‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 11 & 12: Recap/Ending – Does Ung & Yeon-su Start Dating?


Previously, in Our Beloved Summer, Ung and Yeon Su sparked a new relationship, but this time, instead of being lovers, they decided to become friends first. Although Yeon Su still has a crush on Ung, she’s trying her best to hide her feelings from everyone around her. The controversy over NJ and Ung’s dating each other has broken out, and the last day of the documentary shoot has also arrived. Will NJ and Ji Ung confess their feelings to their love interests? Or will Yeon Su finally confess her feelings to Ung? Let’s find out the fate of these lovers.

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Ung Run Away From The Shoot

It is the last day of the shoot for the documentary, and Ung has disappeared, again, without any trace. Chae Ran loses her temper and starts giving an earful to Eun Ho and Ji Ung, blaming their friendship for Ung’s irresponsibility. The season of fall has begun, and it is that day of the year when Ung’s parents travel to the countryside. Ung also goes away from home on that day without telling anyone. Yeon Su is the only one who knows this and remembers it. She starts searching for Ung with Eun Ho. However, Ji Ung thinks that it is his fault that Ung has disappeared. Ung had discovered Ji Ung’s feelings towards Yeon Su and had tried to confront Ji Ung. Ji Ung thinks that he ran away to avoid the awkward situation. What is Ung’s secret, and where has he run off to?

Ung Confesses To Yeon-su

Ung is just wandering without any destination, and he accidentally meets Yeon Su’s grandmother. Despite knowing how much she hates him, Ung is kind enough to help her carry her groceries home. She remembers Yeon Su telling her that she had broken Ung’s heart when, all the while, she believed that it was Ung who did that to Yeon Su. She tries to convey to Ung that Yeon Su was never a bad person, but life made her that way, and she had to behave the way she did because she was helpless at that time. To this, Ung replies that he never thought Yeon Su was a bad person, but instead, he never deserved her in his life.

Yeon Su finds Ung sitting alone in a cafe, silent and with a sadness that is visible on his face. Yeon Su is relieved to find him as she is going to finally express her feelings towards him. She starts telling Ung how she cannot be friends with him, but Ung interrupts her and confesses his love for her. A love that he never forgot and a love that hurt him the most. Even though it has been painful all the while, he wants Yeon Su to love him again and forever. This heartfelt and sincere confession brings tears to Yeon Su’s eyes, and she promises Ung to always love him.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 12: Ending

Ung reveals to Yeon Su his deepest secret and the reason for his disappearance on this particular day. When Ung was younger, his real father had abandoned him, after which he was adopted by his current parents. One day, he saw his parents crying while looking at a picture, and he didn’t realize why they cried or went to the countryside every year until he grew a little old. It was a picture of their son, who had probably died. His parents are unaware that Ung knows this.

Ung’s real father had told him to look at the buildings and count their floors while he disappeared. Ung cried and searched for his father for hours, being scared. This has left a big scar on him, and this is where his fear of abandonment comes from. Ung likes being alone, and he was devastated after Yeon Su broke up with him. It shows that if there is anything he fears, it is being left behind by the people he loves. His love of drawing only buildings and no people in them is evidence of a deeply rooted scar of not finding his father among the buildings. Maybe, through the drawings of buildings with floors, Ung is still searching for his missing father, with a hope to find him someday that will bring closure to his search.

Yeon Su and Ung both have a traumatic past, a void that has expanded and been infected with loneliness. Only love can ease their pain and give them the comfort that their childhood failed to provide. But now, when they are back together, hopefully, they will be able to fill each other’s voids and bring happiness into each other’s lives. It will be interesting to see how they carry their romance ahead and how Ung gets over his trauma in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned to find out.

Our Beloved Summer‘ Episode 11 & 12 is streaming on Netflix.

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