‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap/Ending – Why Did Ung & Yeon Su Run Away?


In the previous episodes of Our Beloved Summer, Ung and Yeon Su had started filming the documentary, which, according to Ji Ung, was going nowhere. They successfully finished the live drawing project, and Ung became famous after NJ visited his show uninvited. The same night, Ung talks to Yeon Su, getting all emotional, but Yeon Su is drunk. Now, Ung only wishes that she didn’t remember anything. What happens the next day? Let’s find out.

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Yeon Su & Ung Run Away From The Shoot

Ung’s manager, Eun Ho, is holding a congratulatory party for Ung’s public debut and a successful event. He has invited Yeon Su and her friend So Ri as well. Ung sneaks out of the house while Eun Ho is still talking to him. Kim Ji Ung is already losing hope for the documentary, and to his dismay, he discovers that not only Ung, but also Yeon Su, have vanished without a trace. Though it is typical of Ung to act like this, everyone is surprised by Yeon Su’s behaviour. Where have they run off to? Are they together or not? And why have they run away?

What Is Kim Ji Ung’s Strategy?

Hopeless Kim Ji Ung is cheered up by his senior colleague, who appreciates the “Never Give Up” attitude that he has shown before. Ji Ung sets out to find and bring back both of them from wherever they are. Yeon Su and Ung don’t really have friends and end up going to the same library. Ung offers to have a talk and takes Yeon Su to his parents’ restaurant. Their conversation does not go well, and they end up parting ways again.

Ji Ung’s senior tells him how she works with the difficult cast, and Ji Ung applies the same to Ung and Yeon Su. He finds Yeon Su and drops her off at home. Ung comes home by himself at the end of the day. The next day, Ji Ung picks Yeon Su from home early in the morning when she’s still half asleep. Ung is not the one to go anywhere without questioning, so Eun Ho and Chae Ran drag him inside the van when he’s watering plants. Ji Ung takes them to a resort in a village to make the documentary more interesting. The best way to stop people from running away is to confine them.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 7 & 8: Ending

There is a famous saying that attack is the best defense, but for Ung, the best defense is running away. Running away is the best way to avoid pain for yourself and others as well. Moreover, it gives people a chance to think rather than react hastily. After talking emotionally with Yeon Su the previous night, Ung didn’t want to be awkward with Yeon Su at the party, so he ran away. Yeon Su was also embarrassed and ran away because she didn’t want to face Ung without clearing her mind first.

Avoiding each other is no longer a choice for them as they are staying together for the next three days. This short vacation brings them closer to each other’s realities. Ung reveals to Yeon Su how he felt like a pushover while being in a relationship with her, the fact that she was never aware of. They have a lot to communicate to clear up their misunderstandings, but they can only do that if they can handle the awkwardness. Yeon Su is getting jealous of NJ being close to Ung, and Ung is concerned about Ji Ung and Yeon Su getting closer.

Both do not acknowledge their own feelings and pretend that they don’t exist, but their emotions are let out in this subtle way of looking out for each other and being jealous. When Yeon Su is stuck on a hill alone in the rain, Ung goes to her rescue, and they share a kiss in the rain, just like they had shared their first kiss in the rain on the final day of their high school documentary shoot. What will be their reaction to this impulsive kiss? Will this be another awkward mistake that they will pretend never happened? In Episode 9, we will find out if they finally talked it out or not.

Our Beloved Summer‘ Episode 7 & 8 are streaming on Netflix.

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