‘Outer Range’ Season 2 Recap: Is Billy Dead? What Happens To Wayne Tillerson?


The first season of Outer Range played out as a science fiction thriller, mainly focusing on the murder of Trevor Tillerson. Outside the Roadhouse, Royal Abbott’s eldest, Perry, lost his cool and punched Trevor to death, after which the family tried to bury the body and hide the incident from Deputy Sheriff Joy for as long as they could. Outer Range season 2, however, is more dramatic and less thrilling. It centers around family dynamics and difficult choices that often result in unwanted consequences. So, without further ado, let’s get into the detailed recap of season 2, in case you missed anything.

Spoiler Alert

Abbotts Saved Their Ranch For the Time Being

In season 1, Perry jumped into the mysterious pit to avoid a trial for Trevor’s murder and to find his missing wife, Rebecca, whom he believed to have fallen into the hole. In Perry’s absence, no one seemed to be bothered about the murder case. Instead, the entire focus was on the Abbott Ranch deed, which Cecilia and Royal had put as collateral for Perry’s bail. After Perry’s disappearance, the family was asked to pay the bail money, which cost 500,000 dollars; otherwise, they would lose their land. Throughout season 2, Royal and Cecilia tried to raise money to pay the court as they didn’t want their ranch to be put on auction, which would make it easy for Wayne Tillerson to purchase it. However, finally, in the end, Autumn Rivers convinced the church pastor to step in and help the Abbotts. The pastor spoke to a member named Riggins, who decided to help the family and paid the bail money on their behalf. The Abbotts just need to pay the loan back, which will probably be covered in the next season. For now, their ranch is safe, though Rhett won’t let it be that way for long. His entire agenda is to leave the town with his girlfriend Maria Olivares and he is most likely planning to betray the family to arrange money for the same.

Billy Tillerson is finally dead

At the end of season 1, Royal picked up a fight with Autumn and Wayne’s youngest son, Billy, who was madly in love with Autumn and was ready to go to any length for her. Long story short, Autumn tried to break Royal’s family and provoked Perry to jump into the hole, after which Royal took out guns from the locker and fired shots at Autumn and Billy. During the car chase, a bullet hit Billy’s throat, and because of this, he lost control of the car. At the same time, Billy’s older brother, Luke, dug a hole in the West Pasture and unleashed a herd of bison out of the mysterious pit that soon caused a stampede-like situation all over Wabang. In the end, Royal only saved Autumn, as he believed her to be his granddaughter from the future, and left Billy to die.

In Season 2, Wayne miraculously woke up from a coma. Previously, his son Billy had fed him the magical black liquid, which perhaps has healing properties. After coming into contact with the black mineral, Wayne not only woke up from the coma but also recovered from his previous accident, because of which he had become completely bedridden. In the second season, we saw Wayne in a totally new avatar, ready to conquer the Abbotts. However, as soon as he gained consciousness, he found out about Billy’s accident and rushed to the hospital for the same. Due to the gunshot, Billy was unable to speak (or sing) properly, yet Wayne brought him back to the Tillerson mansion and decided to treat him in the traditional way.

In the meantime, Luke, who had also come into contact with the black mineral, started getting visions of the future. He saw glimpses of Autumn, which made him believe that his future was somehow connected with this woman. In short, Luke fell in love (or pretended to fall in love) with Autumn and decided to betray his own brother for the same. After bringing Billy back home, Wayne, who hardly remembered anything that happened to him in a coma, discovered Billy’s secret stash of mystical drugs and fed him the same, because of which Billy healed overnight. As soon as he recovered, he decided to confront Luke about Autumn, which resulted in a scuffle between the two brothers. At the end of the fistfight, Luke pulled out an iron rod and cracked Billy’s skull, therefore finally putting him to death. The iron rod had already foreshadowed Billy’s death, and it was only a matter of time that the show gave us the payoff for that setup. After his son’s death, Wayne lit the entire mansion on fire and jumped into the abyss to look for the unknown.

Joy Returns Home

At the end of season 1, Joy went to Frank’s farmland to investigate the appearances of historical animals and the mysterious disappearances of workers in the area. She followed a trail of black mineral and ended up in 1886, the same time period from which Royal Sumner had arrived. In the 1880s, Joy became a part of the Native American village and started helping them fight for their rights in a country slowly getting polluted by the White supremacists. Joy lived there for more than four years before finally coming back to her original time period.

In the past, Joy encountered a young Royal and his misogynist father, Levi Sumner, who tried to kill Joy for a White man after Joy saved a young Native American girl from being raped and killed. During the fight, Joy got shot and couldn’t run away, which was when young Royal and his father caught her in the woods. Royal’s father asked his son to shoot the “Indian” and make an example of it, but Royal didn’t want to pull the trigger. At this juncture, Royal’s hatred for his father was evident. His old man used to beat his mother just to make himself feel important. He was ready to sell off the family’s assets to show his self-worth to society, and Royal had enough of him. Instead of shooting Joy, Royal pointed the gun at his father and killed him on the spot. No, it wasn’t an accident, but a conscious decision that Royal made. After pulling the trigger, Royal failed to comprehend the situation and ran away from there, only to end up in the pit. Joy tried to save him and jumped into the hole as well, only to return to her original time period. However, after her return, Joy kept hallucinating and suffered seizures, which suggested that the black mineral in the pit had a severe effect on a person’s physical and mental health. Royal wanted Joy to share everything with her wife, Martha Hawk, but even at the end of season 2, Joy couldn’t gather enough courage or find the right words to do so.

Perry is Jumping Timelines

It is funny how tragedy compels you to make the most stupid decision of your life, and Perry proves this notion through his actions. I mean, he left his daughter and his family just to find his wife, who had left him for good. Well, you can say he jumped into the pit to avoid a trial, but he was a grown man who already knew that jumping into the void is not always a good solution to one’s problems. Nevertheless, after jumping into the pit, Perry ended up in the 1980s, when his father, Royal, was still a young, unmarried individual who worked at the Abbott Ranch. His mother, Cecilia, was dating a young Wayne Tillerson, and it really came as a surprise to Perry. During the second meeting, Perry told everything to Royal and asked for his father’s help to find Rebecca, and even though young Royal was unsure about Perry doing time-traveling, he decided to help.

In the meantime, Perry tried to help his mother and father meet and fall in love in a very Back to the Future way, and Royal could see what Perry was trying to do. He finally asked him not to toy with things he didn’t completely understand and let fate run its course. After getting into a fistfight with Wayne outside the bar, Royal brought Perry to the pit and pushed him inside so that he could return home. However, for some reason, Perry ended up in another parallel timeline where his slightly younger self was just about to kill Trevor, but the older Perry intervened. In the aftermath of such an interference, Trevor ended up punching young Perry, who fell to the ground and hit his head on the pavement, leading to his death. As soon as Trevor saw the second Perry, he ran away from there, and the older Perry decided to dump his younger self’s body into the pit so that he could swap lives with him. Now, in this parallel universe, Trevor doesn’t die, and the dead Perry is replaced with his alternate self. This indeed is going to bring some fatal consequences to the timeline, which we are most likely going to witness in season 3.

Autumn Sets the Timeline for the Future

Since the beginning of season 2, Autumn has been trying to find answers about her lineage: who she was, where she came from, and what was her destiny in Wabang. Based on what she told Royal, Autumn didn’t remember a thing about her life before she turned 9. It meant a tragic incident had changed everything in her life, just like it did for Royal. Additionally, Autumn seemed to be suffering from an acute case of schizophrenia as she hallucinated stuff and talked to her mother about a trust fund, which didn’t exist. So, did Autumn make it all up?

In Episode 5 of Season 2, Autumn completely lost her mind after she tasted the black drug given to her by Luke. She started to see things with much more clarity and finally understood her true purpose in life. She had envisioned a future that would only be possible if she was able to get rid of her younger self, Amy Abbott. It was for this reason that Autumn joined forces with Luke and decided to kidnap Amy, who had previously been taken away by her mother Rebecca, to a shelter home called Four Wings. It is to be noted that at this point, Autumn’s memories had been restored, which could be an effect of the mysterious drug obtained from the pit. She used these memories to blackmail her own mother so that she would let Amy go with her without creating a scene. Autumn wanted to push Amy into the pit so that she could get her sanity back and pave the way for the future that she had seen.

Royal, on the other hand, finally understood Autumn’s real plan, as he had been to the future and had witnessed the horrors about to come. He requested that Joy go to the site and stop Autumn from harming his granddaughter. Unfortunately, Joy failed to save Amy. She shot Autumn, but she somehow survived. Royal suffered a heart attack, but he managed to get back on his feet to stop Autumn from creating a devastating future that could destroy Royal’s entire family and his ranch. In short, the third season will be all about Royal trying to save his ranch and family from Autumn. His son, Rhett, on the other hand, is making secret deals with Dr. Nia Bintu, a scientist working for a private mining company with the power and resources to buy off the entire Abbott Ranch. So what is Royal’s future going to be like? Let’s see what season 3 has in store for us.

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