‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Into The World Of Jaegers & Kaijus


The Original “Pacific Rim” film directed by Guillermo del Toro was a blend of Transformers (robots) and Giant Monsters (similar to Godzilla). In the film, gigantic robots were engineered to fight against the alien monsters coming out from an interdimensional portal. “Pacific Rim: The Black” developed by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle for Netflix is based on these two prominent characters from the franchise puts inside a different storyline. The animated series holds 7 episodes of 22 minutes each and is narrated in English and Japanese.

“Pacific Rim: The Black” begins with the excavation of the Australian Continent after being overrun by the gigantic monsters coming out from the earth’s core. The robots, Jaegers built to fight against these Kaijus are unable to stop the uprising and hence they retreat. During excavation, Kaijus destroy most of the Jaegers and as an emergency escape, the authority destroys all the evidence and leave in a haste. The remaining Jaegers on the battleground meet their fate.

One of the Jaegers, Hunter Vertigo operated by Ford and Brina Travis, is left behind as the pilots were trying to save their kids. They rescue their teenage kids, Taylor and Hayley to a safe place outside the city, surrounded by mountains, and leave them there with sufficient food and water. They are bound to bring help before the whole continent is destroyed by the Kaijus.

Even after several years, Taylor and Hayley wait for their parents but slowly the unrest grows in. Luckily, the siblings find a Jaeger, Killer Atlas, hidden in an underground lab. Taylor who has already been taking drifting (operating) Jaeger lessons, manages to handle the robot with his sister as the co-pilot. However, the  Jaeger activation alarms the Kaijus on the continent who start hunting the siblings and their robot savagely. The story further explores the siblings who try to find their missing parents and a way out from the continent while not becoming prey to the gigantic monsters.

Netflix exhibits some of the best adult animated series available online. An Anime fan who wants to stream these series in English may consider Netflix, a paradise. “Pacific Rim: The Black” promises the same adrenaline, however, it fulfills its promise too late. It is only in the last two episodes of the series, where the series hooks up. For the few initial episodes, it is too melancholy and flat. Nothing much is happening and the protagonist sound/are too weak to grab your attention. In the middle episodes, the drama totally drops down in order to set up the villain and sibling’s friends, the Kaiju Boy and an assassin, Mei.

The animated series works a little better than the film visually because, in the original “Pacific Rim” film, the light is too dark and you have to strain all your energy to watch out for what’s happening on screen and most of the “wow” moments are shadowed by the darkish tone. With “Pacific Rim: The Black,” the animated visuals are really bright with sharp details, and thus, it hits the mark. The animated series also showcases Jaeger’s capability to upgrade with add-on arms or other parts which are kind of geeky but the fans wait for that stuff. All that evolution of Pokemon and their new powers with each evolution was really some worthy topic to talk about.

‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ Ending Explained

“Pacific Rim: The Black” Season 1 ends on an open note where the siblings find out that the Kaiju Boy has the power to convert himself into a Kaiju. Taylor speculates that maybe the Kaiju Boy is a hybrid Kaiju engineered in a lab to look like humans, who can shapeshift. Some strange masked woman notices the siblings and the Kaiju Boy from a distance and announces the arrival of the Kaiju Messiah. The frame has only Hayley and the Kaiju Boy, thus, either one of them is going to save the planet from the Kaijus.

I really hope that Netflix and the creators of “Pacific Rim: The Black” do bring more intriguing episodes rather than slow dramatic ones. The last two episodes of the series really grab your attention and if the upcoming seasons and episodes will maintain the excitement, it might become one of the really exciting shows. If you like watching adult animated series, then do not miss this powerful robot-monster anime.

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Shikhar Agrawal
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