‘Out of Death’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Hank kill Shannon?


Times are always changing. The notion can have both ebb and flow. It can take either peak at some points for a particular individual or vice versa. Much like a story arc, An actor’s life traces a similar fall and rise graph. When an A-list actor, Bruce Wills, starts doing films like Out of Death, it is easy to conclude that the actor has accepted his fate. He has welcomed the notion that “He is fading away.”

After achieving a successful career in the Music Department, Mike Burns marks his debut as the director of Out of Death. He did cast, Wills, to raise some eyebrows, but An A-list Actor isn’t everything that compiles a film. Mike’s debut film isn’t well-made. It is without any objective, but still, it stimulates some emotion by the end. Jaime King’s character does have a story that moist your eyes when her journey concludes.

Plot Summary

Photojournalist Shannon Mathers (Jaime King) arrives at Lake Easton Remote Forest Lands for a hike. She wishes to climb the peak of the hills, where her late father spent most of his childhood. The trek is Shannon’s journey to spread her father’s ashes and bid a final goodbye.

Due to a sudden thunderstorm, Shannon fails to reach the peak, and she returns without fulfilling her desired quest. On her way back, Shannon spots a police officer, Bille, dealing with a drug peddler, Jimmy. However, in the midst, Bille finds out that Jimmy has been recording their conversation for the feds. He has turned into a snitch. Jimmy tries to run away, but Bille shoots him, killing him on the spot. Shannon records the whole drug bust on her camera. She tries to sneak away, but Bille spots her and chases her into the dense forest.

At the end of the first chapter, “The Unintended,” the narrative conveniently introduces a retired cop, Jack Harris (Bruce Willis). Jack is diagnosed with depression after the demise of his wife, who was struggling with cancer. He arrives at the Niece, Pam’s forest lodge, to find peace, away from his busy city life.

Billie informs Sheriff Hank Rivers about the unintended and the drug bust. Hank calmly absorbs the blunder, and sends his brother, Tommy, to finish the job. The corrupt officers are searching for a witness Shannon in the woods. Fortunately, she meets the trustworthy cop, Jack Harris, who will take her out of death.

‘Out of Death’ Ending Explained

There isn’t much to explain in the film. The narrative quickly dropped all its cards. Shannon’s father looked at her as a weak child and mocked her until his end. He used to call her a quitter. Hence, through this journey, Shannon transformed herself into a courageous being.

She killed corrupt officers Billie and Jimmy, but Hank Rivers was still hunting her down. Hank cunningly abducted local dispatcher Pam Harris to threaten her Uncle Jack. Hank ordered Jack to hand over Shannon in exchange for his niece.

Shannon and Jack ployed against Hank. Shannon uploaded the drug bust evidence on the FBI official site, requesting an immediate SOS. Simultaneously, Jack called Hank to the cabin right off Route 92 in Easton Lake. When Hank arrived at the cabin, he observed Shannon pointing a loaded gun at him. While outside the house, Jack gunned corrupt officer Frank and rescued his niece, Pam.

In the climax, the house witnessed three gunshots (visually captured from outside). A shot Hank came out of the house, suggesting one of the bullets pierced his guts. He surrendered to the feds. Shannon came out safe and sound.

Hank wanted to become a mayor, but after his arrest, he lost all hope and committed suicide.

A happy Shannon arrived at Pam’s cabin to take Jack on the hike. There was a possibility that she would reach the top of the forest and prove to her late father that she wasn’t a quitter.

Out of Death is a 2021 Crime Drama film directed by debut director Mike Burns. The film stars Jaime King and Bruce Willis.

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