‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Medusa Not Like Annabeth?


Percy’s life had turned upside down, and in the previous episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, we saw how he got to know that there was a place called the Camp, where all the demigods used to stay and how it was kept hidden from human beings. Grover had figured out that Percy’s mother was probably still alive and that she was taken by Hades to the underworld. Percy was adamant about going on a quest, as that was the only hope he had of saving his mother. So, let’s find out what happened in episode 3 and if Percy Jackson was able to overcome all the obstacles that came his way.

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What did the Oracle tell Percy?

Percy was told by Mr. Brunner that he needed to go and visit the Oracle, as it was only with its permission that anyone could go on a quest. The Oracle told Percy that though he would go on a quest, he would be betrayed by one of his friends, and he would lose something that he desperately wanted to save. Percy couldn’t process what he heard, and in a messed-up state of mind, he kicked off his journey with his two companions, Annabeth and Grover. Earlier, during the ceremony where Percy had to choose two people to accompany him on his quest, he told Mr. Brunner very clearly, that he only wanted Annabeth and Grover to come with him. Percy thought of taking Luke, but the words of the Oracle influenced his decision not to go with him. Percy’s logic was that if Annabeth betrayed him, then at least Grover would help him out, and he couldn’t say the same thing for Luke. Luke told him earlier that no matter what happened in life, he was always going to be on Annabeth’s side, and Percy decided that he wouldn’t take that risk.

Grover had a very hard time dealing with both Annabeth and Percy because they were constantly fighting. There were monsters who wanted to derail them from the path, and Grover and Annabeth both knew that there was a possibility that Zeus might intervene himself. Percy was told by Grover that the reason why Mr. Brunner didn’t book a flight for them and instead asked them to travel by road was that he knew that the sky was Zeus’ domain and the possibility of him attacking them there was much greater. One of the three furies (the goddesses of vengeance) attacked the kids when they were sitting on the bus, but Annabeth made sure that she killed her and saved her companions. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth then left the bus and took the route that went through the woods, hoping that they would be able to reach their destination without any further delay. But it was not going to be so easy for them, as they accidentally reached Medusa’s territory.

Why did Medusa not like Annabeth?

It was said that if anyone looked directly into Medusa’s eyes, they would be turned into stone. As soon as she came out of her house, the children turned their heads away, but Medusa lured them inside her house. Just moments before Medusa arrived, in Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 3, Alecto, whose sister had been killed by Annabeth earlier, found the three kids and charged towards them with an intention to harm them. But Medusa arrived, and Alecto couldn’t do anything and had to stand still and turn her head away. The kids went inside Medusa’s house, where she told them that, much like Annabeth, she also loved Athena, but still, she had been horribly treated by her. Medusa said that she was misled by Poseidon into believing that he loved her, and then Athena punished her even when she knew that Medusa was nothing but a victim. Medusa’s sad story moved Percy, and he believed that she was not going to help them. Medusa went inside her kitchen, and Percy followed her, and that was when she gave him an offer. She told Percy that she would help him get his mother back if he abandoned his friends and did what she asked him to. Percy realized that something wasn’t right, and together with Grover and Annabeth, he hid in Medusa’s basement. Medusa found them, but together, they were able to sever her head from her body. Percy then took her head out in the front yard, making use of Annabeth’s cap of invisibility. Percy knew that once he was out, Alecto was going to attack him, and as soon as she charged towards him, he took out Medusa’s head and turned Alecto into stone.

What did Percy do with Medusa’s head?

At the end of Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 3, Grover gave a piece of his mind to both Annabeth and Percy, and he told them that he was done trying to calm them down. Since the beginning of the journey, Percy and Annabeth had been fighting, and Grover told them that he had had enough. Grover was in a very emotionally fragile state as he saw his uncle’s stone sculpture kept inside Medusa’s basement. He told both his friends that he didn’t want to lose any other person he loved. Grover was Thalia, Luke, and Annbeth’s protector (Satyr) when the tragedy happened, and Thalia ended up losing her life. Grover had seen death, and he knew what it felt like to see a loved one dying. Percy and Annabeth reconciled, and the former told his friends what Oracle had told him earlier. Annabeth told him how Alecto’s sister offered her support provided she sacrificed Percy, but the thought of betraying her friend never crossed Annabeth’s mind.

The children were not able to decide what to do with Medusa’s head. One thought was that they could keep the head inside the invisible cap and bury it in the ground, but that cap was the only thing that Annabeth had been given by her mother. So, Percy decided that he would pack the head and send it to the Camp, even though he knew that it could irk the gods and it was probably not the most judicious thing to do. At the end of episode 3, we saw Hermes, the god of travelers, taking the box that contained the head and delivering it to the camp. It would be interesting to see what kind of obstacles Percy, Annabeth, and Grover have to face in their journey and if they are able to accomplish their mission or not.

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