‘Palm Royale’ Season 2 Expectations: Will Maxine Leave Douglas?


Palm Royale is a very campy comedy about 1960s America. It’s Kristen Wiig at her finest, along with a host of other actresses who are absolutely fantastic. The show is hilariously entertaining, yet it manages to strike our emotional chords with ease. It completely disarms us by the end, and there’s just so much happening throughout that it’s quite hard to keep track. Maxine Dellacorte is a woman whose rags-to-riches story could inspire anybody. It’s almost like that Ariana Grande song, no? “I want it; I got it.” Except by the end of it, she got nothing. Maxine’s whole personality is relevant because of what we like to call “true love.” She’s the voice of true love in the series right from the start. You don’t have money; find your one true love. You want to be a socialite; find your one true love. If you want to live a little, I’ll let you finish. However, Maxine’s personality is as layered as the lasagna made by a 1950s housewife. And they get peeled one by one as the show progresses, so she goes from what you think is a pathological liar to a heartbroken, lonely, and wonderful human being. Is it a glow-up or glow-down?

Spoiler Alert

What Will Happen to Maxine and Douglas? 

The real question posed at the end of Palm Royale season 1 is: will Maxine and Douglas continue to live out their happy ending together, or will they drift apart, and will Mitzi take the crown next? In the final episode, we learn that Mitzi is pregnant with Douglas’ child, and this itself is quite a deep wound for Maxine. Not only is it terrible that Douglas chose Mitzi, one of Maxine’s only friends at Palm Beach, to cheat with, but she’s also so similar to Maxine in so many ways. Maxine would’ve become a popular pageant girl if it hadn’t been for Douglas, who stunted her dream of becoming Miss America (or whatever other pageant she wanted to win) and instead gave her the American dream of wanting to be rich and a housewife-socialite. What’s more unfortunate is that we can imagine that the only reason Douglas decided to marry Maxine was her pregnancy. I guess if Maxine had told him the truth about losing the baby, maybe she’d have been a free bird; however, she ended up being tied down to Douglas’ train of problems for years to come. Like I said, Maxine has a “true love” problem. 

Maxine sticks with Douglas through thick and thin, cleaning up after him, only to be hit by another, bigger, and colder iceberg each time. We know Maxine’s actually a feminist too, so when she learns of Mitzi’s pregnancy, she immediately tells her to go tell the father of the child to marry her. In other circumstances, if Maxine had learned it was Douglas Mitzi she was sleeping with and not Perry, she’d have still said the same thing, I think. Though a situation such as this kind of trapped Maxine, maybe it’s her escape from it, too? With the current situation, things can only go one of two ways. Maxine and Agnes team up as the outsiders who take over the Dellacorte estate, which I know is most unlikely, but maybe for Robert’s sake. Or Maxine will stick with Douglas, her one true love and all that, make the club he’s dreaming about, and then possibly adopt Mitzi’s child. After all, they did want a kid of their own, plus Douglas still seems to love Maxine more than anything in the world, though he’s a gaslighting little piece of work. Plus, getting divorced could be quite a scandal at the time. And, of course, they’d still have Mitzi in their lives if she wanted that, and she’d still get to pursue her modeling career, and despite her saying she wants to be a mother, I think she’s more keen on that career at the moment. 

What will happen to Linda? 

Linda’s been arrested for the assassination attempt on the President, but Mary is on the run. Additionally, we know that Virginia has many clandestine friends in the right places; that’s how she’s managed to escape prison, unlike the other women in their circle. Maybe Linda’s theory is right. But what if she’s a double agent of some sort? Either way, they’ve also got Tom on their side, so Linda will surely not be in trouble for too long. Plus, the transformation Mary had in the first season has to be explored further! 

Is Robert okay?

It’s hard to say if we need Robert to die for a big change in Agnes’ character or if we need him to come back alive for her to fear what he’s going to reveal about her. It can go either way. She could go into her supervillain era, or she could also change thanks to the Robert situation and actually befriend Maxine after seeing how much she really cares about the guy. I mean, honestly, there are many possibilities. Agnes does care for Robert; one thing is certain. We’re really hoping Robert will be fine next season because there’s so much left to explore with the character; plus he’s a people’s favorite. Here’s hoping for the best. 

What about Ann and Evelyn? 

At the end of episode 10, unfortunately, because there’s so much going on, we don’t really get to see much of Ann with the whole Robert situation. Will she write about Norma being back on her feet? Will she learn about the insulin and why she almost died instead of celebrating the woman who nearly killed her? She’s got a huge story waiting for her shiny sheet, and it’s only a matter of time. In the meantime, we see a bleak expression on Evelyn’s face as she watches Maxine scream out Robert’s name. I can’t really tell what’s going on in her head at that moment, but maybe it’s another awakening of sorts because she’s had so many of those throughout the season. Maybe Evelyn will be the one to save Linda, and she’ll get that happy ending with Eddie. Maybe it’ll be the good Evelyn arc nobody was expecting at the beginning of the show. Or maybe Evelyn will choose to ruin Linda’s life and take over all of Skeet’s property.

What will Agnes do? 

Finally, the main question is: will Agnes wish for Robert’s death because now he knows who she really is? Or will she reveal the truth herself? She’s definitely not going to marry the guy now; not because she doesn’t want to, but because he’ll probably say no. Maybe there’ll be bigger issues to deal with, so Agnes will have no choice but to team up with Maxine. She did try to kill her twice, so I don’t know if Maxine will find it in her capacity to forgive her. Plus, there’s the whole club situation, which will probably not happen with all the Mitzi drama. My gosh, this show’s a lot. Either way, I’m very excited for whatever will come next as long as it does well for Maxine because she’s really grown on me through the series, and nobody gets to hurt our little Maxine. And maybe we’ll also get to finally know the truth about her backstory. 

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