‘Only You’ Ending, Explained: Do Dee & Edong Live Happily Ever After?


Lucky are those who have a beautiful seaside hometown to visit for a great vacation. A short time spent close to nature can rejuvenate a person. “Only You” tells the story of a busy city girl and her life-changing vacation to her hometown, where she explores love, family, and friends. Directed by Marla M. Ancheta, “Only You (or Ikaw)” is a Filipino romantic drama featuring Janine Gutierrez and Pepe Herrera in the lead roles. 

‘Only You’ Plot Summary

Living in the city of Manila, Dee is a real estate agent who is looking for a decent man to go out with. She has been in three unsuccessful relationships before and still has not found the one she could spend her life with. After meeting one more unworthy man on a blind date, she is thinking of giving up on dating. She has her work to keep her busy. Dee’s parents died of illness when she was in college, and now she only has her grandmother, who lives back in her hometown.

Dee visits her grandmother one week ahead of her birthday to enjoy some quality time with her and also to get a rest from the hectic city life. Dee was busy building her career and hadn’t gotten to visit her hometown in many years. She has almost forgotten the people and places there. Her grandmother runs an eatery that is popular among the people of Bulusan. Dee meets many people her age because of the eatery; Edong, the coconut vendor, Faye and Bert, the waiters, and Manny, Edong’s best friend. She enjoys her time with them and feels happier than she has ever felt in the city. In a short span of time, Edong and Dee devolope feelings towards each other. Will this just be a vacation crush for Dee or become something more? 

Dee’s Vacation In Bulusan

Dee is enjoying her stay in Bulusan with her grandma and all the people she has introduced to her. She jogs on the beach, sleeps whenever she wants, and parties with her new friends at night until the break of dawn. Her unplanned vacation is turning out to be more fun than she expected. She takes her new friends on a trip to a private beach, and everyone is overjoyed, except Edong. He seems uninterested and doesn’t participate in any fun activities. After Dee insists, he opens up to her. Edong’s parents died in an accident when he was young, and since then, he has raised his little brother, Dudong, who is a doctor now. What makes him sad is that Dudong wants to sell his share of the coconut farm to immigrate. 

Edong has a dream of making and selling coconut wine and vodka, but Dudong’s decision is going to break his dream before it can start. He has no choice but to do it for his brother’s sake. While Dee is having fun with friends, her grandma gets hospitalized and has to shut down her eatery for the time being. Seeing her grandmother, her co-workers, and their regular customers are disappointed and waiting for the eatery to open again. Dee takes the matter into her own hands and starts the eatery again. Though she can’t cook at the beginning, her grandma teaches her own recipes to Dee. 

Dee’s vacation is ending soon, and she is confused about what to do. Grandma has given all the property rights to Dee and she is allowed to do whatever she wants with it. If she wants to sell everything and go back to Manila, Grandma has agreed to come with her as well. Dee has a successful career and a luxurious life in Manila. She misses her grandmother, her eatery, Edong, and all the friends here in Bulusan. On the day of her leaving, Edong requests Dee not to go, but she has already made her decision. 

Explanation of the Ending

Edong has lived a hard life, making money and raising his little brother. He had never had a chance to fall in love before he met Dee. However, he doesn’t tell her his true feelings because he thinks that she will leave their town soon and also because he is insecure. Dee is richer than he is, has a different lifestyle, and wouldn’t possibly like a small-town guy like him. All of his doubts vanish when Dee also admits to having feelings for him.

Before coming to Bulusan, Dee didn’t know how her life was going to change. She has made friends like family, and all of it feels like a dream to her. a dream that she will wake up from when she goes back to her competitive life in Manila. However, she has made her choice between this dream-like life and the mundane city life in Manila. She tells Edong her decision when he is begging her not to leave. She decides to leave her city life behind for good and settle in Bulusan, and she also offers to buy Dudong’s share of the farm so that Edong can make his dream come true. 

Dee’s life couldn’t be any more perfect when all that she wanted in life- friends, family, love, and peace, were by her side. She gets married to Edong, and they are preparing to launch their coconut wine and vodka business. Unfortunately, Dee and Edong’s happiness doesn’t last long. Edong drowns in the ocean while saving Manny, who was drunk. Dee was still hopeful of finding him, but Edong’s body couldn’t be retrieved even after many days of searching. She finally gives up on finding him and they perform his last rituals.

One simply cannot have a perfect life. Even the moment you think you have a perfect life is as fragile as thin ice. Dee and Edong could never live the perfect life they wanted together. The movie runs for 109 minutes and exhibits scenic cinematography. Grandma’s eatery feels like a vintage café in the old area of your town where people of different generations come to enjoy the evergreen tastes. The grandmother’s relationship with everyone around her, including Dee, seems much deeper than Dee and Edong’s relationship with each other. The romantic chemistry is simply missing between the lead characters. The movie gives more slice-of-life vibes than romantic ones. Except for the disappointing ending, it is entertaining enough to keep you interested in it.

“Only You” (or Ikaw) is a 2021 Filipino Romantic Drama film directed by Marla Ancheta.

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