‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 2, Episode 7 And 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – Is Kreps, The Killer?


Episode 6 of “Only Murders In The Building” Season 2 ended with Mabel’s violent encounter with a hooded man in the subway. Earlier, in the same episode, they had set up a glitter bomb to catch the killer, but because of their carelessness, the suspected killer ran away from the scene. Later, Mabel encountered the same man on the subway train and recognized him because of the glitters on his clothes. She tried to stop him and remove his mask but in the tussle, she stabbed him. People in the subway started recording the incident and posting videos on their social media accounts with the hashtag BloodyMabel. Mabel embarrassedly ran out of the subway, and she didn’t remember anything after that. “Only Murders In The Building” Season 2, Episode 7 begins with Mabel waking up after a horrific night and finding out that she is in Theo Dimas’s apartment. How? Let’s continue further.

Mabel Forgives Theo Dimas

It was Theo Dimas who brought a hysterical Mabel from the subway station to his apartment to save her from the crowd. Theo told Mabel that they were on the same train that night, and he saw the killer snatching away Mabel’s bag, which had the blood-stained matchbook, their only evidence against the killer. While running away, the suspected killer had dropped a security guard card that established that whoever he was, he worked in Coney Island, and thus, without wasting any moment, Theo took Mabel to Coney Island so that she could take her bag back from the killer and also identify the suspect.

Meanwhile, Detective Williams visited Charles’s apartment, and Charles and Oliver accidentally revealed to her that they had found the murder weapon: the knife with which Bunny Folger had been killed. After a lengthy discussion, Oliver finally told Charles that he hadn’t gotten rid of the knife and was still keeping it in his apartment, which Williams overheard, and they finally had to give the knife to Williams for further examination.

Mabel and Theo finally reached Coney Island, where Mabel spotted the suspected killer in the locker room but still couldn’t see his face. However, she retrieved her bag from the man and quickly escaped with Theo. On their way back, Mabel checked the bag and discovered that the matchbook was still missing. However, she found a picture of Charles with his daughter, Lucy, clicked outside the Arconia. She feared that the killer was going to target Lucy and thus asked Theo to drop her off at the diner where Charles and Oliver were waiting for her. 

The entire pursuit might be a total failure, but in the process, Mabel unlocked her own childhood memories and was able to make peace with them. She finally realized that she wasn’t the one who stabbed Bunny that night and that there was someone else hiding in her room who escaped through the secret passageway after stabbing Bunny. When Mabel looked back into her own past, she realized that each individual was struggling in their lives, and that entire realization made her more compassionate towards others, especially Theo. A transformed Mabel was able to understand Theo’s dilemma as well, and before leaving the car, she forgave him. Mabel blamed Theo for pushing her friend Zoe, but now she realized that it was a mere accident, and Theo was not to be blamed entirely. She even requested Theo to forgive his dad, Teddy, and talk to him as he was getting worried about his son.

A Total Blackout In The City

As soon as Mabel reached the diner and informed Charles and Oliver about Lucy’s picture and that she had recovered from the suspected killer, the electricity in the entire city went out. Charles, worried about Lucy, quickly called her, who informed him that she was in his apartment. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel theorized that the killer was probably trying to harm Lucy for some reason, and thus they quickly left for Arconia.

In “Only Murders In The Building,” Season 2, Episode 8, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel reached the Arconia, but the lifts weren’t working, so they had to use the stairs. In the meantime, a masked man broke into Charles’s apartment, and in fear, Lucy hid herself in the secret passageway. The masked man started looking for her in the passageway while Charles, Oliver, and Mabel reached the apartment and went after the masked man. Lucy quickly spotted Charles, Oliver, and Mabel, and they all left the passageway and tried to run away when they found out that a masked person was following them. Mabel acted heroically and hit the masked man on the staircase with a bag full of dips, and they finally captured the masked man. But to her surprise, it was their loyal podcast listener Marv who followed them from the diner to the Arconia in order to protect the podcasters from the Sixth Avenue Slasher, a fictional serial killer who was never caught, and Marv had a theory that it was the Sixth Avenue Slasher who killed Bunny Folger. However, as soon as they caught Marv, the electricity came back, and hearing Marv’s story, they realized that they had caught the wrong suspect once again.

Episode 8: Ending Explained – Is Detective Kreps, The Killer?

The ending of “Only Murders In The Building” Season 2, Episode 8, hinted towards two possible murderers who might have killed Bunny Folger. In Episode 8, Lucy finally reveals to Charles that she came to Arconia on the night of her mother’s wedding, or the murder of Bunny Folger, and hid herself in the secret passageway where she encountered the killer. According to her, the killer looked at her and then he/she/they sneezed and suddenly ran away. In the same episode, we had another sneezer, or a person lethally allergic to cats, and that was Howard Morris’s latest crush, Jonathan, a Broadway singer. If we suspect Jonathan as the murderer, then maybe on the night of Bunny’s murder, Jonathan came across Howard’s cat fur at the moment he faced Lucy in the secret passageway and thus sneezed. However, the episode didn’t reveal much about Jonathan’s character, and thus it is still hard to theorize his motive for killing Bunny or his relationship with her.

The second suspect was Detective Kreps, who had come to intimidate Mabel at the end of “Only Murders In The Building,” Season 2, Episode 8. At this point, Mabel noticed the glitter on his neck, plus his arm was injured, the spot where Mabel had stabbed the killer. Kreps had no reason to be at the Arconia during the blackout, and he was most likely following Mabel after meeting her at Coney Island. So, we can speculate that it was Kreps who texted Charles on the night of Bunny’s murder, which they believed to be Detective Williams at first. When Kreps found out through their texts that they had some evidence against Bunny’s killer, he tried to get the evidence from them. He could have asked them directly, but he didn’t, which brings in the suspicion that Kreps was trying to get rid of the evidence. The episode, in this case, too, doesn’t reveal the motive, and without it, it’s impossible to frame the killer with exact certainty. “Only Murders In The Building,” Season 2, Episode 9, will probably finally reveal the killer’s motive and also the identity of the Bunny’s killer. Until then, stay tuned.

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