‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap & Ending – Why Yeon Su Broke Up With Ung?


Ung agrees to do the project with Nu-a after receiving an apology from Mr. Jang. His anger was never towards Nu-a but towards Yeon Su. He had heard the rumor about Yeon Su and Mr. Jang, which bugged him. With confusing feelings, artist Ko-o makes his public appearance for the first time. In ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 5 & 6, many changes are happening in Ung and Yeon Su’s life as they try to understand their feelings towards each other.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap

Ung has been a loner since childhood. He would sit outside his parents’ restaurant all day because his mom had told him that it was dangerous to go outside. However, he used to get a lot of attention in school because of his parents’ restaurant. He didn’t like all the attention and told them that he wasn’t the one, but Kim Ji Ung was the son of restaurant owners. Ji Ung, whose life wasn’t very satisfactory, to begin with, found Ung pathetic. Ung, who had no friends, and Ji Ung, whose family was too busy to spend time with him, found each other at the right time, and their friendship is still no less than a family.

Ung has now grown up, but his way of living hasn’t changed much. He is a famous artist but still likes to hide his real identity. The live drawing project is going to be his debut in public. He is not a fan of chaos, but the project couldn’t be more chaotic when artist Nu-a joined him in it. It happened without Ung’s knowledge, and Yeon Su also didn’t have an idea about it. After Ung leaves the party, Yeon Su calls him to apologize, but he doesn’t pick up. He had indulged himself in the drawing.    

For the live drawing project, Ung is going to draw for 100 hours. The first 95 hours of the drawing are recorded, and the rest will be completed at the live show in 5 hours. On the night before the event, Yeon Su goes to check up on Ung and also to apologize to him. He is sleepy and exhausted from 95 hours of drawing. He falls in her arms, so she takes him inside, where they have a cozy moment for a fleeting minute. When they meet the next day, Ung does not seem to remember it.

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How Was Yeon Su’s Childhood?

Yeon Su has been living with her Grandmother since childhood. They were in loads of debt and didn’t have much savings, which made small convenient things seem like a luxury. Her Grandma did small jobs to run their house of two people. Yeon Su wanted to make it better for her, and the only way to do that was to study hard, get a job and pay off their debt. She didn’t mix up with her classmates because she didn’t want them to know her financial condition.

The cold-hearted Yeon Su accepted to do the documentary for money and got a friend in Ung for the first time. Ung was her escape from the harsh reality, but as they started dating and growing up, she started feeling like they both were living life at different paces. While Yeon Su was running without rest, Ung was just walking with a lot of rest. Yeon Su had ambitions, and Ung didn’t. Her aspirations were directly connected to her being poor, but Ung had no worries as he came from a well-off family. Her insecurity starts affecting their relationship, and after multiple breakups and patch-ups, she finally decides to end it. She didn’t want to show her inferiority complex to Ung, and the option she chose was heartbreaking for both of them.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 4: Recap Ending 2021 K Drama Series
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‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 5 & 6: Ending

Ung finishes his live drawing project successfully. Yeon Su had only seen the immature side of Ung. The focused and mature artist Ko-o looked unfamiliar to her. She wondered if he had changed or she never understood him truly. The sight of this unfamiliar Ung makes her uncomfortable, and she leaves. Meanwhile, NJ gives a bouquet to Ung in front of the reporters, causing disarray. Later, she clarifies to reporters that they are just friends.

Yeon Su and Ung don’t stay for the after-party of the event. Ung goes home and Yeon Su to her friend’s restaurant. Being back in each others’ lives has been chaotic for them. They don’t have a hold on their thoughts and no clarity of their own feelings. When Yeon Su returns home, she finds Ung waiting for her outside. She is surprised to see him late at night. Ung tells her that he remembers the night she came home and that they should talk about it. Ung asks Yeon Su about how they should not treat each other like strangers and instead should ask about each other’s well-being and how they dealt with their breakup.

Yeon Su and Ung wanted to talk to each other. They still seem to have feelings but do not understand it. Ung takes the step first, and Yeon Su feels like she was always the mature one and should’ve done this first. In the following episodes of Our Beloved Summer, we can expect to see Ung and Yeon Su express their true feelings to each other. There must be a lot suppressed in their hearts. Will this be a new beginning for them?

Our Beloved Summer is a 2021 South Korean Romantic Drama directed by Kim Yoon-Jin. It is streaming on Netflix.

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