‘Overhaul’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did The Police Get Hold Of Smokey And Odilon?


The Netflix Brazil film Overhaul revolves around truck racer Roger Matos, whose life suddenly changed for the worse. Roger was a promising racer, but in recent times, he has been repeatedly defeated by Debora. Considered the queen of truck racing, Debora was basking in her glory while Roger tried to come up with a solution to confirm his win. His truck needed repairs, and it was an expensive business, but Roger’s father had always supported him financially, and he was hopeful that his father would help him once again. But soon, the circumstances changed drastically, and Roger had to make some tough decisions.

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How Did Roger Get Involved With Gangsters?

When Roger and his best friend cum coach, Danilo, discussed the truck repair, Roger was confident that his old man would find a solution. The next morning, when his father bailed him from the police station after a case of drunk driving, he was not happy with Roger’s conduct. He blamed Roger for destroying the racing team that he had built over the years and called him out for his bratty behavior. After their heated argument, Roger got out of the car and challenged his father to watch him win the next time. While his father was busy arguing with him, a truck came out of nowhere and hit the car. Roger’s father died on the spot, and soon Roger learned that the racing team had gone bankrupt. Roger was now responsible for the welfare of his teammates, and he was desperate to find a way to clear the debts. Roger was hopeful that his sponsors would step in, but to his dismay, they backed out.

With no other options in hand, Roger decided to have a word with Odilon. Odilon was a gangster, and Roger’s father owed money to him. The old-school gangster suggested Roger clear some of the debts and earn extra cash by working for him. He had some tasks lined up, and he needed a pilot. Roger was a little hesitant at first, but due to a lack of an alternative, he agreed to it. He was introduced to Odilon’s man, Smokey, who briefed him about the task. Roger brought Danilo on board to help him carry out the operations. Danilo had a daughter to look after, and with the company going into bankruptcy, he decided to step up as well. Roger and Danilo’s task was to hijack electronic cargo on the road and pass it to Smokey’s man, Sketch, to distribute the goods in the city.

After completing the first task, Roger and Danilo proposed ways to ensure that they remained untraceable during the course of the task. Knowing that Roger had no sponsors, Debora was a little surprised to see Roger win. She could not help but wonder how he was managing the expenses of his team. While Roger explained that he received money from selling his father’s shop, Debora was not ready to believe him. Even though he was worried about the consequences of his actions, he needed the money to keep participating in the race.

What Happened After Danilo’s Death?

Danilo came up with a way to hijack cargo without blocking the path of the driver. They faced complications during the operation when the brakes on the cargo stopped working, leaving Danilo in a life-threatening position. Roger stepped up and managed to bring the situation under control. Just when Danilo and Roger thought that the worst bit was over, they suddenly came across a police car and policemen blocking the road. While Roger wanted to hit the brakes and surrender, Danilo advised him to keep driving. The police fired at the truck, and Danilo was shot as a result. Danilo succumbed to the bullet wounds, and Roger was left with the responsibility of taking care of Danilo’s fourteen-year-old daughter. Losing his best friend left Roger in a state of anguish. He decided to reach out to social services to handle Barbara’s situation, but she was vehemently against it. She instead suggested that they find her only living relative, her grandmother, on Facebook and come up with a suitable arrangement. But until then, Barbara demanded to stay at Roger’s place, and Roger agreed to her proposal.

Meanwhile, Roger’s ex-sponsor, Toledo, returned after watching Roger win the last few races. He agreed to sponsor Roger once again, and Roger felt a sense of relief. He had a sponsor, and he no longer needed to conduct the dirty business of Odilon and Smokey, but they were not ready to let go of him so easily. After not responding to Smokey’s calls, his man, Sketch, was at Roger’s doorstep, threatening him to respond. While Roger made it clear to Smokey that he wanted to step away, there was no easy way of doing so. Roger was compelled to take up the job, but it did not go as planned. Roger once again expressed how he was not interested in working for him, but Smokey was not ready to take no for an answer.

Meanwhile, police officer Alfonso, who had been keeping a close watch on Roger, warned him that the police knew about his activities. He had evidence to arrest Roger, but instead, he wanted Roger to cooperate with the police and trap Smokey and Odilon. Not only was Roger in trouble with the police and the gangsters, but he also learned that Barbara had been lying to him about her grandmother. After digging into her background, he found out that both her grandmothers had passed away. Barbara was not ready to start her life anew, and she believed Roger was the only person who was somewhat close to being her parent. But for Roger, the entire situation was a problem, considering that he was sheltering a teenager without any proper documents, and he could easily land up in more trouble. Just after their conflict the previous night, Roger found out that Smokey had kidnapped Barbara to blackmail him to do the job.

How Did The Police Get Hold Of Smokey And Odilon?

Roger had no other choice but to agree to the last job that Smokey wanted him to be a part of. The final job was extremely risky, with Smokey planning to target a police convoy and rob their container full of weapons. Roger protested the minute he heard the plan, but he was completely helpless. Roger sought comfort in Debora since she was the only person he had confided in about his situation. At the end of Overhaul, we get to know that Roger has worked out a plan to make the perfect arrest. Roger initially performed according to Smokey’s plan, and he was successful in getting the container of weapons and bringing it to Smokey. Roger demanded that he free Barbara, and Smokey obliged. After Barbara was handed over to Debora, Roger got on the truck and started to drive it. Smokey watched him escape with the container, and in the meantime, Roger called Odilon and warned him that the cops had arrived at the meet-up point and had Smokey and his men. Roger left his phone attached to the container, and eventually, Smokey and his gang arrived at the location. The police had also been tracking Roger, and they had reached the warehouse as well.

During Overhaul‘s ending, after a shootout, the police arrested Smokey and his men. Meanwhile, Roger was back on track after conducting the operation. With Barbara’s help, he won the race. Barbara was just as talented as her father, and Roger was proud of her. Soon after winning the race, Alfonso arrived to make the arrests. Odilon did not expect to be fooled by Roger, and he was ultimately taken away by the police. Roger, too, was arrested for his involvement, and he was not bitter about it, knowing that he deserved to be punished for choosing the wrong path. After serving his two-year sentence, at the end of Overhaul, Roger was released from prison. Debora and Barbara came to receive him. Even though they were extremely competitive on track, Debora and Roger were in love. Also, Debora managed to get permanent custody of Barbara, and the three together became one happy family in the end.

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Srijoni Rudra
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