‘Palm Royale’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Linda Really Free?


Palm Royale episode 6 has a lot going on, yet it is somewhat calmer than the rest of the show so far. There’s something less eccentric about it, if you can believe it. In episode 5, Maxine thought she bought herself some freedom by getting rid of Linda’s gun, and Linda thought she was saving Palm Beach’s residence by destroying the Rolodex, but what do you know? They’re both very wrong. Evelyn, being the experienced woman that she is, knows exactly how this can affect the Beach Ball, i.e., her status in the world of the socialites of Palm Beach. While the show paints Maxine as a naive pathological liar, somehow everything she says manages to check out most of the time. There are some interesting revelations in episode 6, so let’s get straight into them.

Spoiler Alert

Who Does Maxine Want As Her Marquee Guest? 

During a visit to NASA (aha!), Maxine tells Evelyn how she threw the gun into the ocean and Linda destroyed the Rolodex. In the spacecraft simulator, Evelyn goes into panic mode and furiously yells at Maxine, telling her that their chances for the Beach Ball are completely ruined. Maxine speaks to the other ladies about it, while Evelyn quietly leaves the tour without a word to the other ladies. Maxine reflects on her doubts about the Beach Ball and wonders if the ladies will show up just for Maxine. They obviously will not, but a marquee guest, like an astronaut, would sure be inviting to all of them. In the meantime, Douglas is blinded by his friend Perry’s perilous plans for the condos, not realizing that he’s basically being scammed into giving away Norma’s 500,000 dollars. Maxine seems to worry now because this would leave even Norma’s accounts dry. However, there’s a silver lining to everything, and when Maxine hears that the prince of Luxembourg is going to be invited to be the brand ambassador for the condos, she decides he’s the perfect chief guest for her Beach Ball. Nobody would deny meeting a prince, no? Maxine tries to invite herself to a dinner that Douglas is supposed to attend with the prince, but he tells her it’s a “boy’s party.” 

We all know by now that Maxine’s like the younger child of a family, only listening to herself, so she makes her way to the dinner anyway. Maxine’s shocked to see that Dinah and the prince’s wife are both at the dinner. She meets Dinah in the restroom and confesses that she tried to sleep with Robert, taking her advice for finding a side guy. She now thinks Douglas knows the truth, which is why he’s mad at her and hasn’t invited her for that reason. Dinah laughingly tells Maxine that everyone’s tried with Robert, but he’s gay, and she shouldn’t be worried at all. However, ironically, Perry does know about Dinah and the tennis coach and is now seeing other women too. Maxine informs Dinah that said other woman is possibly her manicurist.  

Does The Prince Agree To Be Maxine’s Guest?

Linda meets her father to tell him that Maxine’s thrown away the gun, leaving her free. Skeet is finally free to make his way to the other side, and he tells Linda that he wants to go. Linda tells him that she’ll be fine, though they’re both afraid of what’s to come. Skeet tells Linda that he’s been in a lot of pain, but thanks to the morphine, he can deal with it. He makes an apology for the legacy of their family and for letting Linda down all the time. I suppose some people do change when they’re kicked to the curb. 

The prince of Luxembourg agrees to take the first sponsored unit of the condos, so that’s more money gone from Norma’s account. Maxine takes the opportunity to ask Douglas why she wasn’t invited to the dinner and that she’ll be the one to hand the prince the check. She can finally ask him to be her guest and get on with the Beach Ball. 

In the meantime, the news is flooded with “homosexual” talks, and Maxine gets influenced into asking Robert if he’s actually gay. Robert tells her that he is, while also saying there’s nothing wrong with her and that they’re friends. Maxine tries to tell him that he’s not her friend; it’s the socialites of Palm Beach that are, but he reminds her that they’re not actually her friends, but he is. On the other hand, Evelyn and Skeet finally have a difficult conversation about their marriage. Skeet calls out Evelyn for spending his money to protect her own interests. Evelyn reminds him that he was once in love with her, and Norma was only trying to protect them all by getting them married and “doing the right thing.” Skeet calls the revolver a prison for Skeet and Linda, and Evelyn tries to defend herself, but in the end, Skeet threatens Evelyn. 

What’s The Truth About Maxine? 

Maxine meets Ann in the sauna, and Ann wonders if Maxine doesn’t like her because all she’s done is been nice to her. During their elaborate conversation about their niceties with each other, Maxine tells Ann that she’s a “winner,” and before Ann goes further into that conversation, Mary shows up. Ann leaves the two socialites, and Mary finally threatens Maxine about the Fibs money. So when Maxine goes to the bank for the cheques to Perry and the prince of Luxembourg, she asks for another 75,000 for Mary. That’s a whopping total of 825,000 dollars. On the other hand, Virginia is still mad at Linda for destroying the Rolodex. I suppose Linda is tired of the whole shebang, but Virginia wanted them to use it for the benefit of their political ideologies. But, at the moment, Linda just needs a friend because her father’s about to take his last breath, but Virginia doesn’t want to hear anything from her. Linda asks her to help with some LSD for her father, but Virginia doesn’t probe further. She’s also focused on Perry’s being out right now. 

At a launch party for the spacecraft, Maxine tries to give the prince an invite to her Beach Ball along with the check, but he’s determined not to do it. Apparently, he’s an introverted prince whose wife hates photos. On the other hand, Linda and her father take the LSD and hold hands to watch the launch. Skeet says his final goodbye and leaves his daughter in the hope that everything will be okay for her. At the party, Evelyn gives Maxine a piece of her mind and tells her that she’s basically failed at making things work for her at Palm Beach. Later at night, Robert finds the newspaper with the story regarding Perry’s condo collapse scandal, aka Virginia’s doing. This is only the first step to getting Nixon. Maxine is defeated because no one can be her special guest, and she doesn’t feel like a winner anymore. She meets Ann at the party. Ann asks Maxine how come the names of the pageant winners are not Maxine, but all the pictures are of her. Maxine never lied about winning the pageants; she only hid the truth about her background. She grew up an orphan, and Maxine is a nobody. She says she was given the maiden name Horton because of the washbasin she was found in as a baby. Maxine admits that she grew up with nothing except for the socialites of The Shiny Sheet. She used the names she saw on the same paper to sign up for those pageants because it would make her feel closer to her dream life. 

Ann claims that nobody wants to read such a boring story, and hearing that Maxine is hurt, she offers her a hug. But, I think what she means is that she expected something juicy, like murder, scandal, or fraud, to make the story more exciting. 

At the end of episode 6 of Palm Royale, Robert shows up for Maxine and offers to take her home. I think it’s because of everything going down with Perry, and he’s become somewhat fond of Maxine. Robert tells Maxine that the Beach Ball is the money she needs and reminds her that all the fundraising money mostly lines the pockets of those who have organized the events, and only a fraction of the amount goes to the charities themselves. Robert gives Maxine the invites Norma had written up for all the guests because there’s no need for a Rolodex when the blackmail is all in the invites! Robert gives Maxine the confidence to take that step and send out the invites to save Norma’s estate and herself from going back to being a nobody. This is why Mary wanted the money so desperately. The episode ends with Robert getting a visit from the prince of Luxembourg (I think Maxine has her blackmail ready in her backyard now), and it’s finally revealed that Norma has been trying to say revolver this whole time as she reaches for one of the many on a decorated wall in the house. It seems Linda is still not in the clear, and Norma saw her destroy the Rolodex. 

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