‘Palm Royale’ Finale Episode 10 Recap: Will Linda Get Arrested?


Palm Royale is the definition of a show that is a rollercoaster ride. Its fast-paced feminist narrative is only marred slightly by the unexpected presence of animals; however, I’m grateful and happy to announce that there were no animals in the final episode, except, of course, men (I kid). The show feels like a sensational, flamboyant party from the 1960s that leaves you feeling like a keeper of all the many secrets of Palm Beach. It’s definitely one of the most original and unique comedies to have come out in a world filled with dark humor and satires that seem more like dramas. Yes, Palm Royale is very much on the nose in every way, but all the actors do such an incredible job at carrying this tropical fruit platter overflowing with themes that you can’t help but enjoy it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kristen Wiig thrive as much, and she’s the perfect leading lady for Palm Royale. With all that said, I’ll stop myself from raving about the show any further, because there’s a lot to unpack in Palm Royale episode 10.

Spoiler Alert

Is Maxine the author of her own destruction?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, and we’re smack at the center of Maxine’s dream beach ball. Well, to be fair, it’s not her dream ball because they’ve got the cottage cheese and the sloppy joes, with Evelyn as the co-host, but at least President Nixon is going to show up. Unsurprisingly, Norma decides it’s time to ask Robert to marry her because she could at least leave everything of hers to him after her death. After all, Maxine is an outsider! What’s worse is that Herkimer has left the building, and Mitzi plans on leaving too, but Maxine always has a plan and asks Robert to impersonate Herkimer and wear his suit throughout the evening, so nobody will ever know who’s really behind the mask. Little does she know there are bigger threats than a missing astronaut. Mary makes it to the party with Linda locked up and all that. She tells Evelyn that her stepdaughter has absconded to an ashram, so the house is all hers. 

On the other hand, Virginia comes by the house and hears Linda’s pleas for help, but the room that they’re in locks from the outside, so now they’re both stuck in there while Mary is going to shoot the president (whoops). Maxine convinces Robert to be Herkimer by telling him that it’s something he could do for Norma. It is, after all, her day, the 50th anniversary of the grand beach ball. Maxine’s so good with her words; if only I had half her skill. Anyway, he agrees to do it, not just for Norma, but for Maxine too, which touches her heart, as it would any sane person’s. She then tells him she loves him too (because he said so earlier, aww). 

Back at the soiree, Dinah makes her entry with good ol’ Axel in his wheelchair. The first thing she sees is Evely and Eddy locking lips, which, of course, makes her furious. So apparently, Herkimer was meant to give a speech about coastal preservation, probably because the ball is decorated in seaweed and the dancers are dressed like sea creatures (oh, maybe they’re the animals! Jk jk), but since it’s not really Herkimer in the suit, Maxine tells the crowd that he’s got laryngitis. 

Finally, it comes time for Maxine to face Pinky and Raquel, who are excitedly making plans to announce the start of their new club and the Dellacorte estate. Of course, Maxine doesn’t have plans on signing the estate over to them, so Douglas takes her away to talk to her for a bit. Douglas tries to tug at Maxine’s heartstrings (a case of gaslighting, if you ask me) and tells her that he wants to leave a legacy behind in their name because they don’t have any kids to leave the estate to. He wants their names permanently plastered on Palm Beach, and I guess Maxine feels somewhat guilty (how awful of him!). 

How Does Maxine Stop the Cat Fight? 

Well, Dinah and Evelyn are at each other’s throats, and it’s clearer than ever that they were never really friends. However, Maxine uses her feminist style and tries to talk them into female solidarity. What’s hilarious is that they use that to turn against her and blame her for all their problems. The outsider who showed up and messed up the Palm Beach royal order. Somehow, Maxine reminds them that the president will be around in no time, so they’ve got to retract their claws just for the night. Hilariously, when Dinah returns to the ball, she’s shocked to see Perry’s returned and sitting next to her now-fiancé, Axel (yikes). Maxine agrees to do what Douglas wants after he throws another tantrum, claiming he’s a failure and Maxine is truly a queen who made all “this,” i.e., the ball, happen. 

On the other hand, Norma learns about Mitzi’s shocking secret while in the Rollins household, and Linda speculates about Virigina’s escape. She thinks Virginia actually works for the president and got all the ladies to work with her, only to get them caught when the time was right. She’s also very drunk. In the meantime, at the party, while doing the boogaloo, Perry tells Dinah that he’s been pardoned because Axel, her boyfriend, is the biggest donor of the Democrats. Ann arrives at the party fashionably late, ready with Norma’s little tribute movie. She tells Maxine that there was insulin in the glass of grasshopper she drank instead of her, making Maxine realize that it was Norma who tried to do her in for good. At the same time, Evelyn learns that Norma can talk now and tells Maxine that she’s leaving the party because she ain’t getting any of Norma’s money, i.e., the proceeds of the party. 

Somehow, Maxine still stands tall and knows exactly how to disarm Norma-Douglas’ club. Since she’s still her conservator, Maxine could put Norma back in care at Destiny Vistas, where she will be able to live out the rest of her days in peace. I suppose Maxine’s biggest lesson at Palm Beach is that everybody works on personal gains, and nobody really cares about anybody but themselves, so she’s going to emulate that to be a true resident of Palm Beach. In Ann’s speech about Norma, we learn that after Norma’s father’s death, she returned to the estate, fired the board, and replaced them with herself. She then tripled Dellacorte’s profits, apparently. At the same time, Robert makes his way to Axel’s table to have a small chat. He’s taken off his helmet, but somehow, nobody seems to care that there isn’t a real astronaut in there (huh, what was all the fuss about then?). Robert learns that Norma’s roommate Agnes, who had diabetes, passed away right after her father, and so when she returned, she completely cut Axel off. Eerily, Norma has diabetes too. Something’s suspicious. He says she was a completely different person. 

What about Robert’s dream? 

When Robert steps into his room for a drink, Tom, the police guy, follows him in. He declines a drink because he’s not meant to drink on the job, plus his wife would not be happy with alcohol on his breath. As it goes, the gay man is married, and he’s happily in love, but he’s also going to gay bars to find handsome men like Robert to mess around with. Robert admits he’s been proposed to just that day, and they proceed to make out. Meanwhile, at the soiree, Maxine tells Dougie that she’s spoken to Norma and everything is set for the Dellacorte Club. Just then, the president arrives, too. Back in the Rollins household, Evelyn is putting on a special performance for Eddie, but she also tells him the truth about her being broke. As she predicted, he’s okay with it. They then hear Linda and Virginia’s screams for help, but before letting them out, of course, Evelyn asks for her share of what Skeet’s left behind (fair enough, mate). 

How Did the Episode End?

Of course, cunning Norma gets Mitzi to tell Maxine that she’s pregnant, and Maxine encourages Mitzi to be a mom if she wants to be a mom and tells her to confront the man who got her pregnant and tell him to marry her. Little does she know that that man is her own husband. Maxine tells Mitzi to go up to Perry, and Mitzi does make it to the president’s table, where both Douglas and Perry sit, as Maxine gets ready for her big speech and performance of the night. Maxine makes a marvelous entry, just like the star that she is, but right as she begins to talk, she notices Mitzi go up to Douglas (disaster!).

Maxine starts her speech with her orphanage days; she basically says she’s like a phoenix because she watched her orphanage burn down but thought to herself that there wasn’t much to fire. Maxine talks about living the American dream, falling in love, moving to Palm Beach, and living a beautiful life with Douglas, but it was all fake. She breaks character and spills the tea about her neighbors and the people she considered friends, but not those who always treated her as beneath them. Mary watches from a balcony, waiting for her shot at the president. She finally reveals what Douglas and Mitzi have done and that Mitzi is pregnant. All of this while Norma sits and enjoys herself from the side of the stage. However, Robert shows up and calls her Agnes before going up on stage and saving Maxine from any more heartbreak or insult, as she screams for the president not to leave her. 

At the end of Palm Royale episode 10, Mary removes the gun from her wig (genius) and aims for the president. Linda runs in just in time and shoves her away from the president by flinging herself at her, only for Mary to take the shot anyway. It hits Robert, and he falls to his knees as everyone starts to panic and rushes out of the party. The bodyguards pull Maxine away from Robert as he lies on the floor, bleeding. In the meantime, Tom finds Linda with the gun, and Mary is nowhere to be seen. Finally, Norma walks up on stage and watches the chaos unfold. 

OMG! There’s so much to unpack here! First of all, Robert can’t be dead; he’s got his whole life ahead of him; he’s got a real friend in Maxine; and something is happening with Tom; he was just about to make it! Then there’s Agnes, aka Norma (dang, talk about big reveals). I have many questions about how she managed to hide her identity, but maybe since it was the 1920s, she was able to conceal her identity and pretend to be Norma. After all, she didn’t have any family left. See, I think Agnes hates Maxine because she, too, is an outsider. I guess she thinks her reign isn’t over just yet. Why did Norma never marry, though? Maybe she’s not into men? Oh, the possibilities are endless. Linda’s going to be arrested for shooting Robert or trying to assassinate the president, so obviously, Virginia is going to help her. Of course, they’re actually friends. Why is it always the innocent that get hurt in the crossfire? At the end of the day, there are many doors open for a second season of Palm Royale, so we wait with bated breath. 

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