‘Our Blues’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Eun Move On? What Are Young Ok’s Secrets?


We tune into this week’s episode of “Our Blues,” expecting the tragedy of the honey trap getting deeper. Instead, it takes a different turn, which leaves us with significant heartbreak and a certain longing for a story that could have been. We also see some progress being made on Young Ok and Jeong Joon’s stories, and it is as exciting as we had hoped, considering the format of the show and its pace so far.

‘Our Blues’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending

Eun Hi is happy about her upcoming trip to Makpo and is somewhat lost in her thoughts. Young Ok notices this and asks her why she looks so zoned out. Eun Hi confesses that she was thinking about Han Su and going on that trip with him. Young Ok catches onto what Eun Hi is feeling and teases her that she can now finally lose her virginity to her first love. The suddenness of that comment causes them to spill water, and earns an amusedly warm gaze from Jeong Joon towards Young Ok. It is safe to assume at this point that he has feelings for Young Ok and is looking for an opportunity to act on them.

In another scene at the fish market, we see Han Suk, Han Su’s sister, venting to In Gwon, one of Eun Hi’s friends, about the shamelessness of her brother. The latter, obviously intrigued, enquires more about the situation and comes to know the true nature of Han Su’s finances.

Back to the boat trip: Eun Hi and Han Su are noticeably awkward around each other, but as they talk about their childhood and school days, they start to get more comfortable. Eun Hi mentions how she is tired of everyone associating with her because of her money, which brings a hesitant silence from Han Su. He eventually relaxes when she starts singing, and they talk more about his career. Han Su wanted to be a basketball player, but because of their financial situation, he could not muster the courage to ask his parents for their support to pursue his dream. At this point, we finally understand why he is fighting so hard to fulfill his daughter’s dream. He does not want her to live with the same regrets as him. This train of thought is broken by Eun Hi when she says that she is glad that they are not poor anymore, which, unknown to her, is not completely true.

The next few scenes are amazingly bittersweet as we see them walk through the streets of Makpo, buy sugar candy, and revisit the place where they first kissed each other. As they walk with Han Su’s hands-on Eun Hi’s shoulders, for her, it is an adrenaline rush to be spending time with a person she has liked all her life, but for Han Su, it is a calculated move with an ulterior motive. God save women from the bane of smooth-talking men!

As they talk about each other’s love lives, Eun-hi tells him that she had previously dated Bang Ho Shik, who is now one of her friends. She broke up with him because even though they came from a similar poor financial background, he had many younger siblings whom he needed to take care of, and Eun Hi was not ready to commit to this extra financial burden. She remembered him crying when she made the call to break up and wondered if she would die alone as she had become too tough for love. She follows this up by asking Han Su why he did not stay in touch with anyone after leaving the island. Han Su replies that he was too ashamed to do so. When he left the island, it had felt like a betrayal, and he did not have it in him to face anyone after that.

Back on the island, In Gwon and Ho Shik, Eun Hi calls up Eun Hi looking for her as she hasn’t told anyone that she is leaving for Makpo. When she tells them who she is with, Ho Shik says that she shouldn’t hang out like that with a married man. Eun Hi irritatedly replies that she knows before she tells him the same lie that Han Su told her about him having separated from his wife and cuts the call. However, both of her friends are suspicious of Han Su’s intentions. In Gwon learns from Han Suk that her brother is completely bankrupt and has been asking everyone for money. They go to his social media and find pictures of him with his family, effectively proving that he has been lying about everything.

In Makpo, Han Su avoids talking about his family and goes to the supermarket to get some groceries when he gets a call from his daughter. She tells him that she wants to come to Seoul and quit golf as she is not happy. He asks her why that is so when he is doing all he can for her dream, at which point his wife takes the phone from their daughter and starts reminding him about all of their difficulties. Han Su knows now that he is defeated and throws down his phone before completely breaking down.

On the other hand, as Eun Hi waits for him, she receives the pictures from Ho Shik, which majorly upsets her. But she decides to hold herself back from a confrontation and goes for a drink with him. She also declares to her friends back home that she will continue the trip.

As they drink, it doesn’t take long for the accusations to start, and she tells him that he had underestimated how fast the news travels in Jeju. She shows him the pictures on her phone and tells him that she knows about his lies. As Han Su tries to explain himself, she slaps him across the face before breaking down and asking if she was ever a friend to him, or did he just think of her as an idiot who liked him too much. Han Su does not deny any of this, leaving Eun Hi extremely distraught. She cries into a towel as she feels that she has lost a friend, which makes Han Su regret his actions. When she tells him to leave, he tells her that the reason he did not ask her for money right away was because he saw that she did not really have any joy in her life, and he did not want to spoil her memories of him. He sincerely apologizes before he leaves the island.

The next day, as Eun-hi is having breakfast in Makpo, she gets a call from her friends asking her what happened, and she snaps at them that she did not give Han Su any money. She also questions them about how they are any different from him when they keep badgering her with the same requests that they are accusing Han Su of making. This prompts In Gwon to say that friends don’t lie to each other, and that’s how they are different. Eun Hi gets angry and asks them what kind of friends they are to have treated Han Su the way they did and angrily cuts the call.

In the following scene, Han Su is seen returning to Jeju and is on the phone with his wife. She tells him that he is happy that they are coming back to Seoul, but he is worried that their daughter, Bo Ram, might be upset with them as they could not fulfill her dreams. His wife comforts him and tells him that they did the best they could, and Bo Ram understands that. Han Su asks her if they can be happy again, and the simple “Of course” he hears from his wife gives him the courage to accept his situation and move on to the future. Sometimes, all we need in life is a little reassurance. Just then, he gets a message from his bank and comes to know that Eun Hi has deposited a huge sum of money in his account. She texts him, telling him to take it and that she is going to write it off as a bad investment. He laughs at this and looks out at the scenery with a smile.

When Eun-hi returns to Jeju the next day, she receives a message that Han Su has returned the money to her account. He tells her that she has always given more than she received, and he will not let her do that with him. He tells her that he has quit his job and that the severance pay is enough to settle his debts. Since his daughter has now quit golfing, he doesn’t need more money. He is going to figure out what to do next with his life, keeping in mind the lessons he learned from his stay in Jeju. He is going to remember his friends more often, and next time he comes there, he wants to have a drink with them on the beach.

Eun Hi gets emotional when she sees the message. She wishes him the best for his journey and tells him that he will always be her cherished first love. She signs off by sitting in front of the television with a smile on her face.

Han Su welcomes his family back to Korea, and Eun Hi returns to her old life. For her, Han Su was like a brief spring, and despite whatever happened, that was a time for her when she was truly happy, and she would always cherish that. And isn’t that what it is like with most relationships? It’s about the good parts and the joy they bring that makes us ignore the bad parts. We wish Eun Hi had found a happy ending of her own. Maybe we will see that in the upcoming episodes of “Our Blues,” or maybe we have to contend with the fact that this was her happy ending, a life with friends and financial security. We won’t know until later.

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‘Our Blues’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending 

The episode begins with Min Seon Ha waking up as her husband calls for her. From their discussion, we come to know that Seon Ha has been suffering from depression, and the responsibility of the house and office is completely being taken care of by her husband. She pretty much sleeps the whole day and refuses to get treated for her condition. He is tired of her lack of will to live and wants her to try, at least for the sake of their son. She goes into the bathroom to try and make an effort. She showers and puts on her makeup, but has completely lost track of time due to her depression. By the time she is done, she finds that the day has passed and her son had to be picked up from his school by her partner, even though he was in a meeting.

Back in Jeju, Young Ok is spending time with Captain Bae at the club, and he is clearly very drunk. He wants to go to a motel with Young Ok and insists even though she refuses. Sensing that he won’t budge, she gets with him in the car but drives to his house instead of a motel. While on the way, they pass Jeong Joon, who decides to follow them. When they reach their destination, the captain is visibly miffed, as he was under the impression that Young Ok was taking him somewhere else. Luckily, Jeong Joon intervenes, which forces Captain Bae to drive off by himself. Seeing a drunk man driving, Jeong Joon calls up police officer Kim and tells him to check on him. He also drops off Young Ok at her place and waits outside her place in case the captain decides to return. Seeing this, Young Ok is touched and jokes that she might fall in love with him, to which Jeong Joon remains nonchalant. However, she can’t contain herself and asks him to go on a walk with her. While they are at the beach, it comes up in their conversation that Young Ok came to the island two years ago, while Jeong Joon is a proper Jeju boy from birth. Young Ok seems to have an idea about his feelings for her and is definitely flirting with him, though she is keeping it subtle. She is infamous in the neighborhood for flirting with each and every man, and she makes no secret of it. Young Ok compares Jeong Joon to her exes, which is her way of letting him know of her past. Though Jeong Joon has always been aware of it, he doesn’t seem to care, though he is still questioning whether he should pursue her or not.

The next day, we see In Gwon’s son, Jung Hyun, who is the class vice-president, is rivals with Ho Shik’s daughter, Young Joo, who is the class president and the school’s top student. Young Joo is shown as someone who is quite brash and gets frequently scolded by Eun Hi for not having manners. We see that the two children are going to school together when Young Joo tells Jung Hyun that she has missed her period and that he should keep some money on hand in case they need it. We assume at this point that they are dating. How this affects their fathers’ friendship remains to be seen.

Back to Young Ok, while at work, she swims a little too far to collect abalones, which worries everyone as they can’t spot her for quite a while. They are all concerned that something might have happened to her. It turns out, they have been angry with her for a while as she has told everyone different stories about her mother, and there are rumors of her having a family on the mainland. It seems to be common knowledge that she receives calls from someone that she does not answer. They find her behavior concerning and wonder about her future on their team. While this is being discussed, Young Ok comes back safe and sound, and obviously clueless to what has transpired.

In the next scene, Jeong Joon is confronted by Captain Bae, who dares him to confess his feelings to Young Ok. He tells him that she is flirting with him just like everyone else, and if he has feelings for her, he is on a fool’s mission.

Jeong Joon decided to take the plunge and confess his feelings. When he goes to meet her, she suggests they talk on a bus. Once there, he tells her that he likes her and would like to go out with her. He is about to say that she can take some time to think it through, but she immediately accepts it.

“Our Blues” Episode 4 ends at this point, and while we are left with questions about Young Ok’s past, we really want to know if she actually likes Jeong Joon.

Does Eun Hi Move On? What Are Young Ok’s Secrets?

For the first question, we can safely say that yes, she does. But moving on does not always mean letting go. It can also mean accepting something for what it was and going forward in life with the cherished memory of it. And that is what Eun Hi does. She felt something for Han Su. She had hoped for something with him. It did take her a lot of courage to take that step, considering the lifetime of insecurities that she had fought against and the hope she carried about it being what she always wanted, including a shot at the happiness she craved. When it all turned out to be a lie, she was heartbroken, but Han Su’s sincerity was her medicine, and the perspective that she had gained by living a tough life got her through it. In a way, we are inspired by her and wish her the best.

But regarding Han Su, we can’t help but question if he would have told her the truth if she had not found out about it herself. The turn of events was just a little too comfortable for him. While we acknowledge that he did level up, we can’t help but question if we would have been able to forgive this man if he was less charming.

When it comes to Young Ok and Jeong Joon, we were drooling over the sea captain for the most part. Kim Woo Bin has certainly done a variety of roles, but we mostly remember him as the mischievous bad boy, Choi Young Do, from “The Heirs.” Seeing him adopt a more serious persona is kind of giving us the feels, and we look forward to the development of their story, more because of him than his co-star Han Ji Min. His stoic persona seems a lot more attractive than Young Ok’s bubbly charm, and we want to see how that will develop.

The pace of “Our Blues” Episodes 3 and 4 was somewhat slow. While we appreciate the detailing of the emotions, the show needs to be crisper if it wants us to continue watching it after a story arc ends. Other than that, we look forward to next Saturday for some more of Kim Woo Bin.

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