‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Sally Jackson Alive?


In the first episode of Disney series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, we found out how Percy and Grover escaped death and reached the camp. Defying death was not an easy task, and other kids at the camp were in awe of him, but Percy didn’t care; he wanted to know who his father was, and somewhere he blamed himself for the death of his mother. So, let’s find out the kind of experiences Percy had in Camp and if he is able to find his father and get to know about his purpose or not.

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What did Percy get to know about the camp?

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 2, we came to know that Mr. Brunner was the great teacher Chiron, and he was considered to be the immortal trainer of the heroes. Brunner told Percy how different gods claimed the children who came to the camp to be their sons and daughters. Percy got excited as he believed that his wish would be fulfilled and he would finally get to meet his father, but there was a catch that he didn’t know about. There were a few kids who were not claimed by any god, so they were sent to live with Hermes’ (God of travelers) kids, as he was the only person who took in unclaimed kids, too. Percy was disappointed to know that he hadn’t been claimed by anyone, but little did he know that it was a blessing in disguise, as in Hermes’ group, he met Luke.

At first, Percy thought that, like every other colleague of his, Luke would also bully him, but it was not so. Luke was an amazing human being, and he took Percy under his wing and told him how things functioned inside the camp and what he would have to do to survive there. But not everybody present in the camp was like Luke, and there were some people who just didn’t like how Percy got all the attention because he had killed a minotaur. Percy himself didn’t take a lot of pride in that fact because, for him, it was a traumatic moment as his mother died in front of his own eyes. It didn’t feel like a victory to him, and he just wanted to meet his father to get answers to all his questions and ask him why he never came to meet him. Clarissa was one such person who despised Percy, and she had made it a mission in her life to prove that he was lying about the entire Minotaur episode. Maybe Clarissa felt insecure, and that’s why she wanted to show the other kids that she was more capable than him.

Why was Annabeth stalking him?

The first time Clarissa and Percy met, the former wasn’t able to do anything to him as Luke was also present there, but she was not going to leave him so easily. Clarissa came back once again to bully Percy, but something strange happened that forced her to leave. The water in the pot came out, and Clarissa and the other bullies got drenched in it. They ran away from the scene, and Percy didn’t know how that had happened. That’s where he met Annabeth for the first time, who told him that she had been following him for a few days. She said that she was checking if he would be able to help her cause. Luke had found Annabeth back in the day when he was traveling with Thalia, another 2-year-old demigod, and since then, he treated her like his sister. Luke told Percy that Annabeth was one of the skilled fighters, and since she had achieved glory in the camp, she wanted to expand her horizons and go on a quest. Chiron had told her that one day, a demigod would arrive at the camp, and she would get to travel with him and fulfill her destiny. So, from that day on, Annabeth followed every new recruit until she found that they were not the ones. But this time, her interest increased since she had a gut feeling that Percy Jackson was the demigod with whom she would get to go on a quest. She wanted to check his potential and see if he was actually as special as he was rumored to be.

What did Poseidon want from Percy?

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 2, camp-wide mock warfare was organized, and Percy had no clue what was expected of him. Annabeth used her powers to become invisible, and that’s when Clarissa arrived at the scene, and with a couple of more friends of hers, she waged an all-out attack on poor Percy. Percy was finding it hard to defend his ground, but somehow, his body and mind started moving in sync, and he not only defended himself but also defeated his competitors. That’s when Annabeth came, and she pushed Percy into the river.

In the second episode, Annabeth acted on her intuition because she knew that something miraculous was going to happen. She was right, as Percy’s scars started to heal the moment he stepped in the water, and then, out of nowhere, a prong hovered over his head, and everybody came to know that he had been claimed by Poseidon, which meant that he became a forbidden child. Poseidon wanted to stop the war between him and Zeus, and Chiron told Percy that the responsibility was now delegated to him. Percy was shocked, as he barely knew anything, and he was being asked to go on a quest to stop the war that was going to happen between Zeus and Poseidon. Chiron told Percy that some had stolen Zeus’s master bolt, and in his godly rage, Zeus threatened Poseidon to get it back before the summer solstice ends, or else he would wreak havoc. The master bolt was actually with Hades, brother of Poseidon and Zeus, who hated them both, and he hid it in the underworld. Percy was skeptical, and he really didn’t want to risk his life and go on a quest, but a revelation at the end of episode 2 made him shed his doubts and agree to what Chiron and Mr. Dionysus asked him to do.

Is Sally Jackson still alive?

Grover did his own research, and he came to the conclusion that Sally, Percy’s mother, was still alive and Hades had taken her with him into his realm. As soon as Percy heard that during the ending of Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 2, he made up his mind to go to the underworld and bring back his mother. I believe that Annabeth and Grover would accompany him in his quest, and we would have to wait for the subsequent episodes to know if they were able to breach Hades’ fortress and bring back Sally Jackson and even Zeus’ stolen master bolt.

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