‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap/Ending – Why Is Ung Trying To Change?


Previously, in Our Beloved Summer, Ung and Yeon Su finally confessed their true feelings for each other. They have started dating, and their love is blooming. Dating each other after five years is both the same and different for them. Yeon Su still nags him a lot, and Ung is still the dense person. But this time, they are protective of each other and are trying their best to save this relationship, not lose it all again.

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Why Is Yeon-su Acting Weird?

Getting back together has brought a positive change in both Ung and Yeon Su. They only had feelings for each other for all these years, and even though they broke up five years ago, it wasn’t because they grew out of love. Yeon Su is extremely independent and ambitious as a career woman; hence, her way of behaving is very professional. When she realizes that she is acting very formally in a romantic relationship, she asks her colleague for some dating advice. Also, she browses the internet to learn a thing or two about successful relationships.

As per her colleague’s instructions, Yeon Su starts to change her appearance and behavior. She is dressing up differently, nagging Ung less, always has a smile on her face, and is trying out different things that she hasn’t done before. Ung is surprised at first, but later starts to find it very unlike Yeon Su. Yeon Su was the reason for their breakup, and this time, she is making an effort to make things right. They know a lot about each other, but she doesn’t want to take it for granted anymore. But will Ung understand the change in Yeon Su’s behavior and respect her efforts?

Will Soli And Eun Ho Accept Their Feelings?

Soli and Eun Ho met each other through Ung and Yeon Su, and now they have become really good friends. Eun Ho often visits Soli’s restaurant to hang out with her and help her. What started as a chance encounter with Eun Ho has finally found a meaning. He has started developing feelings for Soli but is still unsure about it. Furthermore, he is discouraged by Soli’s constant reminder that she is not into guys younger than her. Soli is free-spirited and has dated many guys, but never anyone younger than her. Eun Ho does not fit into her frame of ideal partner.

Soli sees a different side of Eun Ho when her ex-boyfriend comes back. She was already aware of Eun Ho acting strangely around her, but she didn’t want to acknowledge it because of her own rules. Eun Ho gets jealous and possessive around her ex-boyfriend, and she is impressed by Eun Ho, who is trying to protect her from her ex. This is the first time she looks like she might actually consider having a younger boyfriend. This raises the question of whether they will move forward in this relationship or just stay friends.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 14: Ending

When Ung confronts Yeon Su about her unusual behavior, Yeon Su tells him the truth. She is trying to become a better person for him, but Ung tells her that she couldn’t be any better for him and is already perfect for him. He asks her to stop acting strange and just be herself, minus a little nagging. However, he is still waiting for an answer from Yeon Su to a question that he asked five years ago. He wanted to know why Yeon Su chose to break up with him. When he meets Yeon Su’s grandma alone, she tells him about the hard life Yeon Su had, right from her childhood. She takes a promise from him to never leave Yeon Su alone. Yeon Su does not have any family other than her grandmother.

After hearing about Yeon Su’s hardships, Ung realizes how inconsiderate he had been. Yeon Su never told him about all the struggles she was going through while they were still dating. They were both young and immature back then, but now, along with Yeon Su, Ung also decides to put effort into the relationship. Ung wants to become a responsible person so that Yeon Su can rely on him. He even asks Yeon Su to always tell him what she wants and admits that he is quite slow at understanding such things. However, Yeon Su is still unable to share her confusion and why she broke up with him with Ung. She believes that Ung will not understand her and still has her doubts about the same.

Love can sometimes change people for the better, and what kind of love is better than the one that makes us a better person? In the final episodes, we can expect to see a mature and responsible Ung and, hopefully, Yeon Su opening up and letting out all her hidden pain.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 13 & 14 are streaming on Netflix.

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