Jerry Know About Loretta?

In Only Murders in the Building Episode 6, we learn that Jerry knew a lot of things that had happened during the rehearsals of Death Rattle, that others didn’t. That small room was so centrally positioned that anybody who was inside could overhear the conversation happening outside. He told Oliver that he had heard Loretta and Ben Glenroy having a heated argument that turned physical and that he could recall that Loretta addressed Ben with the same words that she had written on the mirror. Oliver wanted to find some way through which he could prove that Loretta was not the murderer, but he realized that there was no point in living in denial. He knew that Loretta had something to do with Ben’s death, and sooner or later, the truth would come out in the open. Jerry told Oliver that his own experiences had taught him that if one knows what they want, they should go after it unabashedly without caring about the consequences that action might have. Jerry told Oliver that if he loved Loretta, he should make sure that created those circumstances where he ended up with her, as life is too short to regret later. And that’s when Oliver made up his mind that he was going to wipe out those words written on the mirror so that Mabel and Charles would not find any evidence that could lead them to Loretta Durkins.

Did Jonathan Murder Ben Glenroy?

Tobert and Mabel finally confronted Jonathan in Only Murders in the Building Episode 6, and they asked him why he was meeting Ben’s doctor and if he had poisoned Ben Glenroy. It came to be known that Jonathan had nothing to do with Ben’s death, and he was only meeting Ben’s doctor so that he could get a prescription for all those drugs that would help him calm his nerves and not get too anxious and paranoid about the upcoming play. Jonathan was supposed to play the main role after Ben’s death, but he was not able to deal with the pressure. He never wanted to be the lead, but he was too scared to tell Oliver about it.

While Tobert and Mabel were interrogating Jonathan, Charles had gotten locked in the washroom, and he felt that he was going to die there. Mabel was not happy with the way Charles and Oliver had been neglecting the ongoing investigation and not giving it priority. Charles and Oliver were both stuck in their personal issues, and they didn’t realize that Mabel had started feeling like she was in it alone. Mabel had gotten an offer from Cinda Canning, and she had rejected it only because she didn’t want to leave Charles and Oliver, but now, she started to think that maybe she had made the wrong choice.

The trio ended up having a huge argument at the end of the 6th episode, when Charles and Mabel found Oliver trying to clean Ben’s mirror. Oliver also told Mabel that Charles had been hiding that he had punched Ben Glenroy before the opening night, an action that had the potential of making him a prime suspect. Mabel also got to know that Loretta had an argument with Ben that both Charles and Oliver knew about but never cared to reveal to her. Oliver passed some mean remarks at Mabel and Charles both, and his words hurt them very badly. He told Mabel to find an actual job and get over her obsession with solving cases and doing a crime podcast. Mabel felt hurt, and we wouldn’t be surprised if now she went ahead and took Cinda’s offer and collaborated with her. In the upcoming episodes, we might see the group split up, though we are not very sure that Oliver would be able to hide the truth about Loretta from the others for a very long time. She had something to do with the entire facade that she was hiding from others, and sooner or later, it will all come to light, and we will get to know if she murdered Ben or not.

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