Panchayat (2020) Review – A Satirical Ride in Rural India


Panchayat directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra aired on Amazon Prime Video on 3rd April 2020. The series revolves around a boy, Abhishek Tripathi, who takes up a job of secretary in village Panchayat, having no choice in hand. Soon after finishing college, he moved to the village Phulera

The series opens up with Abhishek being convinced by his close friend to take up the job, who is reluctant about shifting to a village.

“This is your chance to be Mohan Bhargava from Swades, see the real India,”

The struggles he had is humorously shown in all the episodes like the quest for finding the missing office keys on the very first day, wandering all day in the fields. Or the spat with some local boys will definitely make your stomach ache. 

For Abhishek, our lead protagonist, Phulera is just a stop-gap before he can crack CAT exams and land up at an IIM, but struggles to keep up with his studies amidst his job and other household chores. The frequent light fluctuations and villager’s quirky requests often hinder his studies, whether it is helping in a wedding or teaching “Jan Gan Man” to Pradhan’s wife. 

Jeetu, as Abhishek Tripathi is quite convincing as a city boy who is perfectly able to show the emotions, all at the right time, be it loneliness, boredom, or moments of frustration. The comic timing of his assistant Vikas, played by Chandan Roy is impeccable. The humorous spat between Pradhan Ji and his wife adds up to the comic content. Although Neena Gupta doesn’t get enough screen space, she justifies herself in a few of the scenes she has, bringing out the stronger woman spirit in a village. 

The rural life is shown beautifully with their little eccentricities like senseless superstitions, and beliefs. Rural life has been shown from the point of view of an urbanite. The show will surely leave you laughing your hearts out with outstanding performances by Jeetu, Raghuvir Yadav, and Neena Gupta. The dialogues, no doubt, are the star of the show, written skillfully by Chandan Kumar which would surely make you chuckle all through the series. The dialogues are witty, immersed in UP accent, and outstandingly performed by all the characters. 

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Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal is an Electrical Engineer, graduated from the Indian Insitute of Technology Palakkad. In her leisure time, she likes to watch films but more precisely writes her thoughts about it thus influencing others to watch more Good Content.

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