‘Palm Royale’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Saves The Beach Ball?


In all of the craziness of Palm Royale, despite the whales and alligators and whatnot, I might say the idea of President Nixon coming to Maxine’s beach ball might be the oddest thing to have happened on the show. I mean, okay, it hasn’t happened yet, but even them talking about it feels a bit cuckoo to me. Episode 8 ended with Maxine going overboard thanks to Norma’s plans to kill her by pushing her off the boat, like an evil step-aunt. Then there was also Dougie and Robert getting caught in the gay bar, so now, who is going to save Maxine? And what’s next for Palm Beach residents? Well, there’s a circus of unexpected things, and we’re going to dive into them right now.

Spoiler Alert

Who Saves Maxine From the Ocean? 

Palm Royale episode 9 begins with a flashback of Norma and Robert getting to know each other for the first time. Apparently, he served her for many months until Norma decided to talk to him and asked him to sit at her table. This is how their friendship started, or, I could say, their symbiotic relationship. In the present day, while Maxine is floating around in the ocean, behaving like she’s going to end up like Jack, Evelyn makes Eddie her new boy toy, and Dinah says yes to marrying Axel. On the other hand, Robert and Dougie have nobody to save them from the raid, because obviously it’d have to be Maxine. A little while later, an astronaut who is doing trial runs ends up landing in the middle of the ocean near Maxine, and you know, the first thing she asks him is if he would like to come to a party. So, while she was getting rescued by a handsome astronaut, Robert and Dougie met with FBI agent Tom, whom Robert had met at the same gay bar earlier. He tells them that there’s no need to rush getting out because Maxine’s preoccupied with taking over the news with her astronaut. During one of the interviews, the news anchor asks the astronaut if he plans on making a landing in the White House as well, and he says he’d have loved it, but he’s been invited to a party by Maxine. To nobody’s disbelief, Maxine simply invites the president to her beach ball on live television as well. 

On the other hand, Dinah tries to make amends with Eddie, but he’s just spent the night with Evelyn and offered to make her dinner. Eddie sends Dinah away, saying he meant what he said when he promised to leave her for good. On the other hand, Evelyn seems more serious about Eddie, but she’s got nowhere to invite him to make her dinner since she’s got no house or money. Back at the Delacourte residence, Mary gets tired of looking after Norma and steals the cat statue that Maxine tried to sell off at the Fibs auction and then purchased back for 75,000 dollars. Now, Mary takes the cat because it’s actually worth that much money since there’s no sign of Maxine paying her. On the other hand, Douglas calls Mitzi to save him and Robert. She’s kind enough to help them and Douglas, and she shares their final goodbyes because she’s leaving for New York to become a model (small-town girl with big dreams, sound familiar to you?). However, Mitzi’s car breaks down, and she ends up hiding out in a bush when Maxine shows up at the house. 

Maxine heads upstairs to clean up, only to be shocked to find Ann unconscious on the floor. Mitzi’s also in the house by this time, and Maxine tells her that her timing is great because she really needs her help for the ball, which is in 2 days. Maxine goes to the hospital with Ann because she apparently knows what it’s like to be left alone while dying. In the meantime, Robert realizes what happened to Ann while cleaning up the mess she’d left behind and finding the empty grasshopper glass. 

In the hospital, Maxine meets her astronaut again, and he offers to play the piano for Maxine’s great performance at the beach ball. Ann’s forgotten in a flash, and then we see Maxine and astronaut Herkimer rehearsing while Douglas works on the decorations and watches them with envy (men and their double standards). This is when Maxine learns that her astronaut is also from Chattanooga, and they have a lot of things in common. Somehow, there’s one thing that stands out in the conversation, but it seems like Maxine may be lying about being left in a sink as a child. Douglas tries to tell Maxine that she’s too naive and he doesn’t like Herkimer, but their conversation is interrupted by Tom and a pair of secret service agents. 

Does President Nixon agree to come to the beach ball? 

Apparently, Maxine’s pleas were heard, and the secret service agents were there to inform Maxine about Nixon’s presence at her beach ball. Douglas and Maxine need to get checked before the president arrives, and Maxine is called out for signing Linda’s petition against Nixon. So, Maxine accidentally ends up giving away the location of the feminist organization to the agents. The ladies are arrested immediately, leaving only Mary and Linda in the house. It seems Tom was the one who ratted out the gay bar in order to get a promotion. At the dress shop, Evelyn takes Maxine away and tells her that if she doesn’t let her co-host the ball and give her half the proceedings, Evelyn will send in a bomb threat, and Nixon won’t come to the party. Maxine has no choice but to comply. 

Maxine learns about the gay bar, and Douglas convinces her that the reason Robert and he were at the gay bar is because they were planning a little surprise for her. Linda’s planning to leave for an ashram in Peru, but before she leaves, she meets Robert to invite him to join her. Robert tells Linda that he is the reason Norma ended up the way she did, because the day she was emboldened, they had a huge fight. Robert wanted to go on a date, but she didn’t want him to go, and he said some nasty things to her; however, he ended up going off in a rage, and Norma tried to inject herself with insulin. Linda is surprised to hear that Norma is diabetic; it’s not something anybody knows about her. Anyway, Robert tells Linda that Norma gives him safety and comfort, so he can’t leave her. 

On the other hand, Maxine learns from Raquel that Pinky and Douglas are planning on starting their club in the Delacourte house. Maxine thinks he’s given away their house, and she’s utterly angered. She tells him she’s tired of cleaning up his mess. Maxine’s final blow in their couple’s quarrel is that Douglas was the guy who made sure Maxine wouldn’t be Miss Chattanooga, i.e., the guy who stole all her dreams away from her. On the other hand, Mary makes a plan to assassinate Nixon and tells Linda about it. Linda, of course, doesn’t believe it’s the best idea. She tells Mary that she doesn’t want to call the cops on her, and Mary looks like she’s agreed not to do anything “crazy,” but when Linda’s walking away, Mary uses the cat and smacks Linda’s head with it. On the other hand, the astronaut thinks Maxine’s been giving him signals that her marriage is ending, so he makes a move on her. Maxine tells him that she loves her husband. Herkimer walks out for some fresh air, but I have a feeling he’s not going to show up at the beach ball. On the other hand, Evelyn tells Eddie that she wants to be seen with him out in the open and invites him to the party. 

At the end of Palm Royale episode 9, Maxine and Douglas try to talk it out. Douglas tells Maxine that he couldn’t have given their estate away because she’s the conservator. Maxine tells Douglas that he’s a good person, but she doesn’t know that he’s hiding his affair with Mitzi, who is now living under the same roof as them. He brings out a magnificent-looking crown and puts it on Maxine’s head, saying it’s what he should’ve given her 20 years ago. Material gifts to hide away what’s really happened. See, now Maxine’s also kind of cheated, so the two of them are both hiding something from each other. In the end, Robert learns that Norma is well and good and is planning to upstage Maxine at her beach ball. Finally, we may have the face-off we’ve all been waiting for. I can imagine the final episode is going to be crazier than anything we’ve seen so far (even the whale). 

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