‘Parish’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: What To Expect From Season 2?


Gray was sick and tired of running in a loop, and we saw in the previous episodes of Parish that he wanted to break it once and for all. He never wanted to come back to the crime world, as we saw at the beginning of the season, but circumstances forced him to do what he believed to be one last job. But obviously, it was a swamp, and the more he tried coming out of it, the more he got sucked into it. Gray wanted to fend for his family at all costs; he had already lost a son, and he carried a huge burden on his shoulders because of that loss. Gray had never been able to heal from that trauma, and with time, it just kept getting worse. So, let’s find out what would happen if Gray were able to find out the killer of his son, what happened between him and the Tongais, and what he decided about his future. 

Spoiler Alert

Did Gray find the killer of his son? 

Gray got all the answers in the previous episode of Parish, and he went to Horse to find out who the man who killed his son was. But once again, Horse stalled him, and he told him that if he decided to work for him, only then would he reveal the name of the killer. Gray was tired of taking favors and then paying the debt, and he just wanted to break the chain. So he decided to go to a man named Hector, who I believe worked for the people in the food chain. He was a sort of facilitator who stayed out of the limelight but controlled a chunk of things that happened in the crime world. Hector asked Gray what his intentions were, and the latter said that he wanted the name of the man who killed his son. Hector made it very clear that he would have to inform the man in Chicago before taking any step, and though Gray wouldn’t have wanted that, he had no other option. So, in Parish episode 6, Gray got to know that the killer of his son was a man named Travis. Gray went and confronted Travis, and he was just about to kill him when the latter told him that his ex-partner, Laura Abidemi Smith, asked him to contact a man named Antonio. After he killed Maddox, Antonio helped Travis cover up his crime, which meant that from the very beginning, he knew all about the death of Gray’s son. Gray didn’t kill Travis because he probably got sympathetic, but he made up his mind to go after Anton and teach him a lesson. Gray went and rammed his car into Anton’s vehicle, and the latter got petrified as he saw the rage in Gray’s eyes. Gray set Anton’s vehicle on fire and left him to die there. As Anton got consumed by the flames, it confirmed one thing: Gray was done playing by the rules set by others, and now he wanted to do things according to his own whims and fancies. 

Is Horse dead or alive? 

Horse had told Gray that he would give him the name of the killer if the latter did something for him. Horse wanted Gray to kill Zenzo, but Gray had found the name of the killer on his own. Horse and Shamiso went to Vernon Beal, and they told him that they had a video on them, which would tarnish the reputation of the man. Shamiso had sent Nyasa Mambo, as she knew what Vernon Beal was capable of. She knew that she could capture a video of Vernon and Nyasa while they were in a compromising situation and then use it as leverage later. While Horse and Shamiso were forcing Vernon to make a deal, Gray reached the Tongai mansion with Zenzo. Horse was shocked to find out that his brother was still alive. Gray made it very clear that he was done cleaning up the mess of the Tongai daily, and no matter how hard he tried, he kept getting deeper into the swamp. Gray wanted to end the cycle once and for all, and he kept the gun on the table and told the Tongais to deal with their family problems by themselves. 

At the end of Parish episode 6, when Gray was about to leave, we heard a gunshot, though we never got to know who pulled the trigger. Shamiso was still alive as we saw her going to receive her father, who was forced to leave his country and come to the States as he fed on the mess his son had created. So it meant that either Zenzo or Horse were dead, and if the makers choose to extend the franchise and come up with another season, we will get to know about it. 

What Can We Expect From Season 2? 

One thing that the Parish‘s ending made pretty clear was that Gray was going back to his old life, and we will see him driving on the roads and doing what he was best known for. The power dynamics will shift as one of the major players, Antonio, was killed by Gray. The head of the Tongai family came to the United States of America, and that will have its own consequences. Also, Laura’s corrupt tactics came to light, as we saw that she worked closely with Anton and often used his services for her own benefit. Probably, her camping was also being funded by Anton’s black money, and in return, she would have promised to give him a monopoly over the labor business that was otherwise being controlled by the Tongai family.

In Parish season 2 (if there is one), we will get to know who, between Horse and Zenzo, was still alive and how their father dealt with this family politics that had ruined everything. Nyasa Mambo was still out there somewhere, and I have a feeling that she will play a very important role in the scheme of things. At the end of Parish episode 6, we saw that Rose and Gray’s daughter were missing from the motel, and we didn’t get to know if they went somewhere on their own or if they were abducted against their wishes. Gray still has a lot to figure out, and if there is a second season, we will get to know how he fights the odds and makes his own way. 

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