‘Outer Range’ Season 3 Theories: Where Did Wayne Go? What Will Happen To Amy?


The first season of Outer Range introduced a time-traveling hole in the west pasture of Wabang and showed us the twisted ways in which it influenced the lives of the Abbotts, the Tillersons, and everyone else who knew them. By the time things wrapped up, it left us with more questions than answers. Season 2 gave us a little more clarity about how the hole functioned, the history of the town, and the intertwined nature of the fates of the characters, while raising a different set of questions regarding the destiny of Wabang. At the time of writing this article, Prime Video hasn’t announced that there’s going to be a third season of Outer Range. Unless the viewership is abysmal, I feel that they’re going to greenlight Season 3, or else the bigger picture will remain unfinished. So, while we wait to get an official confirmation on Outer Range Season 3, allow me to regale you with some theories, speculation, and expectations from the show.

Spoiler Alert

Where did Wayne go?

Wayne Tillerson had lost everything. Trevor was dead. Billy, the heir to his empire, was dead. He didn’t see Luke as his son. He had no real bond with his ex-wife. He even burned down his palatial home. As he proceeded to jump into the hole, he said some cryptic stuff about understanding what the universe wanted from him or something along those lines. I feel that he is motivated by revenge. When he mind-melded with a younger version of himself, he remembered that a time-traveling Perry Abbott was the root of his break-up with Cecilia. So, either he has gone to the ‘80s to stop Perry from meddling with his love life, or he has gone to the alternate reality that Perry is currently in to ruin his life as well as the lives of the Abbotts. I mean, he doesn’t have the means to continue his rivalry with the Abbotts in his timeline. If Wayne is aware of an alternate timeline where the Abbotts are meant to live peacefully, it’s possible that he’s going to go there and wreak some havoc.

Is Perry in an alternate reality?

For the most part, it seemed like Outer Range was going to be about time travel only. But, much like Dark did at the end of Season 2, during the concluding moments of Outer Range, it was revealed that the hole was capable of taking people to branched timelines or alternate realities. Perry’s life was ruined after he accidentally killed Trevor. On top of that, he became so obsessed with finding Rebecca that he didn’t give Amy the attention that she needed and deserved. So, it’s possible that Perry sees his entry into an alternate reality, where a version of himself is dead and Trevor is alive, as a second chance. He probably intends to stand by this alternate version of the Abbotts, and, as the eldest son of the family, he wants to make sure that everyone is happy and content. This plan of his can only be disrupted by a reality-traveling Wayne who blames Perry for his break-up with Cecilia.

What Will Happen To Amy?

Amy’s transformation into Autumn is a huge mystery. In Outer Range Season 2, we saw that Autumn (the older version of Amy) pushed Amy into the hole, and she got transported to the point in the timeline where she met her adoptive parents. Amy’s memory was erased, and the two things that she remembered were the name Autumn and the symbol of the Abbott ranch. We have no idea what her life was like with her new parents, why her adoptive parents cut all ties with her, or how having two versions of herself in the same timeline affected her psyche. So, I think that Season 3 of Outer Range is going to focus on that and use Amy’s (or Autumn’s) childhood to draw parallels with Autumn’s ascension to the proverbial throne of Wabang.

Can Royal stop Autumn from destroying Wabang?

Royal has tried to kill Autumn twice in the two seasons of Outer Range, and he failed each time. So, I hope he knows that a straightforward approach is not going to cut it. He has to take a fresh approach. It’ll be difficult because he now knows that his enemy is his own granddaughter. I have a feeling that Royal will try to extinguish the source of the time-traveling fluid. I don’t know if that’s possible, but that seems to be the only way to defeat Autumn. If there’s no fluid, there’s no hole. If the black cosmic mineral is gone, then there’s nothing to mine. And since Autumn is hell-bent on getting access to that mineral and building her cult around it, if that’s gone, she has nothing to fight for. I know it sounds like a longshot, but I think, in Season 3 of Outer Range, Royal is going to do something to the fluid and the mineral instead of taking Autumn on.

Will Joy get her revenge?

After her four-year-long stay at a Shoshone village in the 1800s, Joy learned that the realtors from Shane Cape Realty, who had sold her the house where she, her wife, and their daughter were living, were the descendants of a racist individual who had tried to rape a Native American girl and kill the Shoshone tribe. Since Joy was injured while saving the girl, the wounds of generational trauma weren’t just psychological in nature; they were physical as well. By the looks of it, Joy is angry that, despite committing such atrocities, the descendants of the racists who tried to kill her people continue to thrive while profiting off the land that belonged to the Native Americans. So, unless Joy decides to time travel or gets busy tending to Royal’s requests in Season 3 of Outer Range, I suspect that she is going to put an end to Shane Cape Realty. It’s totally possible that those realtors have traces of racism in their blood, and if Joy exposes that, then she’ll be able to avenge her ancestors.

What Will Happen to Luke?

With Billy dead and Wayne gone, technically speaking, Luke is currently the sole owner of the Tillerson estate, or whatever is left of it. I’m not sure if he is of any use to Autumn. But if he does have access to the money and power that Autumn needs to build her cult, then maybe he is going to team up with Autumn and become the power couple of the bleak future of Wabang. That said, if the church treats Autumn’s miraculous survival as the second coming of Christ, or something like that, and decides to fund her destructive ventures, then Luke will become obsolete. He doesn’t have anyone but himself to blame for his predicament. So, maybe he will try to be Autumn’s slave or go looking for an alternative in the hole.

Will Rhett betray Royal?

Rhett’s decision to join hands with Dr. Nia Bintu came as a real shocker to me. He wanted to leave Wabang and live somewhere else with his girlfriend, Maria Olivares. He couldn’t do so because of the ever-changing circumstances. Maybe he sees the Abbott Ranch as the umbilical cord that was never cut. If it’s sold to Bintu and BY9, then that’ll sever his ties with his family and finally set him free. Rhett does respect and love his parents, and I think he is hoping that the money they’re going to earn by selling the mineral underneath their land is going to make them go soft on him. He is aware of his family’s financial woes, and he probably feels that the money that he is getting out of Bintu will make them happy. However, since he hasn’t seen the future, he has no idea what Bintu and BY9 intend to do with that mineral and how they can end up destroying Wabang and mankind itself. Hopefully, he’ll see the error of his ways and put an end to this time-travel mining business once and for all.

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