‘Our Beloved Summer’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does Ung & Yeon-su Get Married?


‘Our Beloved Summer’ follows high school lovers, Ung and Yeon Su, who accidentally cross paths again after five years of their breakup. In addition, Ung is now a famous artist who uses the pseudonym “Ko-o,” and Yeon Su has become a successful PR expert in a short span of time. As their high school documentary goes viral, they have to encounter each other again for a sequel. The two estranged lovers reunite after a long time to find peace, confidence, and purpose in their lives.

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‘Our Beloved Summer’ Season 1: Episode 15 &16 Recap

Ung is preparing for his dream exhibition and is excited about it. Yeon Su has become more sociable and her colleagues are surprised by it. She has kept her personal life very private until now, but she invites her colleagues to her boyfriend’s exhibition this time. She is truly happy and is not holding it back. Ung’s exhibition is doing well, and Ung is ready to give a surprise to Yeon Su after the exhibition ends. Kim Ji Ung, Ung’s best friend, does not visit his exhibition. He has not left his office for days and immersed himself in work because he does not want to go home. The reason being that his mom has returned and asked him for a favor, which he is unwilling to do.

Ung waits for Yeon Su until late at night at the gallery, but Yeon Su does not show up. Yeon Su’s grandma is hospitalized, and she is too scared to inform Ung. After realizing that she has left Ung waiting, she feels guilty and gets afraid that she might have messed up their relationship again. Ung finds Yeon Su crying outside his house and hurries her home. He breaks her the news he has been waiting to tell her. He is going to France for architectural studies and wants Yeon Su to accompany him. Yeon Su has just gone through the scary experience of almost losing her grandmother, and now she has to choose between going with Ung or staying in a long-distance relationship. What will Yeon Su choose?

Our Beloved Summer Episode 4: Recap Ending 2021 K Drama Series
Credits: Netflix

Why Kim Ji Ung Hates His Mother?

Ji Ung’s mom was always emotionally and physically unavailable for him since his childhood. When he was in high school, she left him to live alone and visited him sometimes as a formality. Whenever she visits him, Ji Ung does not go home and works overtime in the office. He practically lives in his office or at Ung’s place until his mom leaves again. For him, his mother is a heartless and selfish person who thinks Ji Ung has ruined her life. 

Family was something Ji Ung never seemed to have, but everyone else did. Even though his mom came and left from time to time, it hurt him every time she did. This time, she surprises him with a visit and reveals to him her terminal illness. The doctor has told her about her limited time, and she wants Ji Ung to film her because she wants to leave behind something from her meaningless life. Ji Ung is infuriated by her absurd request and is in a dilemma as to whether he should fulfill his dying mother’s last wish or leave her on her own.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Season 1: Ending Explained 

Ung and Yeon Su were both loners, but Ung was privileged and Yeon Su wasn’t. Ung is the only child of his parents, who own multiple restaurants, whereas Yeon Su doesn’t have parents and lives with her grandma. Her parents had left a lot of debt behind, and Yeon Su had to work hard to pay them off while still having a decent life. Ung was never passionate about anything and just wanted to live peacefully, doing nothing. At first, he looks like a spoiled child, but later it’s revealed that it was his fear of failure and disappointment that always held him back.

Although they had broken up, their hearts always belonged to each other, and they never dated anyone else in the 5 years they were apart. After meeting each other again, they realize the mistakes they made and get back together to be a better couple than before. Yeon Su faces her insecurity and tells Ung to go to Paris without her. She finds that she was the only one who made herself feel sad, and she doesn’t want to hold back Ung from achieving his dreams. Ung agrees with her and also speaks about his fears with his parents. He is reassured that his parents love him all the same, even if he is their adoptive son, and he doesn’t have to burden himself with that. Both Ung and Yeon Su face their fears and start living life happier and braver than before.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 11 12 Recap Ending 2021 Series
Credits: Netflix

On the other hand, Kim Ji Ung takes his senior’s advice and agrees to film his mom, the most painful part of his life, which gives him the first and last chance to get closure on everything from his mother. Just like the three of them, NJ also decides to become a bold person and does not try to please everyone around her, despite the controversies. That summer, one documentary became the reason for changing the lives of so many people. That summer was full of fun, joy, worries, and cries, but in the end, their beloved summer made them a better version of themselves.

The epilogue sequence suggests that Ung and Yeon Su get married in the end and their documentary goes viral again. Kim Ji Ung comes back with a proposal for the third installment of the documentary on public demand.  The soft and warm vibes of this series left people feeling nostalgic about their own lives. It would be great to have a next season showing their life after marriage.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ is a 2021 South Korean Romantic Drama Series directed by Kim Yoon-Jin. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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