‘Peacemaker’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending – Chris Finally Gets His Own Giant Supervillain


An Origin Story! What is it? I guess, it’s basically a story in a person’s life that begins on the day when they find out the reason why they were even born, and from that day onwards, they start living their life fulfilling their sole purpose. For a hero, the origin story or the trajectory of his growth is often a devastating or tragic incident that changes his entire perception of things, especially people and life. He becomes more humane and starts helping people around him so that they don’t have to face a similar tragedy, but their past haunts them forever, and they yearn for closure. In Christopher Smith’s, aka Peacemaker’s, life, his origin story began when he accidentally killed his brother Keith in his childhood and became a murderer in his father’s eyes.

From that day, Peacemaker tried his best to become a hero so that his father would accept him. But he never did. Instead, Auggie Smith always blamed Chris for Keith’s death and became a toxic villain. Throughout the Peacemaker’s episodes, Chris had been struggling with this conflict, but he didn’t know how to end it. Fortunately, “Peacemaker” Episode 7 gives Chris a chance to bury his past and deal with his father to end it all once and for all. The closure marks the end of Christopher Smith’s life and paves a new path for our beloved Peacemaker.

No One Deserves A Father Like White Dragon

The word “murderer” was a trigger point in Chris’ life. It reminds him of his childhood trauma when his father called him a murderer for killing his brother, Keith. The same happens when Captain Locke (now a butterfly) finds a diary in Chris’ trailer and blames him for all the deaths that have occurred in the series so far. The accusations compel Chris to recall the incidents of that one unfortunate day when his father, Auggie Smith, a member of the White Crisps, organized a fighting gig near his house and forced Chris and Keith to face each other in the ring.

In his childhood innocence and under the influence of his young blood, Chris punched Keith hard, which gave him a seizure and resulted in his sudden death. Not only Auggie, but Chris too blamed himself for Keith’s death, but at this point in time, he needed someone to comfort him. Instead, his father cursed him and turned him into a killing machine so that he could achieve his own goals and beliefs.

Chris tried to make peace with Auggie, but things took an ugly turn in Episode 5 and Episode 6, which made Auggie believe that Chris was conspiring with his new friends to send Auggie to prison for the murder of Annie Sturphausen. As soon as Auggie comes out of prison, he decides to take revenge on Chris and kill him. He believes that Chris is a devil in human skin, and God has been sending Auggie signals to kill his son just like he did to Abraham in the Binding of Isaac. Hence, without any further ado, Auggie puts on his costume to kill Peacemaker.

The White Dragon, flaunting his jetpack and laser blasters, tracks Chris with the help of a tracking device he had planted in each Peacemaker’s helmet. He attacks Chris, Vigilante, and Economos, who are on their way to Coverdale Ranch to deal with an extraterrestrial cow. Initially, Chris tries to avoid a brawl, but when White Dragon hurts Chris’ only friend and sidekick, Eagly, Chris loses his cool. He attacks his father, and Vigilante helps him in the battle. He damages Auggie’s high-tech suit, without which he is just a grumpy old man who hates his son.

Chris finally reveals to his father that in all these years, he blamed himself for Keith’s death, but in reality, it was his father’s extremist beliefs and the toxic environment he created that killed Keith. But Auggie is a cynical and ignorant man who will never ever accept his mistake, and Chris only has one option now to end this chapter: to shoot. Fortunately, he shoots his father, Auggie Smith, to achieve his mental peace.

Mourn For Murn

In “Peacemaker,” Episode 6, Murn tells his team that butterflies can look into the hosts’ memories. Hence, as soon as the Queen Butterfly in Detective Sophie Song’s body infected the entire police station, Captain Locke also got compromised. He knows the secret hideout of Murn’s team, and thus the remaining team (except Chris, Vigilante, and Economos) decides to escape as soon as possible.

Along with a team of other detectives, Sophie Song arrives at Murn’s secret hideout and kills him before he can escape. Murn sacrifices himself to inform Harcourt and Leota about the butterflies’ plan to move the cow out of Coverdale Ranch with the help of teleportation equipment. But before Harcourt and Leota can leave the place, the Judomaster attacks them, and the entire fight sequence helps them to bridge their differences that were created when Harcourt found out that Leota is Amanda Waller’s daughter, and on her order, she had been spying on the team and also planted the diary in Chris’ trailer.

‘Peacemaker’ Episode 7:Ending – The Holy Cow

After killing the White Dragon, the team reassembles at the “Paws a Moment” veterinary clinic because Eggly sustained injuries during the battle that required immediate attention. At the clinic, Leota finally witnesses an eagle hugging a human, a miracle that Peacemaker told her about in Episode 1 when they first met. The revelations bring a change of heart, and she, along with Harcourt, decides that Chris will lead the team after Murn’s death.

Harcourt informs the team that butterflies are planning to relocate the cow with the help of teleportation machines, and thus they need to ambush them before the cow is moved to an entirely different country or continent, which they’ll never be able to find out about in Murn’s absence.

The final scene of “Peacemaker” Episode 7 depicts the cow everyone was talking about as a giant alien life-form resembling a cow, rather than a simple-looking creature. It looks similar to the Suicide Squad’s supervillain Starro the Conqueror, and thus we are certain about how the ultimate battle will look like. With the help of suction pipes, the giant creature has several udders from which automated machines extract viscous amber fluid, the butterfly’s food source. It will be interesting to watch in the upcoming “Peacemaker” Episode 8 how these butterflies will transport this giant-looking alien cow.

'The Suicide Squad' Ending Explained - Suicide Squad vs. Starro the Conqueror
Credits: HBO MAX

In “The Suicide Squad,” Chris misses his chance to pull out his gun on the giant supervillain, but in Peacemaker, James Gunn makes sure that Chris gets his own supervillain to flaunt his fireworks. “Peacemaker” Episode 8 will be loaded with action, guns, and thrills, which will probably give a satisfactory end to the series.

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“Peacemaker” Episode 7 is streaming on HBO Max.

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