‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 1: Recap & Ending – Why Does Yeon-su Meet Ung Again?


No one really knows where they are going to be in the next 10 years. No one knows if people around us are still going to stick or depart or if our life will be the same as how we imagine it to be. ‘Our Beloved Summer’ tells the story of two High School lovers Choi Ung and Kook Yeon Su, who are now living very different lives from each other and meet again.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ is a Korean romantic comedy series starring Parasite fame actor Cho Woo Shik and Itaewon class fame actress Kim Da Mi. It is written by Lee Na Eun and directed by Kim Yoon Jin.

Characters Introduction

‘Our Beloved Summer’ starts in a high school where Kook Yeon Su is the top student. She aspires to become a leader in her field of career when she grows up. She is arrogant, selfish and full of herself. On the other hand, we have Choi Eung, who is the bottom-most student in the school. However, he loves to read books, and even beat Yeon Su in reading. He is a bit childish and free-spirited. He wants to live a peaceful life when he grows up. 

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 1: Recap

Two opposite sides of a pole, Yeon Su and Ung sit together in class. Both find each other annoying and can’t stand being together. Those two, who would never even have been friends, are made to sit together to film a documentary that records the high school lives of a topmost student and a bottom-most student. Though the documentary was supposed to capture their academic lives, their arguments and fights make it more exciting and entertaining. 

10 years have passed since the documentary was made, but only recently, the funny clips from the documentary have been going viral. People love their chemistry and wonder where these two could be now. Kook Yeon Su is a Public Relations Expert who is often looked down upon. She did not imagine her life being this way. While presenting in a meeting for a deal that she had almost lost, Yeon Su promises the client to get the artist ‘Ko-o’ onboard for the project. Artist Ko-o has never made a public appearance, and now, Yeon Su has taken this impossible challenge. 

Choi Ung, who wanted to do nothing and live a peaceful life, is living that way. He is living peacefully, but he is doing something secretly. Ung is an illustrator whose specialty is drawing buildings. He uses the pseudonym ‘Ko-o’ and suddenly gains attention when an idol singer NJ buys his drawings. Nobody knows about his true identity except his manager Ga Eun Ho and his producer friend Kim Ji Ung. He has never made a public appearance because he wants to stay low and have a peaceful life. 

Kim Ji Ung’s senior producer asks him to do the second season of an old documentary he had made. Even though Ji Ung has little interest in doing it, the senior producer insists on him doing it. He shows Ji Ung the documentary that has his school friends Choi Ung and Koo Yeon Su in it. After watching them, he starts thinking if he should really do it. Ung and Yeon Su had dated for 5 years and haven’t seen each other after breaking up.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 1: Ending

Ung’s manager keeps telling him to accept work offers from people, or he will lose relevance soon. He has got an offer of live painting at an event, the same event which Yeon Su has promised to her client. Yeon Su is trying hard to find Ko-o, and he is doing his best to avoid being in public as an artist. Both of them have no idea who is on the other side. 

Ung is waiting in a cafe, for a call from NJ, who is supposed to visit his studio. In the same cafe, Yeon Su is waiting for a guy she has avoided for many days. The guy comes but starts insulting her and leaves right after. Shocked and humiliated, she joins her client, who’s sitting at the next table alone and, of course, has heard everything and starts drinking. Ung gets a call from NJ that she will meet him the next day, and so, Ung leaves the cafe.

The next day, Ung is woken up by the constant ringing of his doorbell. When he opens the door in frustration, he’s surprised to see Kook Yeon Su at his door. He closes the door right away and comes back with a room freshener and sprays it on her face before she could say anything. Did Yeon Su really come to meet her ex Ung or did she come to meet artist Ko-o? The upcoming episode will be interesting to watch their reactions when meeting after 5 years.

Our Beloved Summer is a 2021 South Korean Romantic Drama directed by Kim Yoon-Jin. It is streaming on Netflix.

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